Top 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Coach for Your Life and/or Business

Let’s be honest… It is really easy to make assumptions in the social media world! We see people post about money, success and living luxurious lifestyles all the time!

Then what happens? We start to think that we aren’t good enough, that we don’t have the “It Factor” and that we need to hire this person or someone to “fix us”, cure our self sabotaging or to remove a block. Sound familiar? And then we think, “when I “fix” all of these things, I will then have all that of my desires and my life will look like those pictures on social media”.

But here’s the thing my friend… posts and pictures can be deceiving! In the world of online business, there aren’t any regulations or fact checking for truth-telling. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had Wiki-Leaks for the coaching industry? Now, I don’t mean to go all gloom and dark on you!

If you’ve been following me, you know that I can always find the light in any situation!

And that’s exactly what this blog is inspired to do, help you make informed decisions and empowered choices when it comes to hiring the right coach to help you take your life and your business to that ultimate desired level!

I am absolutely in love with the coaching industry. The growth and expansion that can come from working with the right coach and mentor is truly life and business altering in amazing ways! These questions were divinely designed to help you have the best possible experience with the coach or mentor that you hire for yourself! Here they are:

1. Can you please tell me who your ideal client is?

By asking this question to your prospective coach, you will know right away if you “match the mold”. This is crucial in making sure you are the right fit together, ultimately leading to success on both parts!

2. What is your favorite client success story?

You want to hear how they have helped others. You should hear passion, gratitude and praise come through in the coach. This question allows you to see what the coach/client relationship can look like and feel like!

3. What is your why?

Ask them to share with you what makes them do this work! What drives, moves and motivates them to show up as a coach on a daily basis? Make sure to tell them your “why” also!

4. Can you please tell me about your life and business experience.

You don’t become a great coach from a certification program, you become a great coach from tapping into all areas of life and/or business experiences, learning from them and coaching to them! Coaching hours don’t have to come from 1/1 clients in their existing business, it can come from previous employers, volunteering and other various organizations they have participated in.

5. What is your coaching style?

This is going to give you some insight on how you are going to be coached! It’s ok to not feel comfortable with their answer, feel a little anxious or even intimidated. You want a coach that is going to push you outside of your comfort zone, not allow you to pull back and stay where you are!

6. How will you give me feedback?

Make sure you know how and how often you will hear from your coach about your performance! Also let them know what ideally works best for you. There are lots of ways to communicate; private messenger, email, video responses, etc. Make sure you agree to the way that works best for both of you!

7. Are you spiritual?

This is an optional question depending on if this is important to you or not. If it is, you want to make sure that there is an element of support in this area for you to be expressive with the level of spirituality that is comfortable for you.

8. How would your current clients describe you?

This gives you a glimpse of what the coach thinks and feels about the current experience the clients are having. This question can really allow the coach to critique herself pointing out strengths and shortcomings. Nobody is perfect, so you don’t want a perfect answer here!

9. What happens if we don’t agree on a solution you suggest?

By asking this, you will know what to expect when their is a disagreement or there comes a time that you are uncomfortable in the coaching process. Again, really stress the importance of how you like to be communicated to/and with.

10. Do you have any past clients that I can connect with?

Don’t be shy! Ask for references! You can tweak all of the questions in this post to ask the past client!

Ultimately, you want to make sure that you are hiring the right coach for you. These questions can be a guide for you. Always follow your intuition when you are making decisions, it will never steer you in the wrong direction!

I hope you find value in these questions for when you are ready to hire your first or next coach!

Love the Life you are Living and the Business you are Building!
Amber Annette

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Spiritual Synchronicities with Spirit

Spiritual Synchronicities with Spirit

After delivering over 1500 psychic-medium readings to people all across the world, I came across a common pattern; a thread of beautiful spiritual synchronicities that seems to touch so many of us on a daily basis and yet can be so subtly overlooked. Spirit is simple and wants to make the connection with us as easy as possible!

Here are the top 10 signs to know your loved one in Spirit is near:

  1. The random memory of someone who has passed away comes to mind. Even though we like to think of this as coincidence or just us recollecting moments that made us happy, this memory is coming into your awareness for a reason. It’s been placed there by Spirit. They want you to feel and remember because they are near to you in that moment.
  2. You hear a song on the radio that catches your attention and makes you think of your passed loved one. The song is divinely coming into your awareness for reason – it is to make you reflect on the emotions that the song is evoking and bring you closer to spirit for just those few minutes as you listen to the song and reminisce.
  3. Coins. These are easy for Spirit to put right in your path, and they are truly pennies from Heaven. Coins are beautiful little reminders that your passed loved one is still near and they are doing just fine! Pay attention to the dates on the coin and see if it is relevant to an event connected to Spirit!
  4. You smell something that triggers a memory. Similar to how a song can trigger a memory, Spirit can bring certain smells into our awareness so that we can feel connected to our loved ones. It will most likely appear out of nowhere. For example, you walk into a room and smell smoke or perfume, even though nobody is in the space.
  5. Birds. They come to us as winged messengers- just like angels! They come into our surroundings to catch your eye and remind you to relax into nature, which allows an easier connection to Spirit.
  6. You encounter someone/something with their name. Nothing is coincidence! Spirit is always rearranging things for you to have these encounters, so that you are given constant reminders that our loved ones are still with us!
  7. You get truthbumps and feel chills- a tell-tale sign that your physical body is feeling spiritual energy! When you feel these sensations, take a moment and be mindful of anyone in Spirit that “pops” into your mind. I guarantee you, they are near you your heart!
  8. You think you hear their voice. You turn your head, look down the hall but you know you just heard their voice! No, you’re not going crazy, again, just another way that Spirit gains your attention! If you hear it, it’s there and it was real!
  9. You have a dream about them. Even though it was “just a dream”, that interaction is as real as it can come. Yes your subconscious kicks in some bizarre elements, but there is a message in the dream.
  10. You see someone that looks like them and you have to do a double take. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you and no double take is needed. These moments are created to give you a jolt, a trigger. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions in the moment.

So you see, our loved ones reach out all the time, in as many ways as possible! Don’t just chalk it up to coincidence, know that it’s a spiritual synchronicity divinely designed for you!

5 Easy Things You Should Be Doing Everyday to Have a Successful Business

5 Easy Things You Should Be Doing Everyday to Have a Successful Business

Whenever we start a new routine or attempt to create a new habit, resistance is sure to show its ugly head a few days in, if not sooner! So many of the entrepreneurs that I have connected with over the past few years have the mindset that it takes a lot of hustle, long hours, and a crazy long to do list to have a successful business. I disagree. Yes, you absolutely have to be driven to succeed, you have to be connected to your desires, and find the faith in yourself to push past limiting beliefs and obstacles that arise, but building a business doesn’t have to feel like work when you can keep it simple and soulful! Sometimes the answers are so obvious, that they get overlooked.

For example, we might just be tired and not running at our best level, and instead of thinking “Hey, I didn’t get enough sleep last night” an entrepreneur can easily go down a self-destructive path and start thinking things like:

“Something is feeling off, I must be out of alignment”
“Everyone else is successful, they must be doing something better than me”
“Why isn’t this working, this is so hard”
The list of crazy, self-sabotaging thoughts can go on and on. When really all that needed to happen was to take a rest and step away for a little power nap! I am here to tell you that the easy button does exist. We just like to make it difficult to find, or think it is available to everyone except us. These 5 tips will help you find your easy button. They are some of the simplest solutions to find clarity, confidence and the path to get things going back in the right direction for you and your business!

1) Get enough rest. Giving your mind and body a break with sleep is one of the most powerful activities that you can do! Adequate sleep equals energy and vitality. Mind fog is one of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur can face, it’s equal to when writer’s get the dreaded “writer’s block”. You are hitting the rejuvenation and reset button when you go to sleep! Are you a restless sleeper? Try using an essential oils diffuser with lavender, playing soothing nature sounds, or a white noise machine. Light sleeper? Pick up a pair of ear plugs to ensure a good night’s rest! Your business will thank you for it!

2) Stay hydrated. When you are getting enough water, your energy is higher, your senses heightened, and your focus is clearer. It naturally flushes out and detoxes your body, and the better you are feeling in your body, the better you feel in the mind and spirit! Guaranteed!

3) Find mental clarity. Meditation is an integral piece to success driven entrepreneurs, although they might not realize that is what they are doing. Meditation can come in many different ways; moving meditation aka.. working out, journaling, goal setting, relaxing to music, long showers while contemplating, etc. The list is endless on ways for you to get connected to a solution for whatever you are needing clarity around. Make a habit out of finding this connection point everyday! This is the quickest and fastest way to get you and your business headed in the right direction.

4) Feel inspired. Read, listen or watch motivational materials. Surround yourself with inspiring quotes, put them on your walls, your phone, your computer screen saver, wherever you will be reminded of your WHY! Stay connected to something that can spark you up and light the way towards a path that’s encouraging you to go towards the direction of your desires! “Bite-sized” pieces of happiness lead to the “king sized” pieces of your dream!

5) Get into action- even if it is small! Everyday make it a point to cross items off your to do list! Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances, push yourself forward. Even if it is an inch, it is carrying you that much closer to your dreams! Focus on what you can do today. Don’t let an idea sit in your head for too long. After a few days the details get lost, your light dims. Action keeps the fire burning!
Are you a purpose driven entrepreneur? Do you have a spiritual, holistic, or intuitive based business? Are you craving a lifestyle and business that allow you to follow your calling? Let’s chat soul sister! Helping others feel totally aligned and alive when it comes to Life-Woo- and Business, that’s my calling!  Let’s turn your higher purpose and passion into your paycheck!













Divine Downloads of the Week

Divine Downloads of the Week

People have been asking me when these divine downloads come in and how do I put them together each week to share. Here’s a little snapshot of how it works. Throughout my week, I seek clarity on issues for my own life and business, as well as asking for guidance for my clients. I take the messages from the Universe that give me and my clients the most impact! I jot little pieces down on my favorite colored post it notes throughout the week, and weave them all together when the timing feels right!

1) Big Dreams need Big Belief. And to reach those dreams, you have to be ready to take big steps! Steps that you might not always be able to see right away. But that is not your concern or focus area. The path, and the process will always be revealed in divine time! Don’t waiver on what you want because you don’t know exactly how to get it. Just visualize the outcome you desire and feel your way through the dark. A flashlight will always be given.

2) Get your light on – There is nothing more important on your to do list then starting your day by turning your “light on”. There are obstacles and challenges for all that can hit the “dimmer switch” to our light, and even an occasional bump in the road that causes us to turn the light off completely and feel lost. It’s never too late to start focusing on turning your light back on! With the light comes the clarity, find your way to the light switch everyday.

3) Quit asking what you are doing wrong, and focus on the things that you FEEL are right! b We waste too much time contemplating, questioning, and over thinking why things aren’t working, and what we are doing wrong. Shift your attention and feel gratitude for all of the amazing things that you have done right in your life and business. The next set of blueprints lie beneath feeling grateful.

Sometimes What Seems like the Most Irrational Thing to Do is Actually the Most Responsible Thing You Could Do.

Sometimes What Seems like the Most Irrational Thing to Do is Actually the Most Responsible Thing You Could Do.

What I mean by that is this… We are trained and programmed to work hard, long hours, stare at the paper, or screen until an answer comes, and to force ourselves to get things done. It becomes mind numbing work. It feels like work. You push through, try harder, force yourself to focus on the tasks and the to do lists. All to what? Earn money to pay for things and buy items that brings us and our loved ones happiness? So doesn’t it make more sense to just do the things that make you happy, that bring you joy? Because it is when you are feeling those emotions that answers will come and clarity will find you.

For most people reading this, the initial response is ” too woo-woo for me” or “pfff.. wouldn’t that be nice, easier said then done lady!” But believe me, I thought that way once too. And then I found out how to really make the law of attraction work for me and my life. I have transformed and helped my clients transform from working to living and thriving! All by connecting in with how you actually want to feel and what emotions you want to experience vs. what you want to buy and have. The key to manifesting what you want, is being tuned into how you are feeling! Our emotions are the quickest way to identify if we are heading towards creating what we want, or are headed down a path leading us to unhappiness and disappointment. Yet a lot of the time, our emotions get ignored, pushed away, covered with medications, or drugs and alcohol. (Btw. I’m not here to bash drugs and alcohol, they have a place as long as it isn’t to hide away from your life. Love me some margaritas!)

So, here’s a little emotional experiment for ya’. The next time you are feeling stuck, lacking creativity, or just not enjoying the work you are doing, pause for a moment and think of ultimately how you want to FEEL. How will you feel when you have the bank account you want, or the house you’ve been dreaming of, or the perfect partner, or ultimate career? Write out 3-5 emotions that come up for you. Then, make a list of activities that can make you feel as close to those emotions as possible! I call this list an “emotion shifting tool box”. Then, go do those activities! Even though it might seem irrational to go do that instead of forcing yourself to get your to do list done, it is actually the best way to be in the right place to attract whatever you want in your life and business! Those emotion shifting activities are what bring you into the right spot to attract positive outcomes and experiences! I’m telling you, it works, and it never fails! When I go to my tool box, and I pull out the activities and focus on how I want to feel, I start instantly feeling better, feeling clearer! I get ideas, I have breakthroughs, and find inspiration to get my “work” done. Only this time it’s not work, it’s aligned action! Those actions always lead me towards creating more of what I want in life and business! I hope you take this emotional experiment, and would love to help you create your toolbox!