What if there was more to life that just the endless hustle and scramble to get ahead?

What if you could build a new model filled with your very own blend of magic to face every decision, each twist and turn?

What if you could learn to connect to your inner wisdom and intuition and use it to change your life and business?

Where would you be if you could stop the searching and land in your own truth?

You have been living life by the rules, wondering what else there is, feeling the nudges from within & seeing the winks from the Universe, only to…just step back in line

But following the rules is certainly no fun and the answers to the deeper questions you have are definitely NOT found within those lines!

The Real Deal
The Magic Within
And guess what…that’s just the start

You hear a calling within, one you can’t ignore any longer
A craving for a richer deeper connection to things you can only feel to a world within
A knowing that life is meant to feel more
Colorful & Connected,
Soulful yet Playful
Bold & Free


Do you ever feel there is something deeper to your intuitive nudges? 

Do you crave a further understanding of your spiritual gifts? 

Do you scramble to get your hands on anything in the metaphysical realm?

Do you get those strong feelings or just have a ‘knowing’ in your gut that seems to be right every time?



2 Give yourself permission to expand into a world of real possibility and true alignment

2 Stop looking for answers in templates, to do lists and the latest shiny object

2 Fully become the real YOU if you stopped hiding behind who you are not


But yet that feels out of reach…an impossibility…something you just read about, right?

Those dreams and wishes are not impossible.
They are all within your reach and in your hands to create. And you are NOT ALONE­ —you actually never have been


2 Wonder and Soul

2 Connection to your inner whispers

2 Balance of knowing and trusting

2 Empowered Sense of Self

2 Aligned Energy & Chakras


2 Rituals & Visualizations

2 Vibrational Alignment

2 Meditation & Intention

2 Inner Freedom to Be fully You

2 Magnetic Attraction to your dream & desires

All available to you…

 Learn how to use and embrace your uniqueness, empathic insight, and hidden gifts 

with guided and supported techniques of how to get there

Are you ready to stop searching outside of you for the truths only you carry?

Are you prepared to truly step into your greatness and turn on that inner compass?

Is the answer to that call

In 5 weeks you will:


Unlock Your Gifts Unleash Your Talents Uncover your Potential


Connect in with your intuitive abilities to heighten your life and business “senses”!


Understand your clients on a deeper level


Follow your intuition


Live from a place of knowing


See clearer, feel deeper

With a background in corporate sales, development and management and public speaking, I blend my entrepreneurial skills and business mind with my channeled messages and Spirit wisdom to help my clients get on track and create creative and divinely inspired business blueprints.
I am so passionate and driven and believe that everyone has the capacity to step into their psychic power and change their life and business with the ability to harness to magic within.

I am an accelerator, a soul igniter and a possibility producer and I cannot wait to teach you how to do the same!


I feel so blessed to be a part the Get Psychic group with Amber Annette.

Amber takes what can seem beyond reach and “out there,” to up close and personal with our own intuition. There are plenty of opportunities to learn to trust our senses as we tap into our intuition and psychic skills. She is open to sharing her experiences with ease and helps us to feel confident with what we already know but may feel uncertain of.

She offers lessons and exercises to help us to tap into our Clair-senses, allowing us to learn and grow with each week. There are opportunities and exercises that are interactive which allow the entire group to learn from each other. The experience strengthened my own abilities and gave me confidence to continue practicing I’ve learned on a daily basis. Thank you Amber, I am truly grateful for all that I’ve learned and I look forward to learning so much more!

Tracey Swainson

Amber Annette’s Get Psychic program was life changing for me! I learned to trust and believe in myself. The private Get Psychic FB group provides a true community of like minded and hearted women who all support each other. Before starting the program I thought I was intuitive but didn’t think of myself as a psychic let alone a medium. Now I know I am all of these and I am embracing who I am!

If you want to hone in on your gifts – Get Psychic with Amber is the place to be!  You will feel safe in connecting with your inner woo, meeting other like-minded women and participating in fun activities that will literally help you “Get Psychic”.  This group is so fun and vibrant and that is my go-to when I need a “fun” break from my day…
Elinor Cohen


 starModule Work­ – PDF/Workbook

moon “Psychic­ – Cizes” to help you hone your skills in all areas of “woo”


star Group Calls­ and Readings held Live on Zoom for coaching and intuitive life-biz-career guidance, and extra support of developing your gifts


moon Recorded Guided Meditations

star Private Facebook Group­- your “psychic sanctuary” to practice your gifts

moon Facebook Office Hours for Q & A


star Additional trainings and meditations added throughout the year


moon Access to go through the course live each time it is run (1 x year)


star Bespoke mantras to further your knowledge and build your psychic muscle


moon A Modern Day Glossary explaining all of the terms you need to know and master



What you need to know is that the learning and the light doesn’t end after the 5 modules… 

You are invited to stay in the Get Psychic Community for weekly updates, ongoing group calls and exclusive event invites! It is my commitment to you to bring inspiring new ways to live your light! It is my promise you will Feel supported- connected and clear on the magic within your soul…Everyday! 

The Get Psychic Community will be the place to go to calm your fears, and help with those moments of frustration and doubt!

When you Get Psychic, you will learn how to: 

Tap into all of the different clair­-senses 

Connect to messages that are waiting for you to discover them

Feel-Sense-and Know your Gifts-Talents and Abilities

What the different “claire’s” are-


star Clairvoyance


moon Claircognizance


star Clairaudience


moon Clairempathy



star Clairtangency


moon Clairgustance


star Clairscent


moon Clairalience


star How to understand energy, emotions, and use your gifts to be able to “read” that energy in a way that gives you positive insight for yourself and others.

moon Ways to follow your inner compass to make decisions for your life-business-career

star How to use tools like oracle/tarot cards, pendulums, and muscle testing to be validated along the way on your journey 

moon Why you see the images and feel the things you feel

star How to listen to yourself first, feel into your emotions and step into a life full of color and clarity


More confident in expressing who you are and standing in your power

Connected to a deeper purpose

Your higher calling 

Aligned with your soul

Inspired, Uplifted, and Ignited with Passion

You prefer skeptic over psychic

You like relying on others for approval or input

You want to continue jumping from program to program, coach to coach to find the answers you think you are looking for

You are not open to finding your own abilities

You are happy to continue searching for your own power

Going to every psychic under the sun hoping to hear what you want is how you like to spend your time


If you are the type of woman I believe you to be…

You are ready to:

Embrace your power and leadership in your life and business

Feel your strength and follow your intuition

Own your truth and understand your abilities

Amp up your life and business by tuning in to your deeper wisdom

No more wondering, it’s Truth Time.

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime?


One Time Investment of

You get Lifetime Access to the courses, community and additional content and resources that are always being added.