Have you been searching for that place to develop both
your spiritual side as well as building your dream business?


Are you longing for a community of
powerhouse, intuitive and professional sisters?

Have you been looking for
guidance, coaching, connection, collaboration and growth?

Come closer Spirit Diva…

It’s time to make an intuitive impact with your business and turn your power into profits

(the aligned way, of course)

You know you have gifts, you just aren’t sure how to start sharing it with the world and charging money for it?


You feel like you are supposed to be doing something bigger,

you KNOW

You love what you do,
but you don’t feel comfortable selling

You have some ideas,
but you don’t know how to make them come alive and make you money

You have some services,
but you don’t know how to create packages, price and promote them

You feel overwhelmed
by trying to put together all of the systems that are needed for a small online business

You believe in the Law of Attraction
but need some help getting it working more positively for you and your business

You feel like you are going in circles
while others are soaring high

You know you are intuitive
but you don’t know how to fully stand in your power

You are confused
about list building, opt-ins, content creation and webinars

And that is why I created the

It is time for you to finally have clarity and confidence in your gifts and your business!


It is time for you to be paid for bringing your light to this world!


Your soul clients are waiting for you!

Find Clarity and Clients

Follow your Intuition in Life and Business

Be a Visionary and Leader

Combine Source and Synergy

Create Compelling and Creative Content

Use the Law of Attraction to Magnetize and Monetize

Build your Dream Brand and Business Model

The Spiritual Business Blueprints program and community was designed to get you into inspired action, give you a positive mindset and teach you the steps needed to run and manage an online business.

But here’s what’s different from other programs. I am not telling you exactly what to do. I am not saying it’s my way or the highway. I don’t offer anything cookie cutter. I am going to show YOU how to trust yourself first and foremost in making decisions in life and business. Cause guess what… That’s where the true power is!

are the ultimate entrepreneur plans to success as a creative, intuitive, healer and lightworker!


Full of hundreds of hours of modules,workbooks, videos, audios, meditations, trainings, masterclasses and SO much more!

The Vault is set up for you to dive in 2 ways!

Go at your own pace!

Access the content you need when you need it…

The Vault Roadmap!

Work through this checklist on a weekly basis, or at your own guided pace.

When you join the

here’s what you will receive IMMEDIATE ACCESS to:



Creating your Inspired Business Action Plan

We are getting you into immediate action!

Tapping into your big vision, creating soul goals, systems, schedules, rituals and routines that help you design your ideal life and business. Your business plan will be custom to you and your business, provide clarity and direction so that you know the exact steps to be taking each day towards the success you desire! A daily planning guide is included!


Feel confident in who you are and what your business values are. You will co-create a toolbox full and ready for you to get into major movement and creative massive momentum! Nothing will hold you back after this module!
We will focus on establishing energetic business boundaries and how to raise your vibeset, mindset and heartset to go after what you want in life and business fearlessly!


Content Creation & Ideation

How to find your voice and write with soul!

You will learn how to create content that is compelling, and authentic. Learn how to connect to the Universe for creative business ideas and how to use automatic writing.

We will focus on mapping out ideas, how to know which ones to act on, organize and launch them into the world.

Creating your Packages, Programs & Pricing

Together we will divinely design aligned offers that are so good, you want to buy it! We dive into all areas of creating services that embody you and your gifts! Next we position and price it, because listen up… You deserve to be paid well for bringing your gifts to this world!

Creative List Building

I am going to show you how to Teach and Lead Webinars,Workshops,Masterclasses, and social media challenges.
We will come up with creative Opt-In ideas and develop the plan to promote them!

Your Branding

The energy behind your brand is what people are going to feel! In this module we do some serious brand-storming, create your brand story board and develop a client journey map so you can always know where you are taking your business and clients!


Marketing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The best plan for you is not the same as the best plan for everyone else. In this module we create a map that maximizes your resources, propels you toward your soul goals and empowers your business to thrive.

Soulful Sales

Learn the SOULD*OUT™ method on how to connect with your ideal clients, rock the discovery call process, feel confident in selling your services and pricing, and overcome objections! Get used to hearing YES!

Designing your Client Experience

We are planning out and organizing your Client onboarding, contracts, how to follow through, measure performance, take payments and so much more! All of the pieces needed for the day-to day operations of a successful business!


Intuitive Coaching and Leadership

Helping you grow your confidence as you grow your business and team.

This module also helps you trust yourself as you start to coach and guide your clients through difficult situations. Includes my Top 50 Questions to ask during a coaching call to get to the root of what is holding your client back from success!

Sacred Support and Soul Care

We pull everything together and focus on what matters most. You. Your energy. Because that is your biggest asset in life and business! Learn ways to follow your intuition, act from a place of knowing and feel so good about putting you and your energetic needs first

 Bring your biggest blocks, fears and doubts to
The Spiritual Business Boardroom™
where Amber Annette will connect to your business spirit guides to get you into inspired action and mind-body-spirit-business alignment! 

This PRIVATE Facebook Group is laced with spiritual guidance, creative business strategies and so much more!


This isn’t like other programs and communities…

Once you make the investment in The Spiritual Business Blueprints,
you are a lifetime member!

All of this for just $777!!!


10 monthly payments of $99!!!

“I have been working in growing my list for quite some time. When Amber broke it down for me as to who I was speaking to….that one person….the message came through very clear as she asked the important questions to really reveal my ideal client. With that message I was able to collect 424 new leads in 4 weeks! She has an amazing gift of intuition for your business and the perfect message comes through which is so important in building your list. My business keeps growing because of her gift!”

Brenda Miller

“Amber’s program Spiritual Business Blueprints helped align me with my soul purpose and catapulted business. Amber is extremely gifted and her energy is amazing, she has a huge heart and passion for helping people see their potential, shift their mindset and truly create a business and life they love! This program was amazing! It not only helped me on a personal level but really ignited my business. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their business and life to the next level!”

Shannon Gonzalez

“When I met Amber I knew I wanted to make my business more than a hobby but I just couldn’t see how it was possible. I was stuck on the technicalities of structure, business plans, and schedules, website building – really all the background extra stuff that a creative like me should NOT focus on!
SBB helped me to see, what I wanted out of my business, how to allow my feelings to guide me through the HOW of it and that allowing myself to play and be creative was my way forward.
In the last 8 months I went from a girl with a dream and zero strategy to a woman with a mission, a plan, and the results to allow me to give notice at my day job and step FULLY into my purpose and passion.
SBB is hands down the greatest program I’ve seen for a spirit driven and soulful entrepreneur – whether you know what your business will be yet or not – THIS is the program to get you there!”


Shelly Peterson

Here’s EVERYTHING included immediately:


The Spiritual Business Blueprints Vault with Roadmap to the 11 Core Modules

Guest Speaker Calls with industry experts

Life and Business
Masterclasses for goal setting

Pop up Soul Power Lives with
Amber Annette to inspire creativity and action

Meet Your Spiritual Banker guided vizualizations to uncover limiting money beliefs

Private Facebook Community
(The Spiritual Business Boardroom)

  And… Here are some extra sweet incentives!

You’re going to receive access to my 2 signature courses!!!


Money Mindset Mastery

Let’s get to the core of your money issues sister and clean and clear them up! You will receive a a 32 page workbook – Money with the Universe.
($97 Value)

Get Psychic!

My E-Course channeled and downloaded to help you go further into opening your gifts as a psychic, healer and medium.

($247 Value)

If you are:



Tired of hunting for clients in Facebook groups


Struggling to keep the “doors open” to your business


Spinning your wheels trying to figure out where to spend your time


Trying to attract paying clients

Then this is FOR YOU!


Coaches    Intuitives    Holistic Direct Sales    Creatives    Authors    Healers   


Business Success does NOT have to be a push and hustle


Embracing Your Inner Wisdom and Magic does NOT have to just be a side hobby


Entrepreneurship does NOT have to be a lonely journey

blends spiritual power and strategic business acumen to build a life and business you are connected to.

When you hire the Universe as your CEO and co-create with your soul, you can FINALLY reach the heights you know you are capable of.

“OMG were do I begin!?!? SSB is amazing, you get the perfect amount of strategy and actionable steps mixed in with spiritual guidance which is very hard to find. Amber always made sure that we are moving forward in alignment & can pin point your resistance from a mile away. And best of all is the community of women in this program, a sisterhood of high vibe spirit divas. The energy of this whole experience was divine. I am so excited for the next round of SSB!!”

Karla Mejia

“What I LOVED about SBB is it really opened me up to so many possibilities that I was so blind to! Of course, I felt some resistance but the great thing about Amber was she never gave up on me, she pushed me! Plus, as a psychic, she knows exactly what I need for my business!! She always knew exactly what was holding me down and helped me to push through it!
After SBB, my business started to grow again! I grew! Plus, I have opened myself up to many more business opportunities! I’ve grabbed onto a big one and cannot wait to see where she helps me take it in SBB2!!
Amber is worth every cent..and then some! I am so grateful for her!”

Shandy Mehl

“How does one begin to rave about such a life-changing experience!?! Other than to offer up big kudos and major gratitude for the privilege of being part of the Spiritual Business BluePrint/Spirit Diva Tribe! I’m a full-time health coach but had been swirling, trying to figure out what was next for my business. I was just overwhelmed with half-baked ideas and far too many distractions. Amber and her program helped me better define my niche market, create stronger focus on revamping my offerings and an exciting belief in my potential to pursue paths I’d never even considered! Plus the support of the other Divas in our class made a HUGE impact too; so many wonderful, inspirational ladies! I still have A LOT of work to do but am now fully confident (and so excited) to be well on my way! I have a truly purposeful vision and the enhanced tools I need to up-level my business. I can’t wait for what’s next; not just for me but for the life-long connections I’ve made within this group. Thank you ladies and thank you Amber Annette!”

Carrie Boe

How is this different from other courses?

The Spiritual Business Blueprints is a business creation and success program based on blending business acumen, strategy and spirituality. SBB was designed to get you into inspired action, give you a positive mindset and teach you the steps needed to run and manage an online business. But here’s what’s different. I am not telling you exactly what to do. I am not saying it’s my way or the highway. I am going to show YOU how to trust yourself first and foremost in making decisions in life and business. Cause guess what… That’s where the true power is!

Do you offer refunds?

Because of the nature of this program, the live elements and the fact that you actually must implement these practices to get results, there is no refund option. However, if you are truly unhappy with the content, program and support services in the course, I want to know! Please send me an email with your request and I will be sure to make it right for you!!!

What if I get behind in the modules?

No worries girl! We got your back! You are never behind in this group! There is plenty of time to work on content from the Vault at your own pace! Plus… You have lifetime access to the group, the course and community!

Have another question that is not answered here, email the Spiritual Business Support Team at info@amberannette.com and we will be sure to get back to you promptly!mailto:info@amberannette.com

Have another question that is not answered here, email the Spiritual Business Support Team at ask@amberannette.com and we will be sure to get back to you promptly!

I cannot wait to see you succeed in life and business!

Amber Annette is a soul and business coach who is best known for weaving:


With over 20 years of experience in sales, business development, marketing, intuitive leadership and spiritual life coaching, you are sacredly held, supported, coached and guided by someone who knows how to get you the results you desire!

I cannot wait to for you to love the life you’re living
The business you’re building!

This is not just a group program for your individual and business growth (which will be extraordinary), but also a community for purpose driven women searching for guidance, clarity, support & growth in life AND business!



All of this for just $777!!!


10 monthly payments of $99!!!

I cannot wait to see you inside!

I am always here for you!