Hi, I’m Amber Annette. 
Life & Business Psychic Medium
& Intuitive Brand Strategist

I create soul aligned brand strategies, marketing assets and advertising campaigns that are trademark worthy for visionaries, leaders and influencers.

Are you ready to set the world on

Here’s how we can make it happen!


Courses & Programs

Divinely designed with soul and strategy for spiritual entrepreneurs


Private & Group Coaching

An expansive and exclusive intuitive business coaching experience for the woman who is ready for it all

Corporate Consulting

Strategic & Creative Consulting

Intuitive Marketing, sales and leadership planning, workshops, trainings and more for teams and corporations


The Soul 2 Soul Coaching Certification Program TM

A group coaching program for women who
want to learn how to become an intuitive life coach

This movement, it’s not just mine.

It’s all of ours.

Each of us have a different calling, a different passion, a different movement that we are here to create.

And deep impact, it happens from the soulside-out

It starts with one light at a time.

Whether you light that path for 1, or 1 million, you are a soulblazer.


 My mission…

Well that is to create a tribe of 1 million Soulblazers coming together to find the courage to create their own movement and to hold a sacred space to honor each trail blazed!

Being a Soulblazer means…

making a difference, in your own way, by following what your soul is leading you to.

Finding the courage to stand up for yourself and for others that don’t yet have that strength or have yet to find their voice.

Collaboration over competition

 To blazing 1 million trails,

Amber Annette