The Importance of Protecting Your Light

The Importance of Protecting Your Light

Hey Soul Sister-

If you are a coach, guide, mentor or healer it’s so crucial that you manage your energy and monitor how much you are giving to others.

If you’re like me, you love to help other people, but if you’re not being filled back up you can quickly feel deflated and defeated. And to top it all off, the person that you were trying to help, well they most likely aren’t even taking action on the advice you gave them, (more to come on this later). 

I want to share with you a few tips to stay lit up while being of service:

    1. Be selfish. Yup, I said it. Please know, it is totally ok for you to put you, your needs, your energy FIRST and foremost. You’ve probably heard it before, put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help others around you, and I don’t just mean on an airplane! When you are the best version of you, you get to give that to the world, but not if you’re exhausted from people pleasing and problem-solving for everyone but yourself. I want you to take a few minutes and think about what are the ways you can be filled up in exchange for what you bring to others? It could be things like money, trading services, etc. Make sure you know what you are going to receive for what you give.
    2. Identify what and/or who makes you feel the most depleted. Chances are there might be a pattern to what is draining your energy. And as hard as it may be in the short run, it might be time to let go of this to benefit you and your light in the long run. Focus on how you feel, all the time. As soon as something starts to make you feel tired, annoyed or unhappy, start to eliminate it from your life. Yes, it will be uncomfortable at first, it may even be difficult, but nothing can change until you start making changes.
    3. Identify what and/or who ignites you. On the contrary to #2, I also want you to think about the things that make your soul smile, and the people who you feel supported and empowered around, because you are going to do more of that and them starting right now! Why would you surround yourself with people and things that don’t bring you joy? Make it your personal mission today to go on a joy journey and only experience what fills you up and lights up your joy meter. I promise you a day filled with magic, laughter and happiness.
    4. Create boundary statements. I know my mom is not on my email list, so I can write this safely LOL. When my mom calls and wants to complain about Howard, her life partner, I say the same boundary statement to her over and over, “Mom, you know how I feel about this.” And she drops the subject. I do not have time to enable anyone, (even my mom), to complain to me. If you have time to complain, you have time to change what you don’t like. And by you having these bold boundary statements, you will quickly be able to keep people from draining and complaining to you. Big boundaries does not make you a big bitch!
    5. Trust your intuition more than anyone else’s opinion. (PS, How to find, feel & follow your intuition is the 1st Intuitive Training Session in IGNITE!)  You have got to be able to know what your soul is trying to tell you. You have got to be able to know what direction it is leading you, because it always knows the way. It is ok to say yes, it is ok to say no, as long as whatever answer you are giving is coming from the place that makes you feel confident and solid in your decision. When your answers come from that place, you will never get it wrong.

I would love to hear which of these matches what you needed to hear today! 

And just remember, I am always here to help you on your joy journey!