Over the last 2 decades, Amber Annette has worked with a wide range of businesses of varying sizes and types.


Her clientele includes:

Health and Wellness Clinics

Yoga studios


Investments and Insurance Professionals


HR and Recruiting Firms

Beauty and Cosmetics Companies

Authors and Publishers

Direct sales organizations

Retail Store Owners

Real Estate Companies

Branding and Advertising Agencies

Influencers and Celebrities

As an Intuitive Business Consultant, Amber is able to provide companies and brands strategic and inspired insight that is unique to their goals and objectives.

Her areas of emphasis include:

  • Innovative marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Creative customer attraction plans
  • Intuitive leadership development
  • Energetic team alignment

I work with your organization, using my intuitive strategies to help you achieve brilliant results and success 

 I listen, brainstorm, and develop strategic and intuitive solutions focused on increasing your ROI and profitability!

Amber Annette - Psychic Business Coach