5 Ways to Receive Creative Ideas Consistently

5 Ways to Receive Creative Ideas Consistently

Anyone who has ever experienced an “ah-ha” moment, a “million dollar” idea or “divine download” knows that it is one of the most addictive experiences you can ever have as an entrepreneur!
You grow to crave that connection and look forward to the insight that comes in such mysterious ways.
I am totally being honest when I say that the creative ideation process is one of my most favorite experiences I have ever experienced!
There is nothing more thrilling to me than a brilliant idea that makes that light bulb in my soul, (and above my head), spark up!

Everything that has ever come into existence comes from one of those “spark starters”, and they all come from the Universe and are ready to rendezvous with us at any given point!


Here are the top 5 ways to connect with the Universe to get creative ideas consistently:

  1. Take it when it comes, morning, noon or night. Or in my case, 3 am. Inspiration is not always convenient. Be ready to jot down the idea in a bathroom, laundry room, car, etc. You never know when inspiration will hit, so be prepared! Big mistake- to think you will remember the idea later. You won’t.
  2. Express a moment of gratitude for the new ideas as they come in. Before jumping in, take a moment to feel truly grateful for the creativity that is flowing your way! Thank the Universe for the insight! This makes it much easier for more ideas to be delivered to you on a consistent basis.
  3. Play with the idea. Enjoy it. Bask in it. Dream up crazy and amazing ideas on what it can become and grow into. Don’t allow fear, doubts or HOW to show up and crush your ideation. Enjoy the dance, let the idea lead.
  4. Don’t make a To Do List! Let it come from a place of inspiration! Yes, we absolutely need routine and structure for our business. You have to be grounded in content creation, but keep yourself open as a creative channel for ideas to come in as many ways as possible! Open to the Universe, grounded to the Business…
  5. Let your intuition lead you to inspired ideas and to inspired action steps to take that are for your content’s highest good! When you are clear and in alignment, the creative ideas will start to flow to you! These inspired ideas come from the Universe and they come from being in flow and in a high vibratory state!

Always remember, no matter what the subject is, when you set an intention, the Universe hears that command. So set positive intentions that state your desires about being a creative content producer! Here is a positive affirmation to get you started:

Creative Affirmation:
I am always open and ready for divine inspiration and ideation.

Now…Go receive a download and share it with the world!!!

9 Signs it’s Time to Find Your Soul Purpose & True Calling

9 Signs it’s Time to Find Your Soul Purpose & True Calling

I look at old pictures of myself and wonder who she is.

I remember the days before, running myself ragged for a direct deposit into my bank account every two weeks. I often wonder what my life would look like if I hadn’t awakened my gifts and uncovered my soul’s purpose.

Looking back, I started to see the signs that were there all along, guiding me toward what I came here to do. Each of these played a part in following my calling.

Do any of them ring true for you? Find out here.

What Are You Missing By Resisting?

What Are You Missing By Resisting?

How do you tell the difference between Resistance and Being Out of Alignment?
Start by thinking of the activity, person, circumstance, event. 
Are you avoiding out of fear, irritation, or worry?
Then you’re resisting. 
Are you avoiding it out of intuition, a gut feeling, or  calm sense of knowing it is a clear no for you?
Then it is not in alignment for you. 
I always say to do what turns you on and lights you up, and I still believe that to be true. 
But I also believe we have to push ourselves with grace through the resistance. 
When you really take a look at it, are you resisting the things, activities, people and circumstances that can truly help you and serve you? I know I do. And that just doesn’t work for me any longer. 
I’m challenging myself to look at what I’m doing and reverse engineer it if I don’t like the way I feel about it or the resistance I have to it. 
I’m rating myself on a 1-10 on my own “Benefactor Factor” scale. 
1 being this is a bad idea or horrible for me. 
10 being this could only positively benefit me. 
When resistance shows up, I simply ask myself, “What is my Benefactor Factor?”
If it’s more than a 5, then I push myself to go and do the thing because I believe that “what we resist the most is best for our own soul.”
What would your life look like if you started saying yes to the things that you typically resist? 
– Networking events 
– Going on camera
– Private outreach
Think about all of the opportunity in what you are rejecting out of habit and out of pure resistance. 
There is so much power in your decision to push through. 
What will you see on the other side?
I hope you let me know. 
Go get it, girl!
Want to Create a 6-Figure Business?

Want to Create a 6-Figure Business?

Most likely the answer is yes. 

Why wouldn’t you? 
Here are a few tips on how to start RIGHT NOW:
1️⃣ Build relationships, not email lists and funnels. 
In my experience, what has worked the best for me is truly connecting heart to heart with as many women in business as possible – Not pushing them through a funnel, but genuinely creating content that comes straight from the soul to give some sort of value. (P.S. Any time you are stuck in your marketing, messaging, or money mindset, let me know. I have a ton of FREE resources for you. Just email me!)
2️⃣ Give all that you can for free. 
This has been a golden rule that I have learned from watching Marie Forleo and it has easily been the #1 thing that helped me create and sustain $10K months. 
I give away 90% of all my trainings, workshops, and masterclasses. Why?
Because it goes back to tip #1 – I am constantly building relationships. Before my clients buy from me, they have to trust me. I start building their trust by letting them experience my style of coaching, consulting, and mentoring for free FIRST!
(P.S. again – I have a group coaching call coming up. If you’d like to see how I serve my clients, and would like to receive support for yourself, hit reply and I’ll send you a private invite!)
I promise you that if you worry less about the sales conversion and more about the sales connection, you will hit $10K months and have a 6-figure business!
BTW – My 1:1 private coaching practice has a waitlist, but I still have a few spots open in my month-to-month mastermind – The Soulfire Empire. Check it out here!
The Importance of Protecting Your Light

The Importance of Protecting Your Light

Hey Soul Sister-

If you are a coach, guide, mentor or healer it’s so crucial that you manage your energy and monitor how much you are giving to others.

If you’re like me, you love to help other people, but if you’re not being filled back up you can quickly feel deflated and defeated. And to top it all off, the person that you were trying to help, well they most likely aren’t even taking action on the advice you gave them, (more to come on this later). 

I want to share with you a few tips to stay lit up while being of service:

    1. Be selfish. Yup, I said it. Please know, it is totally ok for you to put you, your needs, your energy FIRST and foremost. You’ve probably heard it before, put your oxygen mask on first before trying to help others around you, and I don’t just mean on an airplane! When you are the best version of you, you get to give that to the world, but not if you’re exhausted from people pleasing and problem-solving for everyone but yourself. I want you to take a few minutes and think about what are the ways you can be filled up in exchange for what you bring to others? It could be things like money, trading services, etc. Make sure you know what you are going to receive for what you give.
    2. Identify what and/or who makes you feel the most depleted. Chances are there might be a pattern to what is draining your energy. And as hard as it may be in the short run, it might be time to let go of this to benefit you and your light in the long run. Focus on how you feel, all the time. As soon as something starts to make you feel tired, annoyed or unhappy, start to eliminate it from your life. Yes, it will be uncomfortable at first, it may even be difficult, but nothing can change until you start making changes.
    3. Identify what and/or who ignites you. On the contrary to #2, I also want you to think about the things that make your soul smile, and the people who you feel supported and empowered around, because you are going to do more of that and them starting right now! Why would you surround yourself with people and things that don’t bring you joy? Make it your personal mission today to go on a joy journey and only experience what fills you up and lights up your joy meter. I promise you a day filled with magic, laughter and happiness.
    4. Create boundary statements. I know my mom is not on my email list, so I can write this safely LOL. When my mom calls and wants to complain about Howard, her life partner, I say the same boundary statement to her over and over, “Mom, you know how I feel about this.” And she drops the subject. I do not have time to enable anyone, (even my mom), to complain to me. If you have time to complain, you have time to change what you don’t like. And by you having these bold boundary statements, you will quickly be able to keep people from draining and complaining to you. Big boundaries does not make you a big bitch!
    5. Trust your intuition more than anyone else’s opinion. (PS, How to find, feel & follow your intuition is the 1st Intuitive Training Session in IGNITE!)  You have got to be able to know what your soul is trying to tell you. You have got to be able to know what direction it is leading you, because it always knows the way. It is ok to say yes, it is ok to say no, as long as whatever answer you are giving is coming from the place that makes you feel confident and solid in your decision. When your answers come from that place, you will never get it wrong.

I would love to hear which of these matches what you needed to hear today! 

And just remember, I am always here to help you on your joy journey!