The Power of Change

The Power of Change

Let me ask you a question.

Do you find yourself and your message to your tribe changing?

You work your BUTT off like CRAZY to create content, packages, programs and challenges to find that at the end of it, you are now drawn to a different form of coaching or entrepreneurship? You see a different dream? And feel a deeper calling? 

You are in love with the idea of a new business (again), a new plan and a new message! But how can that be? You just got done with your website; you just paid the bill for your copywriter, and just started attracting clients!

But yet you suddenly feel like there is something missing from your existing business, and you are FORCING yourself to stay on task with what you are doing. 

Welcome to soul business evolution, my dear!

Here’s why this is friggin’ awesome. As a soul driven entrepreneur, you and your business are going to be constantly shifting up, moving forward and growing in your heart, mind, and spirit!

When you start to feel like there is more to you and your business when you feel that hunger and desire to expand, that’s your soul purpose calling out to you. That means it is time to buckle up buttercup, the roller coaster ride is about to start again!

Don’t let this feeling overwhelm you, let it inspire you! 

Let it be a guiding force for you that there is always something waiting for you on the other side of realized success! This beautiful journey in entrepreneurship does not end once you arrive at your destination! You are on a constant journey, always discovering new experiences leading you towards your next spot on the map.

“Entrepreneurs are always on a treasure hunt, there is never one X marks the spot.”

So many entrepreneurs get hard on themselves because they view these changes going on within them and their business as a negative, STOP IT!

Embrace the changes, go with them and grow with them! There is an experience within the changes that lead you to another piece for your soul puzzle.

BUT… with this growth comes new expansion, and new challenges! That means new heart, new hustle and the return of the famous entrepreneurship hunger! 

Here’s my experience on how you handle this.


Create a plan with soul goals to build your life and business by:

• Putting your groundational and foundational business pieces in place
• Craft out time for creative space for what growth and change means to you
• Don’t stop doing what you are doing, but go back to daydreaming, create a new dream, and do whatever makes you FEEL good

The whole point in all of this is that you don’t have to stop what you are doing; you don’t have to choose between your new dream and your existing business. You can grow and blend them together no matter what they are!

The perfect balance and blend for each entrepreneur is:
You have to find what each piece percentage is to you!
(Everyone needs more and less in each area.)

When you start embracing all of these elements into your dream, and your expansion, get ready for magic, sister!

I felt the need to share this message for a few different reasons:

1) So many of my clients are feeling this shift and this calling for more
2) The last thing you need is to feel bad about new changes coming forward

You need to keep your vibe high, your mind open, and your heart full of joy for the future!

AND, I’m sharing this, because The spirit of an entrepreneur is a beautiful one to watch when it is aligned and responding to its calling!

THAT, my darling, is the very long version of, be whoever the heck you want to be, and do whatever you want to do! There are no rules in your life and your business!


A Letter to the Universe

A Letter to the Universe

If you have been hanging with me for awhile, you’ve probably encountered a FB Live drop in from my little guy Ryker. He’s pretty awesome, but today he taught me something that I had to share with you.

At 4, Christmas is the only thing on his mind right now. And so today we started to write a letter to Santa. Ryker cut it short and sweet:

Anything with Tom Brady and a remote control boat.

Easy peasy for this mom!

I was surprised at how simple it was. He was direct, knew what he wanted, claimed it and then went back to playing with the dog. Maybe manifesting is that easy?

And then tis letter to Santa really got me thinking,

I want to write a letter to Santa too!

I want to be in that magic state that my Ryker-oni is in. “Here’s my list, I don’t know how it’s going to happen, but Santa bring it on!”

And then I realized, I can write that letter, straight to the Universe.

And so I did.

I poured my heart and soul into my Christmas list to the Universe and was shocked when I read back what I had written.

It was beautiful, awakening and powerful all in one.

What I was more surprised about than anything, was that there was not 1 material item on there. Not 1. (And I LOVE presents! )

But here’s what was on my grown up list:

I wrote about what I want to experience with my husband and children during the holiday and how I want to feel when my mother comes to stay with me for 2 weeks.

I shared how much I love my clients and want them to have their best Christmas ever and that I truly want to be the best coach and leader possible for them.

I asked for time with my friends whom I adore and to be fully present for all of my family at gatherings.

I want to feel peace, love and gratitude.

I want clarity.

I want connection.

I want light.

Love, A-
I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the letter.

(If you have an idea, let me know.)

But here’s what I do know.

When I wrote that, I released it and unattached from how this will become my experience.

And isn’t that part of the magic of Santa and the Universe?

We don’t have to know how.

We just have to believe to receive.

And when we enjoy the day to day along the way, that’s when we can receive what our heart desires. Because at the soul of it, what we really want is what only we can give ourselves- compassion, grace and space.

The joy is in the journey.

The power is in your spirit.

The answer is in your emotion.

That’s what makes it magic and that’s what makes it manifest.

I truly hope you can take a few minutes and write your heart out to the Universe and that your experience is as special as this was to me.

If you feel like sharing, I’m here listening.
To Magic and Moments…

How I Am Having My Best Month Ever

How I Am Having My Best Month Ever

It comes down to one simple word. Change.
I am setting some of the biggest goals I have ever had for myself.
But here’s what I am NOT doing >>> the same things I did last month, the month before that and the month before that.
If I am going to achieve and receive something I have never had before, I know I am going to have to do things and take actions in ways I haven’t done before. And that means CHANGE!
For most people, change evokes fear. The invasive question “what if” kicks into high gear and before you know it, you have talked yourself out of doing things differently and just staying with what works and what is known.
How about this time you try talking yourself INTO IT!?!?
The problem is that to your mind: 
change = unknown. 
And unknown = unsafe.
As soon as something is unsafe to your mind, it is programmed to shut that shit down! You will almost immediately hear back talk from your mind! So please know when this happens my love, it is not just you!
Whenever you try to step outside of your “safety zone” your mind will instantly start telling you why this is a bad idea, why it won’t work for you and how this could never be possible, so just sit here, feel bad and be quiet.
Sound familiar?
Well I am here to tell you, that does not serve you and that does not allow you to step into being the most magnificent version of you!
And that is who you are here to be.
Here’s a simple process I use to start calming my mind and easing the anxiety of change:
  1. Get clear on the fear. What are the actual words that are running through your mind? What are the “shut down” statements you hear yourself saying to yourself? Those are limiting beliefs. And we want to become very aware of them. Because once you become aware, you are in your power position to shift it!
  2. Rewrite the fear with faith. Each time one of these limiting beliefs shows it’s ugly self, take the time to write it down! On the line below it, I want you to turn that BS belief into an expansive belief! Write out a powerful statement that overrides the fear-based belief! Write it with intent and conviction that this is your new truth! And totally FEEL it and own it!
  3. Activating Action. Take some kind of action that is aligned with your NEW belief. No matter how small the action, when you do it from your new power position you start activating the mind to see IT IS SAFE for you to get out of your safety zone and into your success zone!
It might seem like a lot of work, monitoring your thoughts, writing them out and then taking action from that new empowered place.
But doesn’t staying stuck and not realizing your dreams feel more exhausting?
I would love to hear about your dreams and goals for this month!
Just hit reply and let me know.
My 5 Favorite Ways I Have Grown My Business

My 5 Favorite Ways I Have Grown My Business

It’s hard to believe I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary of becoming a spiritual entrepreneur.

What’s even more unbelievable is how much I am still totally in love with the way I get to serve my clients and my community!

As I was thinking back, I started to think of all the different paths that got me here and I wanted to share with you my favorite 5!

  1. Collaborations. From day 1 I have been all about collaborative projects, programs and partnerships. Whether it was initiated by me, or the other party, these opportunities led me to either another collaboration, client or idea. Some of these collaborators have become my business besties and my soul sisters. This is a big piece of my strategy for 2019!
  2. Trial and experiment. I am an idea addict. I rarely turn down a divine download from the Universe. I have tried hundreds of different offers, ideas, projects and programs. Some of them flopped, some of them popped and some of them I am still doing. But no matter what the result was, I learned from it. What I want to do again, what I want to let go of. I am always up for trying something new!
  3. Consistent content creation. I am always putting out something! Whether it is in social media, at a networking event, writing an email to you, hosting a free training, (PS see below) I always have something going that allows me to be in front of my ideal community. Each time I do that, new business happens for me. The best part? I give about 90% of my content for free. I create it and share it because I love it. And it always gives me a return.
  4. I have a diversified business model. Let me ask you something. If Facebook shut down tomorrow, would you panic? I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Facebook is not your business! It is a tool, a great platform to communicate on, but your business should not be dependent on it, or any one piece. Here’s a look at my business model-Referrals, Social Media (FB, IG, YouTube, Linked In), Email marketing, Paid advertising, Networking, Guest Speaking. By not putting all of my eggs in one “business” basket, I am able to keep my business booked solid.
  5.  I follow my intuition. No matter what, I follow what is calling. I have learned to trust my inner knowing more than anything and anyone on this planet. I don’t care if it’s Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins or Oprah, if it feels out of alignment, it’s not worth it for me to do it. And as soon as it starts to not feel good anymore, I’m out. The second I start to feel like “I have to”, I’m not looking forward to it, or I am not in my zone of genius, I cut it short, cut my losses and cut the cord. Because if my soul isn’t feeling it, I shouldn’t be doing it.


Out of these 5, is there one that stands out to you that you want more of in your business? Come and join in a discussion in my Facebook group Coffee with The Universe!

I can’t wait to hear from you and read your thoughts and comments!!!
Lost Your Mojo?

Lost Your Mojo?

Have you ever hit a point in your business or in your life where you completely lost your mojo unexpectedly?

Let me tell you, I had this experience last week and it about wiped me out! As entrepreneurs, we thrive when we are aligned and have clarity around our goals, desires, and the action steps we are taking. But sometimes, when we least expect it, and for reasons we may not even know, an obstacle shows up that not only sidetracks us from our dreams but sucks the energy right out of us!

I want to share with you 4 simple ways to get back on track and get your mojo back when you hit one of these periods:

  1. Rest! Take the time to get some extra sleep, take a nap even! It is when you surrender to the circumstance that you give yourself the opportunity to gain more insight and get back on track quicker. So often we want to push and shove to get answers and get back up, but that is the exact opposite of what is going to get you back in the saddle. Resting gourmand is like hitting to reboot button. To some, it may feel irresponsible to walk away from the situation and “rest”, but it is actually the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.
  2. Write it out! Whenever you are feeling stuck or unsure, get out a notebook and some pens and write out exactly how you are feeling, and what questions you have rolling around in your head. Take a few minutes to reflect on how you are feeling and let it flow on to the paper. Ask for guidance and answers, and give a few minutes of space to let some answers come in. The Universe will never leave you hanging! The answers are there, just tune in!
  3. Water and Exercise! Get your body up and moving and stay hydrated. (after the rest) Water is going to flush your system and the exercise gets endorphins working! All great things when you are experiencing a downswing!
  4. Meditate! Everyone does it in their own way, whether you realize it or not. Find a form of meditation that works for you where you find clarity and connection to the Universe. Get your mindset reset, and before you know it, you will be firing on all cylinders again!

Always know that even in these moments of frustration and fogginess, there is a bigger purpose that you might not be able to see. New desires are stirring and fresh ideas are coming. It is in the darkness that we appreciate the light.

When it feels like things are falling apart, just trust that they are ultimately falling into place. 

Are You MIA In Your Business?

Are You MIA In Your Business?

If you have been Missing In Action from your business, creating content and sharing your message my guess is because it’s that you actually are NOT clear on your Most Important Action(s).
Here’s the thing, your community, they want to hear from you! And when you start to shrink and hide instead of connecting and creating, nobody wins!
So here are a few things that you can do to stay focused on what is most important:
1) Stay locked into how you serving. 
What ways do you love to show up for your community? Do you love #pendrops or #micdrops? Whatever excites you should be scheduled on your calendar to do as often as possible. The more consistent you are in connecting with your tribe, the more you are consistent in their mind! And we want them thinking of you and how you can help them all the time!!!
2) Stay lit up about what you are selling.
Talk about one thing, the one offer you have that you are super excited to have people say yes to! I used to be guilty of this myself. I would get an idea for an offer, put it out in the world, start sharing it and promoting it. But then when I didn’t get the sales or traction right away that I wanted, I would switch and start to focus on something new. When you stay focused on one offer at a time and you believe in it and stay true to following the energy behind it, your ideal clients will buy it.
Make it easy for your people to know what you have going on and how they can work with you.
3) Stay tuned in to your can’t wait to do list.
Whatever is on there that feels like a drag, probably needs to be delegated. Really pay attention to what you put off and procrastinate. Those tasks are energy suckers and take you away from serving and selling.
And if you aren’t doing those 2 things in your business…
Then it is time for you to allow me to serve you!
If you are ready to get into serious inspired action and are truly at a point where you want to serve, sell and soar in your business, I want to be the one to help you get there and do it!
+Creative marketing strategies to get you seen.
+Mindset mentoring to keep you motivated and focused.
+Clarity for the actions you need to take to get the outcomes you want!
+Accountability laced with inspiration.

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