6 Signs You are Destined to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur

6 Signs You are Destined to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Now more than ever, people are craving to have a business that feeds their spirit and bank account!

Here are the top six ways to know that you are destined and it is your calling to be a spiritual (and successful) entrepreneur.

1. You have a MLM based business but want to offer more

If you sell some type of holistic or all natural product, or if you have a passion for bringing healthy products to life and to the world, this is a gateway for you! If you are attracted to holistic and other spiritual products this is also a good indicator you are meant for more! These companies and products can be a great place to start and a lot of the MLM companies will even provide you with good training and action steps to take. You can learn a lot from selling with these organizations.

2. You’re multi-passionate.

There are lots of different subjects that you care about, are curious about or have even had jobs in. Do a quick mental inventory of all your past careers. For example, even though I was always in the financial arena, I was always climbing the ladder or on the corporate jungle gym, looking for a new thrill and a new position. I was always curious about different businesses, roles and possibilities. When you are multi-passionate, you tend to have interest in endless “shiny objects”, each one sparking that craving and hunger for more. The key is to blend all of your passions together to create your spiritual business sweet spot. One of the ways that I was able to get successful quickly, is that I blended my passion for business with my gift of psychic- mediumship. When that happened, I found my calling and that was when my business just started soaring. Bottom line, stop trying to fit inside somebody else’s job description. Create your own!

3. People come to you for guidance, innovation and ideas.

If people are constantly coming to you because they trust your advice and solutions, this is a good indicator you have the gift of being a spiritual entrepreneur. This means that you’re a forward thinker and you can be a creative solutions strategist for people. That is really going to come in handy as an entrepreneur because let me tell you – you have to go all “MacGyver” on your business at times. (

If you don’t know who MacGyver is, he was the main character of an 80s TV show, and he would get in these dangerous situations and have to maneuver his way out of the impossible.) And in entrepreneurship, you have to be able to get out of sticky situations. You have to get creative. You have to do what’s needed, not what’s comfortable for you and your clients.

4. You are a lifelong learner.

You are always hungry for a new book, listening to some type of podcast or you’re leaning into conversations where people are talking about their personal stories. Self-development, personal growth and spirituality probably really excite you. You’re also most likely attracted to resources that allow you to help yourself and others. It’s when you combine your gift and your passion of helping people with all of your life long learning knowledge that you will uncover the drive to become a spiritual entrepreneur blending all of this together!

5. You enjoy being the leader.

Sound familiar? You organize team events, volunteer to be on committee boards or you just love being in the spotlight or at the front of a room being able to talk about whatever the topic is. Maybe you love training. You love teaching, etc. Those are again, a really good indicator that you are destined to be an entrepreneur. Owning a business is not for everybody, but if you have leadership qualities, you’re not like everybody else. You are unique. You are gifted, and we do need light leaders like you at the forefront creating businesses that empower, enlighten, and lift people up in this planet. Leaders are entrepreneurs. If you have that gift, know it is a gift.

6. You dream of it.

You find yourself day-dreaming of a bigger platform. You dream of a stage and a microphone. You dream of writing a book and having it be a best seller on New York Times. You’re dream is to break free from that corporate cubicle and environment and to do what you love! You feel it in your heart, but you just can’t see how to make it happen, so you go back to your cubicle day after day. But the dream and the yearning is not fading.

The biggest problem that I see with breaking free from day to day jobs, is that people get stuck in how.

How am I going to do this? I make a good salary, I have these benefits, I have security in my job, how am I ever going to walk away from that and create my own business?

Where to start?

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You don’t have to know all of the steps on your own. That is not your job. Your job is to open yourself up to the Universe and trust the intuitive nudges that come from within. Allow the universe to give you the next steps you need to take.

If you’re reading this, there’s nothing more right now that you’re craving than a successful business of your own. And that is my gift – helping new or part time entrepreneurs figure out the steps that they need to take by learning to trust themselves and by learning to develop a relationship with the Universe.

If you are ready to take the first step or even make the full leap, make sure to take a peek at this! The Spiritual Business Blueprints


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Spiritual Synchronicities with Spirit

Spiritual Synchronicities with Spirit

After delivering over 1500 psychic-medium readings to people all across the world, I came across a common pattern; a thread of beautiful spiritual synchronicities that seems to touch so many of us on a daily basis and yet can be so subtly overlooked. Spirit is simple and wants to make the connection with us as easy as possible!

Here are the top 10 signs to know your loved one in Spirit is near:

  1. The random memory of someone who has passed away comes to mind. Even though we like to think of this as coincidence or just us recollecting moments that made us happy, this memory is coming into your awareness for a reason. It’s been placed there by Spirit. They want you to feel and remember because they are near to you in that moment.
  2. You hear a song on the radio that catches your attention and makes you think of your passed loved one. The song is divinely coming into your awareness for reason – it is to make you reflect on the emotions that the song is evoking and bring you closer to spirit for just those few minutes as you listen to the song and reminisce.
  3. Coins. These are easy for Spirit to put right in your path, and they are truly pennies from Heaven. Coins are beautiful little reminders that your passed loved one is still near and they are doing just fine! Pay attention to the dates on the coin and see if it is relevant to an event connected to Spirit!
  4. You smell something that triggers a memory. Similar to how a song can trigger a memory, Spirit can bring certain smells into our awareness so that we can feel connected to our loved ones. It will most likely appear out of nowhere. For example, you walk into a room and smell smoke or perfume, even though nobody is in the space.
  5. Birds. They come to us as winged messengers- just like angels! They come into our surroundings to catch your eye and remind you to relax into nature, which allows an easier connection to Spirit.
  6. You encounter someone/something with their name. Nothing is coincidence! Spirit is always rearranging things for you to have these encounters, so that you are given constant reminders that our loved ones are still with us!
  7. You get truthbumps and feel chills- a tell-tale sign that your physical body is feeling spiritual energy! When you feel these sensations, take a moment and be mindful of anyone in Spirit that “pops” into your mind. I guarantee you, they are near you your heart!
  8. You think you hear their voice. You turn your head, look down the hall but you know you just heard their voice! No, you’re not going crazy, again, just another way that Spirit gains your attention! If you hear it, it’s there and it was real!
  9. You have a dream about them. Even though it was “just a dream”, that interaction is as real as it can come. Yes your subconscious kicks in some bizarre elements, but there is a message in the dream.
  10. You see someone that looks like them and you have to do a double take. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you and no double take is needed. These moments are created to give you a jolt, a trigger. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions in the moment.

So you see, our loved ones reach out all the time, in as many ways as possible! Don’t just chalk it up to coincidence, know that it’s a spiritual synchronicity divinely designed for you!

Why My Husband is OK with Me Having an Affair

Why My Husband is OK with Me Having an Affair

I sneak into the bedroom, my husband is already asleep, thank God. I don’t have to feel guilty about what time it is. I quietly change out of my clothes and into my pajamas. I go to the bathroom and in passing by look at myself in the mirror. My hair is tangled, my lip gloss gone, mascara is streaked, and only one earring remains. I am a hot mess and I barely recognize myself! I finish up, and hit the lights before quietly opening the door to creep into bed. I know he knows what I have been doing, but I still don’t want to wake him. I climb into bed, and slowly inch over, hoping he doesn’t wake up and look at the clock. 1:03 am. I am exhausted. I cautiously roll over and see my cellphone on my nightstand, hanging on to the 3% battery life from just finally plugging it in. A notification light, a message! Do I dare? I want to read it. I want to see. Maybe he won’t notice… Hes sound asleep. I grab the phone, and then I see it, a new email in my inbox! And so my affair starts again, with my business.

You see, the definition of love affairs vary from dictionaries to thesaurus to personal opinions. In my book, to have an affair it has to consist of these 3 things:

  1. passion
  2. purpose
  3. possibilities

All I have for my business. I’m madly in love with being an entrepreneur. So much that I am sometimes spending 12-16 hours a day living in a world where it’s just me, my clients and my MacBook. My husband has to pull me away and remind me to eat. (You would think I would have lost some weight) He has to force me to put down my phone, and reach his breaking point before I finally shut down and look up from the screen. I am always turned on by my business. I am always open for business. My life has become my business. And yet, most of the time he’s ok with this affair. Why? Because he knows how insanely happy I am. He remembers the days when I went to a job I hated, worked for bosses that were jerks, and had to miss family outings because of my hours. We agreed I would do this as an entrepreneur. All purpose-driven entrepreneurs know this story all too well. You’re sitting at a desk, or in a cube, and all you can do is visualize either of these 2 things:

  1. banging your head against the wall or
  2. celebrating because it’s 5 pm

For crying out loud, TGIF is what most people live and breathe by. Dread Mondays, love Fridays. You see, everyone has a calling; a voice within. It’s this passion that will drive you to want to share it with others. It will become an addiction, a craving, your purpose. And the only way to feed your addiction, will be to follow your heart and start a business. It’s of course with the intention that money will flow and clients will come, but there’s a lot more than that to it! You have to hustle your ass, love with your heart, stay hungry for what lies ahead, and never forget what you left behind! It’s back there for a reason. Your mind gets dirty in self doubt. You roll around in self sabotage. You want to punch Gay Hendricks in the face for introducing you to the illusive zone of genius you are now chasing. But, the spirit of the entrepreneur rebels and beats all odds. My biggest fear is that  someday I might regret this affair, I might realize it was all just a dream. It might be not be sustainable. But for right now, I am going to soak this up! Yes, I might be working harder and longer than ever before, but it’s for me and my future, not for another entrepreneur that had a dream and didn’t give up. Yes, I might be awake late, up early, and constantly thinking about my business affair, but it’s mine and it turns me on. I would much rather put in 80 hours into this than 40 hours into what I left behind. This is my true story of what following dreams looks like. This is what it is like when you follow your heart. It’s worth it. It’s my mid-life legacy. Ditch the mid life crisis, be an entrepreneur.

Ready to build your business? I would be honored to show you how! Book a discovery call with me!