What Is Your Magnetic Marketing Factor?

What Is Your Magnetic Marketing Factor?

I hear entrepreneurs say it all the time –

“I don’t know what my message is.”
And after digging into it with them on a deeper, energetic level, what always rises to the surface are these 2 things:
  1. What they really mean is that they don’t know how, or they don’t feel confident in their introduction. Most have been taught that their “message” is what they would say if they were standing in front of the room and had to give a 60-second “elevator pitch”. This is essentially where you introduce yourself and clearly state who you are, what services you provide and who you provide them for. (This can also be referred to as your 60-second commercial.) Please know, this is NOT your message. It’s your power title and intro. It is meant to make them lean in, and most certainly remember you, but it’s not your magnetizing marketing message(s).
  2. The second thing that most don’t realize is that “their message”- is really not their message at all, but is actually their ideal clients’ problems, pain and mess! When we start to dig in deeper, getting to the soul of their business, what they come to identify is that they really do know what their message is, they just don’t know how to put their skills, talents and gifts into the right magnetic language to attract clients!

And the even more amazing part? We start to uncover that there isn’t just one message, there are at least 10+ messages that they have to talk about and share in social media!

In my experience, the most powerful thing that you do for your business is get clear, confident and start OWNING your message!

And I want to help you identify your 10+ messages too!!!

Join me next week for my 5 Day Training Series –
Own Your Message!
Each day we are going to cover:
  • Your Inspiring Introduction – You will be able to clearly state who you are, what you do and who you serve in a compelling and memorable way
  • Uncover YOUR Magnetic Messages-by connecting on a deeper level to your ideal/soul clients
  • Map Out the Marketing Plan-how good will it feel to know what to say, and where to share it!

And on Day 5, join me in a LIVE group coaching experience and fully master your message!

I will be doing hotseat marketing and business coaching, answering your questions, and getting your message crystal clear!
You will know what to say, where to say it and feel “oh so good” doing all of it!

No need to register. You’re already part of my tribe! Just click here to get added to the list!

See you soon!
My Lucky 7 To-Do List

My Lucky 7 To-Do List

I learned so much in 2018 about myself and how I want to do business.


One thing that I am certain of is that Q+A is one of my absolute favorite ways to serve my community! When I am asked a question, It allows me to tap into my intuitive gifts and fully be connected to my calling.


In coming to this realization, I want to bring weekly clarity to you!


This week’s blog is #AskAmber!


As I am inspired, I will share the questions that come to me and the inspirational insight that comes from the Universe!


This week’s question: “What should I be spending my time on each day?”


I get this most often from newer entrepreneurs who feel a little lost in what to do but know they need to be taking action. I took some time and thought back to my first year in business, and what I spent time on that was productive. I came up with 7 that every new entrepreneur, (and even us veterans), should have on their to-do list.


Here are my “Top 7 Daily To-Dos.”


Remember, this is based on what I do, what others that are successful do, and what the Universe suggested… But you get to pick what ones feel good for you!


  1. Start your day with mindcare.

This is normally referenced as mindset. I personally am just over that word. Because what I really feel we are all really searching for is mind power, mind control and to be #MINDSTRONG.


Mental clarity, focus, and insight are all key to daily success and getting the results you want. Mindset is not just a journaling routine. Mindcare is nurturing and nourishing your mind with positive thoughts and reinforcements! This is a huge topic all in itself, one I am going to be talking more about in the days to come, but if for right now you’re not sure how to get control of your thoughts, or what a mindset practice even includes, no worries, I’ve got you!


Click here – for my Mindcare Mandala, a super cool graph I designed for you to get clear on what to do each time your mind is bringing you down. You can use a pendulum with it, roll a dice on it, or just intuitively be guided to one of the triangles. Let me know if you have questions or comments on this!


  1. Review the to-do!


When you know what you are going into, it is much easier to be prepared! Take a peek at your calendar as often as possible so there are no surprises. I like to check it at night, and a few times throughout the day. Working on multiple calendars? That can be tricky!


If you are finding it more difficult to manage multiple calendars (ie. paper, digital, multiple systems and planners), it might be time to go – ASAP- as simple as possible!


I only use Acuity for scheduling, time management,etc.. You can check it out here


I also really love lists! It is such a good feeling to check items off! But having a massive list(s) can feel overwhelming. And overwhelm typically happens when we aren’t clear on where to start.


Instead, try putting everything on one master list, and pulling 3-5 things (no more than a post-it note) and having that be your daily list. It is so much more manageable and your confidence in yourself soars, knowing you got it all accomplished!


I update my master to-do list once a week, making sure to always put the items that didn’t get done the week before at the top.


  1. One hour only of administrative stuff –


Get it all cleaned up in one power hour!


Go through emails, desk, private messages, book your personal appointments, follow-up, research… Make this your time to get shit done!  These tasks tend to pull us in off and on throughout the day distracting us from doing the deeper work that matters!


Batching, in my experience, is best!


Procrastinating a certain task, call or action? Make it happen in this hour, and your mind and energy will thank you for it all day long!


  1. Create content –


I don’t think entrepreneurs realize how much creative writing and content there is in having a business! Each day, when the idea and energy is there, write your heart out!


Or video something to share with the world about you and/or your business.


The more consistent you put out content, the more that people will remember your name and will think of your services! Don’t overthink it!


Creative writing and content is a huge piece of having a service-based business. Less is not more when it comes to you sharing your message in an aligned way!


  1. Make a sales invitation!


Think of it this way- if you don’t ask, they cannot say yes! Making sales offers does not make you pushy! It allows you to serve “her”. On the other side of the sale is where the transformation and magic happen! When you sell because you truly want to serve, you can’t do it wrong!


Serve and Sell, Sister!


  1. Review your inspired marketing plan.


You need a strategy to bring that big dream to life!


That course, program, package, whatever you have been working on – an IMP will get it #SOULD out! Marketing is truly relationship building with your soul clients.


And there are lots of ways and lots of shiny objects out there that can get you confused and distracted.


If you have been feeling like you are ready for some marketing strategy with soul, why not book a call with me and let’s see what kind of inspired marketing strategy we can come up with for you!


  1. Is your check “energy” light on?


All throughout your day, ask yourself and feel into yourself – your energy – Are things in flow? What’s your overall light level? Are you tired? Bored? All of these tell you if you are heading in the right direction! Your energy is always the sign you are looking for! Your emotions are what should be leading the way. And remember, most importantly – when you look at your to-do list, you want it to feel like a can’t wait to do list! When you let your soulfire lead, there’s no doubting you are on the right path and you will be fired up to get into action!


So tell me, what do you think?


Reply below and let me know – Are you doing any of these 7? And if yes, are you doing them consistently? What ones do you get stuck on?


5 Reasons Why Your Funnel Isn’t Working

5 Reasons Why Your Funnel Isn’t Working

If you opened this blog link, you are probably feeling me when I say that marketing funnels should start with anything but the word fun…


All around, the process and the teachings of marketing funnels have never felt good to me. I tend to be a rebel, so I didn’t think much of it. But then I realized how many other people also felt that way.


I have paid attention over my almost 20 years in sales, marketing, and business so I know the savvy side of what a funnel should do.


But I also know the energetic side and the spiritual side of what our marketing should do. So I created a list and I would love to hear what ones resonate with you on why your marketing strategy, aka funnel, might not be working.


#1 Energetically a funnel is a mismatch for purpose and impact-driven business owners. Funnels push you down. Sorry, but my clients, they are ready to rise and are meant to ascend. I can’t call them down through a funnel when all I want them to do is soar.


I mean hello? We are people!!! We are not sheep that need to be herded through a funnel and led to some product. Ick.


#2 The 5 stages of the funnel were set back in the 1920’s by some old guy who is pale, male and stale. Yup, 1924 to be exact. Are you kidding me? Times have changed, and way for the better! Consumer buying habits have changed. Why we buy, when we buy, that’s all changed!


Business, especially online business, has evolved! I think it is safe to say it is time for a new era and the funnel can be placed in the history museum.


#3 A funnel has content that is primarily pre-created, pre-posted, pre-planned and pre-determined. Well to me that is pre-damn boring.


I love being a creator. And most of my business peers, they are the same way. They want to take inspired marketing action. And they want to work with clients who respond to the creative and inspired offerings, not follow along with all of the other sheep, who by the way, are pretty aware that they are going through a funnel and get out.


Don’t get me wrong, some things pre-set are ok. But for the most part, us creatives and multi-passionates, we need freedom from the funnel.


#4 Marketing should actually be called trust building, or relationship building. Some marketing and marketers have gotten a bad rap over the years and so many people have a funky feeling and pre-determined notion that is somewhat negative about the words marketing/sales. I am contributing a lot of that to, you guessed it, funky funnels that pushed them into something not right for them.


#5 The funnel says the process ends when the customer buys. Um no. That is just another layer of the relationship building! Now we get to serve that client. It doesn’t end, at the bottom. It should start and stay in the soul center of the business, everything in flow from there.


I have been feeling into this for a while.


And I knew something was brewing.

I get great ideas all the time, but when this one hit me, I knew I had to claim it and create it. (Even though it was like 4 AM…)

I have been inspired and creating at a whole new level!

And I am so damn excited to introduce to you 

The Mandala Marketing Method!


I had some technical difficulties yesterday with my FB Live, so I couldn’t share the story the way that I wanted to, so I included a link for you to watch my story about how this new marketing method came to me and how it can totally change the way we do business.



I would love to share more about how you can create impact from the inside out!


Let me know in the comments section if you have been thinking:


+ I am not quite sure what to say to get clients or even engagement.


+ Why am I not selling more packages, programs, and services?


+ I don’t know my message.


+ I’m not good at writing, or marketing, or sales.


+ Ugh…Not another marketing funnel.


I will help you feel confident in your message, solid with your marketing strategy and connected to your business at a whole new level!!!


Success is waiting…


What Is Your Magnetic Marketing Factor?

6 Signs You are Destined to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Now more than ever, people are craving to have a business that feeds their spirit and bank account!

Here are the top six ways to know that you are destined and it is your calling to be a spiritual (and successful) entrepreneur.

1. You have a MLM based business but want to offer more

If you sell some type of holistic or all natural product, or if you have a passion for bringing healthy products to life and to the world, this is a gateway for you! If you are attracted to holistic and other spiritual products this is also a good indicator you are meant for more! These companies and products can be a great place to start and a lot of the MLM companies will even provide you with good training and action steps to take. You can learn a lot from selling with these organizations.

2. You’re multi-passionate.

There are lots of different subjects that you care about, are curious about or have even had jobs in. Do a quick mental inventory of all your past careers. For example, even though I was always in the financial arena, I was always climbing the ladder or on the corporate jungle gym, looking for a new thrill and a new position. I was always curious about different businesses, roles and possibilities. When you are multi-passionate, you tend to have interest in endless “shiny objects”, each one sparking that craving and hunger for more. The key is to blend all of your passions together to create your spiritual business sweet spot. One of the ways that I was able to get successful quickly, is that I blended my passion for business with my gift of psychic- mediumship. When that happened, I found my calling and that was when my business just started soaring. Bottom line, stop trying to fit inside somebody else’s job description. Create your own!

3. People come to you for guidance, innovation and ideas.

If people are constantly coming to you because they trust your advice and solutions, this is a good indicator you have the gift of being a spiritual entrepreneur. This means that you’re a forward thinker and you can be a creative solutions strategist for people. That is really going to come in handy as an entrepreneur because let me tell you – you have to go all “MacGyver” on your business at times. (

If you don’t know who MacGyver is, he was the main character of an 80s TV show, and he would get in these dangerous situations and have to maneuver his way out of the impossible.) And in entrepreneurship, you have to be able to get out of sticky situations. You have to get creative. You have to do what’s needed, not what’s comfortable for you and your clients.

4. You are a lifelong learner.

You are always hungry for a new book, listening to some type of podcast or you’re leaning into conversations where people are talking about their personal stories. Self-development, personal growth and spirituality probably really excite you. You’re also most likely attracted to resources that allow you to help yourself and others. It’s when you combine your gift and your passion of helping people with all of your life long learning knowledge that you will uncover the drive to become a spiritual entrepreneur blending all of this together!

5. You enjoy being the leader.

Sound familiar? You organize team events, volunteer to be on committee boards or you just love being in the spotlight or at the front of a room being able to talk about whatever the topic is. Maybe you love training. You love teaching, etc. Those are again, a really good indicator that you are destined to be an entrepreneur. Owning a business is not for everybody, but if you have leadership qualities, you’re not like everybody else. You are unique. You are gifted, and we do need light leaders like you at the forefront creating businesses that empower, enlighten, and lift people up in this planet. Leaders are entrepreneurs. If you have that gift, know it is a gift.

6. You dream of it.

You find yourself day-dreaming of a bigger platform. You dream of a stage and a microphone. You dream of writing a book and having it be a best seller on New York Times. You’re dream is to break free from that corporate cubicle and environment and to do what you love! You feel it in your heart, but you just can’t see how to make it happen, so you go back to your cubicle day after day. But the dream and the yearning is not fading.

The biggest problem that I see with breaking free from day to day jobs, is that people get stuck in how.

How am I going to do this? I make a good salary, I have these benefits, I have security in my job, how am I ever going to walk away from that and create my own business?

Where to start?

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. You don’t have to know all of the steps on your own. That is not your job. Your job is to open yourself up to the Universe and trust the intuitive nudges that come from within. Allow the universe to give you the next steps you need to take.

If you’re reading this, there’s nothing more right now that you’re craving than a successful business of your own. And that is my gift – helping new or part time entrepreneurs figure out the steps that they need to take by learning to trust themselves and by learning to develop a relationship with the Universe.

If you are ready to take the first step or even make the full leap, make sure to take a peek at this! The Spiritual Business Blueprints


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