5 Ways to Receive Creative Ideas Consistently

5 Ways to Receive Creative Ideas Consistently

Anyone who has ever experienced an “ah-ha” moment, a “million dollar” idea or “divine download” knows that it is one of the most addictive experiences you can ever have as an entrepreneur!
You grow to crave that connection and look forward to the insight that comes in such mysterious ways.
I am totally being honest when I say that the creative ideation process is one of my most favorite experiences I have ever experienced!
There is nothing more thrilling to me than a brilliant idea that makes that light bulb in my soul, (and above my head), spark up!

Everything that has ever come into existence comes from one of those “spark starters”, and they all come from the Universe and are ready to rendezvous with us at any given point!


Here are the top 5 ways to connect with the Universe to get creative ideas consistently:

  1. Take it when it comes, morning, noon or night. Or in my case, 3 am. Inspiration is not always convenient. Be ready to jot down the idea in a bathroom, laundry room, car, etc. You never know when inspiration will hit, so be prepared! Big mistake- to think you will remember the idea later. You won’t.
  2. Express a moment of gratitude for the new ideas as they come in. Before jumping in, take a moment to feel truly grateful for the creativity that is flowing your way! Thank the Universe for the insight! This makes it much easier for more ideas to be delivered to you on a consistent basis.
  3. Play with the idea. Enjoy it. Bask in it. Dream up crazy and amazing ideas on what it can become and grow into. Don’t allow fear, doubts or HOW to show up and crush your ideation. Enjoy the dance, let the idea lead.
  4. Don’t make a To Do List! Let it come from a place of inspiration! Yes, we absolutely need routine and structure for our business. You have to be grounded in content creation, but keep yourself open as a creative channel for ideas to come in as many ways as possible! Open to the Universe, grounded to the Business…
  5. Let your intuition lead you to inspired ideas and to inspired action steps to take that are for your content’s highest good! When you are clear and in alignment, the creative ideas will start to flow to you! These inspired ideas come from the Universe and they come from being in flow and in a high vibratory state!

Always remember, no matter what the subject is, when you set an intention, the Universe hears that command. So set positive intentions that state your desires about being a creative content producer! Here is a positive affirmation to get you started:

Creative Affirmation:
I am always open and ready for divine inspiration and ideation.

Now…Go receive a download and share it with the world!!!

Does Contrast Equal Success?

Does Contrast Equal Success?

Contrast. When it shows up in your life, how are you responding to it?

Do you allow it to hold you captive? Or do you embrace it so that you can grow with it?

As much as I love who I have become, there is still so much that I want to be and have my soul experience.

And in my experience, the only way to get there is through the gate of transformation and contrast.

And as much as I like to think that I am ready for the growing pains that come through walking through that gate and no matter how much I plan and energetically prepare, they always creep up and throw me for an “uplevel” loop.

So how do you get through these infamous uplevel pains?

Here are a few thoughts.

Identify patterns.

Maybe you’ve heard it before, “new level, new devil”, but I actually think it is new level, same devil. We often have the same problem show up time and again, just in a different way.

Money, relationships, success, as you start to soar in certain areas, others continuously seem to be a thorn in your side. Or are they changing and you just aren’t seeing it? Because change can’t truly happen until you see that it has!

As you go down the personal development path you will start to see certain areas of your life change with grace and ease, while others tend to feel like they might not ever be transformed.

In those moments of frustration, don’t compare the contrast you are into where you want to go, compare it to where you have come from.

It’s much easier to see progress through the lens of reflection.

I love to look back in my journal and notes to where I was a year ago, 2 years ago, etc.

It’s amazing how much we forget.

It’s also unbelievable how often I forget that everything I have right now, at one point, was a big dream and desire. At one point, I was in a moment of contrast and decided to let that fuel my fire and determination to change my reality.

We are powerful creators. Especially when we appreciate what masterpieces we have already painted. Just remember, the contrast is often the canvas.

If you are feeling the calling to create a life and business with your soulfire, book a Soulfire Strategy Session with me here and let’s get you making the impact and income you were born to make.

It Really Comes Down to These 2 Things

It Really Comes Down to These 2 Things

I want to share with you a simple process I use whenever I am not hitting my goals. This is where I start and what I look at to tell me where I am off track. So if you do not have the clients you want, the income you desire, or if a package/program is not selling the way you want it to, it really comes down to these 2 questions:
#1) Am I getting clicks and calls?
Lean in sister, I am going to break it to you, if you don’t know your numbers, how do you know if your marketing efforts are working?
If you aren’t getting a lot of clicks on your sales page, your emails aren’t getting opened, people aren’t booking discovery calls, that tells us something super important, there is a big block in your marketing!
Now, you get to go back to the drawing board and look at what your current marketing strategy is and what current marketing content needs to be rejuvenated!
#2) Am I closing?
If you were able to answer yes to question #1, that means you are getting the prospects and potential buyers in front of you! Congrats! You are super close! But are you closing the sale? Are you asking for the business and making invitations for people to buy from you and work with you? If you are getting all the way to this point, but still not creating the income and converting, we know it is in your sales process!
Being able to identify which area is out of alignment puts you in a power position to start changing the course you are on immediately!
And here’s the other little thing I want to mention. Don’t let this frustrate you, let this enlighten you!
Get excited that you don’t get to go back to just the drawing board, you get to go back to the vision board!
Fall in love with what you are saying and who you are saying it to! Whether it is marketing or sales, when you come from the soul center out, you will attract all that you desire for your business!!
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I am confident in the business growth and success that you will have in this program!
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5 Easy Things You Should Be Doing Everyday to Have a Successful Business

5 Easy Things You Should Be Doing Everyday to Have a Successful Business

Whenever we start a new routine or attempt to create a new habit, resistance is sure to show its ugly head a few days in, if not sooner! So many of the entrepreneurs that I have connected with over the past few years have the mindset that it takes a lot of hustle, long hours, and a crazy long to do list to have a successful business. I disagree. Yes, you absolutely have to be driven to succeed, you have to be connected to your desires, and find the faith in yourself to push past limiting beliefs and obstacles that arise, but building a business doesn’t have to feel like work when you can keep it simple and soulful! Sometimes the answers are so obvious, that they get overlooked.

For example, we might just be tired and not running at our best level, and instead of thinking “Hey, I didn’t get enough sleep last night” an entrepreneur can easily go down a self-destructive path and start thinking things like:

“Something is feeling off, I must be out of alignment”
“Everyone else is successful, they must be doing something better than me”
“Why isn’t this working, this is so hard”
The list of crazy, self-sabotaging thoughts can go on and on. When really all that needed to happen was to take a rest and step away for a little power nap! I am here to tell you that the easy button does exist. We just like to make it difficult to find, or think it is available to everyone except us. These 5 tips will help you find your easy button. They are some of the simplest solutions to find clarity, confidence and the path to get things going back in the right direction for you and your business!

1) Get enough rest. Giving your mind and body a break with sleep is one of the most powerful activities that you can do! Adequate sleep equals energy and vitality. Mind fog is one of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur can face, it’s equal to when writer’s get the dreaded “writer’s block”. You are hitting the rejuvenation and reset button when you go to sleep! Are you a restless sleeper? Try using an essential oils diffuser with lavender, playing soothing nature sounds, or a white noise machine. Light sleeper? Pick up a pair of ear plugs to ensure a good night’s rest! Your business will thank you for it!

2) Stay hydrated. When you are getting enough water, your energy is higher, your senses heightened, and your focus is clearer. It naturally flushes out and detoxes your body, and the better you are feeling in your body, the better you feel in the mind and spirit! Guaranteed!

3) Find mental clarity. Meditation is an integral piece to success driven entrepreneurs, although they might not realize that is what they are doing. Meditation can come in many different ways; moving meditation aka.. working out, journaling, goal setting, relaxing to music, long showers while contemplating, etc. The list is endless on ways for you to get connected to a solution for whatever you are needing clarity around. Make a habit out of finding this connection point everyday! This is the quickest and fastest way to get you and your business headed in the right direction.

4) Feel inspired. Read, listen or watch motivational materials. Surround yourself with inspiring quotes, put them on your walls, your phone, your computer screen saver, wherever you will be reminded of your WHY! Stay connected to something that can spark you up and light the way towards a path that’s encouraging you to go towards the direction of your desires! “Bite-sized” pieces of happiness lead to the “king sized” pieces of your dream!

5) Get into action- even if it is small! Everyday make it a point to cross items off your to do list! Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances, push yourself forward. Even if it is an inch, it is carrying you that much closer to your dreams! Focus on what you can do today. Don’t let an idea sit in your head for too long. After a few days the details get lost, your light dims. Action keeps the fire burning!
Are you a purpose driven entrepreneur? Do you have a spiritual, holistic, or intuitive based business? Are you craving a lifestyle and business that allow you to follow your calling? Let’s chat soul sister! Helping others feel totally aligned and alive when it comes to Life-Woo- and Business, that’s my calling!  Let’s turn your higher purpose and passion into your paycheck!













Be a Visionary!

Be a Visionary!

It all has to start with your vision, the end result that you want to achieve. Getting there means giving daily focus to what exactly it is you want to create in your life and in your business. But instead, so many focus on what they don’t want, and what they currently have. I want you to write out a vision statement that describes what you want to accomplish, personally or professionally.
Write about what that success will look like and feel like when you achieve it, when it is yours! Look at your statement frequently, read it out loud, memorize it! Keep this image of success always at the top of your mind and in the center of your heart. It will help you stay motivated to reach that vision and see it become a reality. It is that vision that gets you past the moments of frustration, and doubt. It is not up to anyone else. It is up to you. You have to be able to motivate yourself. You cannot feel content with fitting in and following other people’s rules. You can’t be ok with just “moving and living” through the motions. Self motivation emerges from deep inside, yet it comes from your higher self. The will to achieve, to stand up for what you want, to make an impact, and to do work that lights you up and turns you on is what separates the dreamers from the achievers.
What are you? A dreamer or an achiever? I already know what you want to be. I’m psychic…