5 Ways to Receive Creative Ideas Consistently

5 Ways to Receive Creative Ideas Consistently

Anyone who has ever experienced an “ah-ha” moment, a “million dollar” idea or “divine download” knows that it is one of the most addictive experiences you can ever have as an entrepreneur!
You grow to crave that connection and look forward to the insight that comes in such mysterious ways.
I am totally being honest when I say that the creative ideation process is one of my most favorite experiences I have ever experienced!
There is nothing more thrilling to me than a brilliant idea that makes that light bulb in my soul, (and above my head), spark up!

Everything that has ever come into existence comes from one of those “spark starters”, and they all come from the Universe and are ready to rendezvous with us at any given point!


Here are the top 5 ways to connect with the Universe to get creative ideas consistently:

  1. Take it when it comes, morning, noon or night. Or in my case, 3 am. Inspiration is not always convenient. Be ready to jot down the idea in a bathroom, laundry room, car, etc. You never know when inspiration will hit, so be prepared! Big mistake- to think you will remember the idea later. You won’t.
  2. Express a moment of gratitude for the new ideas as they come in. Before jumping in, take a moment to feel truly grateful for the creativity that is flowing your way! Thank the Universe for the insight! This makes it much easier for more ideas to be delivered to you on a consistent basis.
  3. Play with the idea. Enjoy it. Bask in it. Dream up crazy and amazing ideas on what it can become and grow into. Don’t allow fear, doubts or HOW to show up and crush your ideation. Enjoy the dance, let the idea lead.
  4. Don’t make a To Do List! Let it come from a place of inspiration! Yes, we absolutely need routine and structure for our business. You have to be grounded in content creation, but keep yourself open as a creative channel for ideas to come in as many ways as possible! Open to the Universe, grounded to the Business…
  5. Let your intuition lead you to inspired ideas and to inspired action steps to take that are for your content’s highest good! When you are clear and in alignment, the creative ideas will start to flow to you! These inspired ideas come from the Universe and they come from being in flow and in a high vibratory state!

Always remember, no matter what the subject is, when you set an intention, the Universe hears that command. So set positive intentions that state your desires about being a creative content producer! Here is a positive affirmation to get you started:

Creative Affirmation:
I am always open and ready for divine inspiration and ideation.

Now…Go receive a download and share it with the world!!!

An Alignment Assignment for You

An Alignment Assignment for You

I live in the moment.

I’m not talking about not a fly by the seat of my pants, let’s get risky and frisky, moments.

I am talking about present moments, fully feeling what is calling to me, what feels good for me and what is most aligned for me moments.

Because I know, when I do that, it’s best for me…
And that is not always easy for others in my life.

I sometimes don’t answer my phone and swipe my friends and family to voicemail.

I often don’t want to leave the comfort of my home and office, (no I am not an introvert), I just love what I have created for myself and love the energy of my own space.

My energy, and my emotions, that is what matters most.
And I have learned how to create boundaries around what drains me.

But this has not always been an easy task. And I hear this from my clients more than anything- How do I stop putting everyone else first?

Listen: having big boundaries, doesn’t make you a big bitch.
And when I realized that, it was truly a game changer.

Now, I no longer give my time, attention and focus to what I “should” do, or what others think I should do.

Because nothing is more important than my energy; my emotional frequency. And guess what? That’s when I am the best version of me.

And when I am the best version of me 

I show up with my clients with a fierce passion and channel creatively and soulfully.

I play with my kids and feel my heart overflow in each moment.

I enjoy a deep conversation with my husband, followed by a good glass of red wine and a dance in the kitchen.

When I make my energy, my feelings and my emotions the most important focus of the day, I have it all. My all.

Here is an alignment assignment for you-

I want you to give yourself the gift of 5 minutes today to write your heart out about your all.

What scenarios play out in your mind? What desires stir up in your soul?

Write down what having it all looks and feels like in detail.

Can you trust and believe that when you write it, you decide it?

This process amplifies the manifesting process because you put yourself instantly into the place where you have it all.

What if you did this process for one week? One month? One year?

How many of your dreams would become a part of your reality?

Are you willing to devote 5-10 minutes a day to find out?
I hope so.

What I most want you to feel in this, is that this assignment is not about the how… It is about you deciding why, declaring your all, and deleting the should. When you do that, the Universe will respond with your how…

? PS… As a visionary, I love seeing the path of least resistance for you!

I love connecting you to your gifts and infusing your business with all of your unique talents and abilities! If you are looking for a soul-powered business coach that can connect into you and your business on a deeper level and get you the results that you desire, book a soulfire strategy call here.

Inspiration is Not Always Convenient

Inspiration is Not Always Convenient

There are plenty of times that I only have one leg shaved. Why? Because the shower seems to be the best place for the “ah-ha moments” and great ideas to flow in. So, when the inspiration hits, I jump out, run to the bathroom vanity that keeps a notebook and pen and write away.

Most of the time when I return to the shower, I’m still in a creative zone so I hurry up and out, hence forgetting to shave the other leg. Annoying? Yes, but I have learned that when those ideas come, the “divine downloads” start flowing- Go with it! Don’t try to control the creative process or set a time for the visions to flow.

Even now in this moment as I am writing this, I am “supposed to be” working on my to-do list, not writing this blog. But the light switch was flipped, and this is what I was feeling lit up to create. As intuitives, creatives and visionaries, we thrive off of the natural high and creative adrenaline that flows to us when we have an inspired idea. Creativity is our high of choice. It’s a rush equal to striking gold. Those little “idea nuggets” are laced with possibilities and lead to paths full of potential. We see these as downloads given to us to change the world, inspire others and feel they are a piece of our “light legacy”.

We can’t just roll over and think “I’ll remember this in the morning” or say “I will come back to this later”. No, even though inspiration can be a pain in the ass, it’s an addiction that you can’t say no to. Because if you do, it might be gone forever. It reminds me of that line from Top Gun “kiss me now, or lose me forever”. ( Yes, I’m an 80’s movie girl)

There are times that I didn’t write it down, or record myself, and I lost the idea. And that feeling is equivalent to “the one that got away”. It’s heart wrenching and a true time waster, because then I sit and try to get it back, which never happens. So now, you will never find me far from a notebook and pen or at least my phone that I can take quick notes on. I’ve learned over the years to keep pens and post it notes in the car, laundry room and yes, the bathroom.

Those seem to be the times I get hit with the most “lightbulbs”. And I am ready! I take it in, jot it down and send a thank you to the Big U for the brilliant insight.  

So tell me, when do you feel creativity strike? What is your process? I would love to hear from you!

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