The Top 11 Reasons Following Your Soul Purpose Makes You Feel And Look Younger

The Top 11 Reasons Following Your Soul Purpose Makes You Feel And Look Younger


I don’t even recognize the person on the left, and yet that was me 10 years ago. 

And while I’ve lost some weight, went from brunette to blonde, (thank goddess🤦🏼‍♀️), have had another child since then, and turned the big 4.0, something even more changed for me…I uncovered and claimed my soul purpose.

And as I sit here waiting for my kiddo at baseball, I can’t help but stare and reflect at this picture and dig deep into why and how I’m feeling and looking younger now than ever before. Here’s my list of reasons. I truly hope it sparks you to find your purpose and pursue it everyday:


1. There’s less stress.

When you’re aligned with your soul purpose, life naturally starts to be filled with more love, light, play and curiosity. New doors start to open and fresh ideas give a pathway towards a bigger vision. With all of the new magic in your life, you will start to intuitively steer clear, (and the Universe will help), of the events and circumstances that cause you stress. Being on soul purpose doesn’t necessarily mean life is perfect, but it is a hell of a lot easier!


2. You’re more confident which equals radiance.

I have never been so sure and so certain as I am right now in my life. Being on soul purpose has given me the strength and conviction that I need to chase after wild dreams, and to run away from what doesn’t turn me on and light me up. I feel clear in making decisions, and on soul fire with the direction I’m going. I see it when I look in the mirror, and I feel it when I walk in a room. And I’m owning every bit of it.


3. You have more space and time to do as you please.

Being on soul purpose has made me incredibly selfish when it comes to what and who I spend my time with. Time is the one thing that you don’t get back, and you can’t buy more of. It’s the one thing that you get one shot with, so I’m super intentional about what I do with my time. I know if I want to make my mark, I have to make it count.


4. You sleep better.

Before I really stepped into my soul purpose I had anxiety so terrible that I was on a variety of different prescription drugs. And while the meds numbed the anxiousness, they also numbed my gifts and my intuition. It was like living life on auto pilot, not on soul purpose. But now, even though I occasionally have some anxiety, I don’t have to take meds to fall asleep into a deep sleep. Now if I toss and turn, it’s just because I have a really good idea and I’m fighting getting up to write it down, (because I know I’ll forget it if I don’t.) It’s not from over stressing and overthinking. And of course the bonus is if you’re sleeping better, you naturally look rejuvenated and refreshed each morning.


5. There’s more money. 

Maybe it’s because I’m more mindful in general, so there’s less excessive spending, or maybe it’s because being on soul purpose has allowed me to make more profit, either way my bank account has never been happier. And the truth of it is that when you’re working with the law of attraction you’re naturally going to manifest more of what you love. And I’ve learned to love money and what it allows me and my family to have and experience. 


6. There’s more sex.

Let me rephrase…there’s more really good sex. And who doesn’t want that? It’s truly connected to reason number 2, confidence. The more confident I feel in my soul, it follows over to my body, which leads me to say yes a hell of a lot more than ever before. Plus, my relationship with my husband is stronger and deeper than ever before, which naturally makes me more attracted to him. 


7. I’m taking better care of my physical body.

I want to feel rich and nourished. I’m working my way towards being a vegan. I bought a Peloton to strengthen my body and increase my endurance. It’s so much more than self-care and working out, for me, it’s soul care at its finest.


8. When boundaries are in place the negative people fall away.

It’s amazing how being on soul purpose makes your boundaries really big right along with your heart. I often say “big boundaries don’t make you a big bitch” and I wholeheartedly mean that. In fact, boundaries actually make me not be a bitch, because when I don’t honor how I’m feeling and I do it because I “have to”, or because it’s the right thing to do, or it’s what’s expected of me, it never works out for anybody. I truly only want to do what is calling to my soul. When I honor that, I’m the best version of me, which is best for everyone. 


9. You don’t sweat the small stuff.

I’m so done and over caring about the details. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I just want to get to the good part. And I love that I’m not constantly overthinking the little piddly shit that just doesn’t matter. At the end of the day what matters to me is how high did I get? And I’m not talking about artificial or drug induced high, I’m talking about how much fun and love did I receive and give in my world for that day? Your purpose helps you see what’s most important everyday.


10. Life orgasms are normal.

I want days that are filled with laughing so hard my stomach hurts and smiling so much my cheeks hurt. I want to have rich relationships that are full of giving and receiving. I want to soak it ALL up in my soul. I wanna feel all this life has to give by being as present as possible. Being on soul purpose is always showing me how to do that.


11. You know and see yourself at a soul level.

I love being with me. And I love getting to know myself more and more everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life with my husband, kids, friends and family. But I’m living for me. It’s not selfish to put yourself and your soul purpose first, it’s actually your biggest purpose of all. Because when you do that is when everyone will see you at your truest and highest level, and you will get to be that for them. It inspires others to look inside themselves and pulls the right people closer to you. 


I feel so grateful that I found my soul purpose at such a young age, helping others find their purpose. Most times, that means helping them manifest a life and business that they are truly in love with. And that means together, we can turn your life’s contrast into life’s expansion and celebration for you.

If that speaks to you and you would like more information on how I help my clients with that,

Click here to email me to learn more about my soul purpose and profit system!

Do you Struggle with Inconsistent Inspiration?

Do you Struggle with Inconsistent Inspiration?

You’ve felt it before. That moment where a new thought enters your personal energetic atmosphere, your eyes widen, head perks up and the words “that is such a good idea” fall out of your mouth.

If you’re like me, you get into a creative frenzy. Post it notes are flying, gel pens are frantically scribbling away, a writing rendezvous with the Universe is at play and it is everything!

The high can last for days. It is the ultimate feeling of clarity and creativity all rolled into one and it’s invigorating.

But then, tragedy strikes. The excitement starts to wear off. And like a kid with a week old Christmas present, the newness starts to fade.

The inspiration is evaporating and you’re left going “WTF”?

I often feel in these moments like I’ve had a one night stand with the idea. It came in all hot, got me excited and fired up for the possibility of more and millions, but then, it just left in the morning without leaving me anything more than a post it note on the bedside table.

It would lead me into a form of creative depression instead of creative expression.

I thought there was something wrong with me.

I thought “Amber, what is your problem? Why can’t you be consistent with your ideas and energy and marketing?” It was a mental beat down every time. But what I didn’t realize was that it was happening at the same time every month.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably experienced something similar, and doubted yourself and your inconsistency issues also along the way.

Here’s the truth…

You don’t have an inconsistency issue.

You just have inconsistent inspiration, and I’m here to tell you, it’s totally normal and not actually inconsistent at all, it’s right on cue!

Here’s the thing, you’re meant to follow your own rhythm, and let me tell you, that rhythm and pattern is unique to you and just waiting for you to crack its code so that you can truly live in your creative zone of genius, at a certain time of each month.

Creative energy is not meant to be kept in a box, or designated for Monday’s. It wants to be in flow. It wants to play and even bring some of its friends along. When the ideas start to lose their momentum is typically when we start to shift from the high of the idea to the how for the idea. And when we start to shift from our ideation energy into a new energy.

Let me explain.

Once a month like clockwork we all have an Air, Earth, Fire and Water week where we are totally tapped into universal elemental forces. Each element brings with it a different aspect for you to follow and feel.

For example, your Air week is when your ideation and creative energy is at its peak!

When I am in my Air week, (approximately 5-8 days), I grab on to every idea that comes floating by. I envision big. I stay locked into everything that is creative magic during this time. And then on cue, when that Air energy starts to give way, my Fire element kicks in, giving me a fierce determination to bring those ideas to the world. And then Earth, then Water, and the cycle starts all over again!

It’s such an incredible synergy.

Truth Bomb 💣

Creative highs are not meant to stay and last forever.

You’re not inconsistent, you’re actually more consistent than you’ve ever realized!

You’re not losing momentum, it’s just time for a new energy and element to move into place.

It’s incredible to uncover and unlock this personal energy pattern for yourself.

It has truly been a game changer for me in my mindset, marketing and in manifesting the success I want.

I created a quick training for you here on the elements and how to use them in your life, launches and business.

It will help you to find your inspirational pattern and so much more.

5 Signs You Are a HOW Addict

5 Signs You Are a HOW Addict

5 Signs You Are a HOW Addict

It is an entrepreneur epidemic, HOW”

And there is nothing more heartbreaking as a psychic business coach than to watch women who are incredibly gifted, have the spirit of service, are talented and magical at their craft, but get so lost and stuck on “HOW” to bring their idea, message, project and business to the world. And instead of rising to the top where they belong, they stay stuck and in one place, at what they feel is their bottom. I cannot watch that happen to you or anyone else. Especially because it was when I overcame my how addiction that everything truly started to happen with so much more ease and flow in my life, business and bank account.

I wrote this blog for the HOW addicts out there, and included some aligned action steps for you to take to start overcoming this underacting addiction. I can’t wait to hear what you think. Make sure to let me know which of the 5 resonates with you the most. (As a recovering How addict myself, #3 really hits me…)

#1) You overthink everything and take little action on anything

When your wheels are spinning and you’re not getting anywhere, it’s a pretty good indicator that you are focused way too heavily on HOW and not WHY.

Fear loves to weave it’s way into your mind and get you stuck on HOW. It likes to keep you stuck overthinking, which ultimately leads you to over-doubting, finally landing you on overwhelming, which is why nothing or very little gets done.

In my experience, when you reach that place, the only thing that can get you through is having your WHY be more important than your HOW. 

Aligned Action- Pick one thing you can get done that is related directly to your WHY project/idea and act! Sometimes just taking one step is all you need to jump start major momentum!

#2) You obsess and stress about irrelevant details

Don’t get me wrong, when you’re a business owner, you want to make sure that the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted, but not to the extreme that your project is not getting shared with the world. Don’t let your perfectionism be bigger than your passion. It will keep you on the edge of success. 

Aligned Action-If you often find yourself stressing obsessing over the tiny imperfections instead of a final place of completion, set a date! And when you reach that date, no matter what, launch your project/idea! If after it is out there you still want to work on the minor details, that’s ok. You should always be re-evaluating your content, programs, projects, etc., but you should never be holding them back because it is not perfect.

#3) You over-plan and under execute

You love strategy and planning it all out! You could totally get lost  day dreaming out all of the cool ideas you have and what they could become. I get it. Ideation is a great place to be, but so is implementation! These ideas you have, they did not come to you for you to overplan and under deliver. They came to you as a way to create something you desire in your life and business. Ideas come to you so that you can benefit and the world can benefit. It’s not a coincidence that you received an idea after you released a desire.

Yes, that big vision needs a strategy, but you can’t stay in dream and planning mode forever, or one day you will see someone took your unrealized dream and turned it into their reality.

And that my friend is soul crushing.

Aligned Action- Crate an idea incubator and allow yourself a total of 90 days to play and plan out your idea, (PS…you can create this with me inside of the Intuitive Business Bootcamp) After that, if it is still not launched, release it back to the Universe and let someone else receive it!

#4) You anticipate it’s not going to work

If you’re already thinking so far in advance about how it might not work chances are it might not work. How addicts love to have a back-up plan it keeps things in the air even longer. Plan B is built on one thing and one thing only – disbelief. And in my experience the core ingredient in anything launching with success is belief. Don’t let fear of failure keep your ideas in limbo please don’t have a back-up plan for your dream.

Aligned Action- Journal out what your life and business will look like when your idea DOES work out in your favor and you receive the results you want! Read through it everyday and feel it everyday. What you give attention to, manifests!

#5) Your strategy doesn’t include the Universe

I want you to think about this long and hard here for a second when was the last time something didn’t work out for you in your favor? in all of the planning did you consult with the universe? or did you just think that you knew best? be honest did you how everything into existence? because here’s what I know, the universe always knows what it’s doing. and when you can believe in that and surrender to that power and at the same time make up your mind that success is inevitable the universe can move into action to make it happen. as long as your how is not blocking it.

Aligned Action- Learn the art of radical unattachment to HOW the Universe can bring you what you want. Include your higher-self in all of your planning and strategy. 


If you want to receive support, strategy and psychic insight on how to release your “how” addiction, I invite you to join me inside The Intuitive Business Bootcamp!

This bootcamp is a fun and challenging way to reignite your daily focus to-

  • make a spiritual connection to your purpose
  • take intentional marketing actions that yield you results
  • dedicate sacred space to your mindset and confidence
  • create more sales with ideal soul clients
  • And so much more!!!

Here’s a snapshot at what is waiting for you each day inside the program…

  • Daily Intuitive Insight on WHAT and HOW to take intentional marketing/sales action on
  • Wealth consciousness mentoring to help you breakthrough income barriers
  • Mindset support to maximize your manifesting powers
  • Creative marketing campaign ideas to get you noticed 
  • Alignment laced with accountability, motivation and inspiration to crush your goals
  • Channeled Programs & Passive Income Products designed to be profitable & unique to you

With almost 20 years of sales training, business development and entrepreneurial experience you are going to receive the knowledge you need to get the sales and success you desire.

I am going to motivate you; drive you and inspire you with heart and soul and,of course, my psychic insight and foresight.

The Intuitive Business Bootcamp is for spiritual women in business who want to:

  • Find clarity on their ideal business and marketing model.
  • Fall back in love with their business, 
  • Feel reignited about the direction they are headed 
  • Rebuild their confidence and focus.
  • Take action-even though she might doubt which action to take
  • And let go of HOW holding them back!


My Top 10 Ways I Became a 6 Figure Psychic…

My Top 10 Ways I Became a 6 Figure Psychic…

Never in a million years would I have thought I could create a 6 figure income as a psychic business coach. 

It honestly sometimes feels like a dream and yet, I created it. I set out with this in mind and I did it. I don’t say that to trigger you or to boast, I say it because I want you to know that if it is possible for me to create this, it is possible for you to become and create whatever you want too! These are my top 10 reflections on HOW I was able to create AND maintain a 6 Figure business as a psychic for over 5 years.

How I did it:

    1. I didn’t have a plan B. Actually, I didn’t have a plan at all. But what I did have was the strongest intuitive sense and ultimate knowing that I needed to be in my business FULL TIME. I knew this is what I was meant for, what I came here for. So I did it. I gave my notice to my corporate career of 15 years and I have never looked back in 5 years. I have not one time looked up jobs openings, or doubted my business path. Make business success your only option! 
    2. I ignored the facts. It might seem irresponsible, but I never, or very rarely, looked at what “is”. I stay locked in to my end result, my big desire and I get there by following my inner compass. I don’t watch the news, balance my checkbook, or read the paper. When it comes to success, I only focus on the future I desire and the present moment of how I want to feel. When you start to look at your reality and it’s not what you want, things can spiral downward quickly. Stay locked in on your desired reality, focusing on the end result. When in doubt, go to your dream board, not the drawing board.
    3. I followed my intuition. This one can get tricky. Especially when you are following gurus and experts who make big bucks and seem to have everything figured out about success. But here’s the deal, your intuition trumps them. I promise. If something doesn’t feel right for you, trust that instinct. Just because it worked for someone else, doesn’t mean you have to do it or should do it! Make decisions that make you happy in your business. Even if it goes against your guru.
    4. Collaborating. I cannot count how many women I have reached out to and connected with, had virtual coffee, etc. I got to know some many amazing people in this industry! It only took 30 minutes, but I made friends and genuine connections that are priceless! So many of those women I have gone off to do collaboration projects with, and those leading to new sales opportunities. Don’t ever underestimate the power of an hour, a good cup of coffee and a new connection! Always say YES!
    5. Free sessions. I am not kidding you, in my first year of business I had 214 free calls. WOW. I met with women and offered them complementary readings to tap in and give them messages for their life and business. This was one of the best decisions I made! Not only did I love seeing my calendar full of these calls, but it taught me so much about how to use my gift, how to connect, how to market and so much more! This gave me major momentum!
    6. Educating myself everyday. I love learning. I seriously have like 45 books in queue on my Kindle, I’m reading about 10 and have a list of about 20 that I want to get from an actual bookstore. I am always watching, observing and listening. I subscribe to podcasts, invest in courses, coaches, consultants, etc. Everyday I want to learn something new. The key, only learn about things that fire you up! Don’t tackle a topic just because you think you “need to know it”. Lame. Dive into the topics that you want to lean into. You’re feeling curious for a reason. Dig deeper my friend, there’s something waiting for you in the lesson. 
    7. I have non-negotiables. I meditate every damn day. I have Coffee with the Universe every damn day. I get clarity on how I want to feel every damn day. I fall in love with my business, you get it… Create your own routine and ritual that is non-negotiable. You have to. When you put yourself first, your mindset and your vibeset, you are then in the BEST place possible to give much better attention, time and guidance to everyone else around you, including yourself. Don’t cut yourself, your self-care and your soul-care out of your to do list anymore. Promise?
    8. Asking my family to support me emotionally. I know how fortunate I am to have an amazing support system. My husband adores me, he’s my biggest fan. It makes a huge difference in the way I have been able to be devoted and somewhat addicted to my business and personal growth. My kids get it, they know how happy I am and see what our life is like now that I am following and creating my dream everyday. They support me. They think it’s super cool. If I didn’t have that support, I couldn’t do it. But I have it because I ask for it. So let your family know how important your business success is to you. Be raw open and vulnerable about how much you want it! Chances are they will help you. People generally want to help!
    9. Not caring about what others are saying and doing. My husband and I were fishing with our 2 younger boys and they were bickering about each others bobber in the water, not paying attention to their own poles, their own space, etc. It was getting annoying. My husband said “Hey you two… Watch your own bobber!” and it totally stuck with me! Because that’s what it has to be like in business. Especially the online space. Pay attention to your own business, message and mission! You have to be able to say “who cares” and go after what you want. You can’t let other people’s opinions keep you from moving forward. You can’t let your fear be bigger than your passion! Watch your own bobber…
    10. Inspired content creation. Don’t put out content because you “have to”. Don’t write half ass blogs, boring posts or cookie cutter emails just because you are supposed to. I am here to tell you, when you act from inspiration on your creative ideas, that is when the magic happens! When it comes to you so strong you have to pull over to write it down or jump out of the shower because the download is coming in so good and juicy, that’s when you hit send! Put your message out into the world when you are fired up and ready to take on the world!


And hey, at the end the end of the day, you have to find your own personal set of blueprints for success. And that comes from doing YOU first. Listening to you first. And daring to do what you love vs. what everyone else says you should do.

I would love to help you create your own personal success blueprints! If you are wanting to learn how to create your own business from your intuition and from following your own path…

Click here to book a connection call, and let’s create some business magic!

Already have a business but feeling stuck or plateaued? Share with me what’s not working, I would love to help!