There's no doubt...
You are here to make an impact! 

And that inner voice that keeps telling you you're meant for more,

it’s because you absolutely are. 

 The world needs you to inspire others;
to rise into the influencer you so desire to be!

But here’s the truth soul sister…

Impact starts on the Inside

 And you cannot get to a higher level, without going to a deeper level first.

And that is where all of your manifesting power awaits.

is a motivational & inspirational virtual course designed for impact and income driven women in business who are ready to elevate their success in 2021 and beyond!

  This program is going to activate you to become a more powerful manifestor, and give you the conviction and captivation to lead forward.

 The Manifesting C.O.D.E. was created to help you share your leadership and light in this world, in a big bold and powerful way!

 Because you aren’t just here to make your mark-

You are here to make an IMPACT!

And that impact doesn’t happen with just scaling, strategies and marketing funnels...

 It comes from slowing down and listening to your soul.

  It comes from
The Manifesting C.O.D.E.

$997 Value -

ONLY $47!

Here’s a look at what’s included in this course:

  • Inner alignment assignments 
  • Deep impact intuitive coaching
  • Transformational trainings

Plus...throughout the program...

  • Creative business strategies
  • Intuitive messaging for your brand
  • Creative Marketing that grows your audience
  • Designing soulful services that you love to sell
  • Magnetic content that attracts your soul client

has been divinely designed to deeply connect you to your soul’s desires and uncover your deepest intentions for what you want to create next in your life and business.

You want nothing more than to know without a doubt that you can create a successful business.

And I want nothing more than to be a clear channel and bring forward the strategy, support and soul powered guidance you need to reach that success!

 This course is guaranteed to renew your belief in the Universe and reignite your manifesting powers!

But even more, it’s going to help you start trusting and believing in yourself in a deeper way than ever before!!!

"After one session with Amber I got really rooted in the way I was being versus the way I wanted to be on my webinar. It is my key marketing funnel yet I was so wrapped up in trying to get it right that I forgot to just be with my audience.  Amber coached me on adjusting the payment structure, the ask and gave me great marketing tips for my next launch!"

Monique Bryan

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

What used to work, is no longer working to bring in sales and clients.

Your brand that you once loved, it is falling flat and you’re feeling drawn to something else. And instead of following your new ideas that are calling, you are making yourself feel guilty for not sticking with what you already built.

Your day to day, is leaving you feeling underwhelmed, and yet you feel overwhelmed trying to figure it all out, unsure where to start, so you keep going in circles, each day feeling like a repeat.

You’re feeling uninspired on your next move, but know you’re meant to make big moves.

You don’t really love your offers, creativity is not circling like it used to, and you are constantly feeling like you need more clarity.

You can help everyone with their issues,
but why can’t you get to the root of your own?

You will have that clarity from The Manifesting C.O.D.E.! 

ONLY $47!
(a $997 value!)

But I must warn you...

This course will trigger you.

But if it doesn't challenge you, how can it truly change you?

And here's my promise to you...

I am going to help you turn those triggers into transformations! Helping you create the mindset, money and marketing you need for the success you desire, with my gifts as a manifesting mentor and psychic business coach.

This course has been created to give you a complete makeover with manifesting!

And listen, this isn't your typical "The Secret" shit…

Ask. Believe. Receive. Is Manifesting 101...

The Manifesting C.O.D.E. is much deeper soul sister.

Yours for only $47!!!

Im Amber Annette, The Business Psychic Medium- I take a non-traditional and spiritual approach to creative consultancy and coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs!

Combining my 15 years of grounded and foundational business knowledge with my beautiful gift of being a psychic medium, I give businesses creative and unique ways to reach their desired level of success!

Inspired by my background in marketing, sales and business development, along with my own daily creative rituals, #themanifestingcode is all about helping you connect to your zone of attraction and unleash your ability to receive the divine downloads and soulful insight that is always within you!

"Amber is a miracle worker! Working with her created a rapid breakthrough in my business. I was burned out and my marketing energy was totally blocked. She tapped into my spirit and my true desire to serve women, and reconnected me to my deeper purpose. She used that energy field to craft a wildly effective marketing campaign for me…and my sales game absolutely exploded. After she unblocked me and tapped in my soul’s energy, I had my first $65K month in business. The crazy part? I achieved this by working LESS and simply allowing business to flow to me. As entrepreneurs, we get so hung up on the tactical, and she reminded me to trust myself and my intuition to create a business that’s totally aligned to who I am."

Lauren Widrick

“Amber is a creative genius! She has a way of looking into your heart and soul and pulling out creative ideas that you have been holding onto, but not knowing how to share with the world.

She has helped me get unstuck and inspired to create new content and offers numerous times over the past few years. If you’re looking to create a stand out business and brand with unique content and strategies that will pull your ideal clients in like a magnet, there is no one better than Amber!”

Jenn Scalia

"I seek out Ambers advice and insight when it comes to all my marketing. The bonus is that when I listen (which I always do) then take that aligned advised action it WORKS... so well you wouldn't even believe the numbers if i told you."

Laura Wright