If you are ready to:

Master your content to maximize your sales 

Get crystal clear on who your soul clients are

Create your signature offer or group program based on what most turns you on and lights you up in serving your soul clients

Create your high vibe mindset routine that will bring you daily focus and inspired action steps  

Know whether you are in alignment or not AND always know what you should be taking action on 

Divinely design a unique and one of a kind social media challenge, webinar, masterclass or workshop of your own Map out your next Out of this World Opt-In. Each opt-in is divinely “downloaded” from the Universe and unique to you and your business! 

Receive your next breakthrough list builder to grow your tribe and visibility!  

The Lightworker Lab is

4 Weeks

4 Trainings

Divine Guidance

Plus, you will receive this juicy BONUS!

90-Day Dream Workshop ($297 value)

My exclusive process to plan 90 days at a time based on what you most desire in your life, business, relationships and bank account!

Don’t keep spinning your wheels trying to figure out your next creative move in your business!

is going to give you content, creativity, connection and the right components to attract your soul clients to you!

Here’s a look at what’s inside the Lightworker lab:


We are moving out those old limiting beliefs inside your mind and replacing them with expansive beliefs that will help you soar into success in 2019! What you believe about your business is what the results will be in your business, MINDSET is the foundation and the kick off week for The Lightworker Lab!  

WEEK 2- The Vision!

You will be taken through a guided visualization to get ultra crystalline clear on what they want for their life and business! Once we are clear on what you TRULY want, we can create the plan of inspired action to allow it and receive it! These ideas…They equal income sister!

Week 3- The Strategy!

A juicy idea does you no good if you don’t bring it all the way to life! This week is all about the HOW! Bringing your gifts, your message and your business to the world in the most aligned way possible! You will have the EXACT steps you need to take to launch your idea in the way that feels the best for you, and allows you to stay high vibe while marketing!

Week 4- The Implementation!

This week is for troubleshooting, tech issues, procrastinators and stallers. You’ve probably been here before. You get all the way to the end and when it comes time to share your final product/program/package, you stop and stall out. This week is totally to keep you accountable to your desire and to give you the mindset support, energetic boost AND the technical troubleshooting that keeps so many gifted entrepreneurs from marketing and selling in their business!

You will have EVERYTHING you need to sell with heart and soul and finally make the money you deserve to be paid for bringing your lightworking love to this planet!!!

Inspired Marketing – Soulful Sales – Mindset Mentoring -Intuitive Business Coaching

All laced with love, light and accountability from a coach who knows how to build a business with light!!!

The Lightworker Lab will help you:

Build your list

with creative content 

Attract clients

with magnetizing messages

Create an

inspired marketing plan

Sell Your Offer

with Heart & Soul