What if destiny is not predetermined but rather a series of choices that you get to make? Join your host, Amber Annette, as she continues her enchanting journey through her book, ‘You Already Know’, tackling the second chapter, ‘You Already Know Your Path’. Amber takes you through a thought-provoking exploration of our life’s path, challenging the traditional notion of destiny and urging you to claim your desires.

Brace yourself as Amber shares profound insights on the importance of trusting in oneself and learning to say ‘yes’ to change. Borrowing from her clients’ experiences, she offers a fresh perspective on the seemingly delayed steps towards our desires and the ignored warning signs from the universe. This episode will remind you that what may seem like a delay is actually a slingshot towards your desire. Get ready to explore your path, ask yourself the grounding questions – What do you trust in this moment? What can you ground yourself into? – and ultimately, know your way forward.


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Amber Annette:

Welcome to the Business Psychic Podcast, the show that helps you ignite your soul’s purpose, turn up your creativity and activate sales and marketing magic. I’m your host, amber Annette, and I’m thrilled to be here with you today to explore the depth of what it means to be a woman in business. I believe that business is more than just making money. It’s about making a difference and making your mark. So sit back, get present and let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to building a business with soul, purpose and magic. Welcome back to another episode of the Business Psychic, or should I say welcome back to another chapter of. You Already Know. So if you tuned in with me on the last episode that I did, you will know that I’m starting to read to you my book that I have been writing for the past year, because I’m really stuck on completing it and finishing it. So I’m hoping, by knowing I have my audience and my fans and my listeners tuning in, man, it is going to start a spark in me to complete this bad boy, because there’s just such good stuff inside of here. It’s got to be shared with the world. So if you haven’t listened to the first episode it’s the last one that just came out. You’re going to want to start there, because I read the first chapter of my book called you Already Know, and the first chapter is you already know your purpose, and so I’m going to just dive in here to what will be chapter two. You already know your path. What if there’s no such thing as destiny? Kind of a buzzkill, isn’t it? There’s something glamorous about fantasizing about fate and our life being predetermined, or is there, isn’t it more empowering to know that in this moment is when you get to choose your destiny, you get to create your fate, and that creation comes from you, claiming the wants that are within you that you have most likely silenced. With how Each want and desire creates a fork in the road moment, each decision opens up a new path. I’ve come to think of that path more like a series of doors leading to different outcomes, worlds and experiences, almost like in Monsters Inc if you’ve ever seen that movie. Each door allows you to become who you came here to be and what you wanted to experience, but you have to be brave to leave behind what is not meant to go through to the two. Oh, okay, again now, remember, I am reading this from a notebook, okay, and I’m reading my own damn handwriting and I can’t even read this part. This is not something typed up, this is like hardcore straight from a notebook that I am channeling. So I’m gonna read this one more time because I’m also gonna need to edit it. But you have to be brave to leave behind what is not meant to go through the new doorways, man. I’m gonna read that line again. But you have to be brave to leave behind what is not meant to go through the new doorways. Sometimes that is people, sometimes that is aspects of who you are, and sometimes it is the past wants and desires that no longer serve you. New pathways, often equal saying goodbye. There’s no reverse and there’s no U-turns on the path. There’s only a series of choices that create your next road trip. There’s an unsettling truth to the phase all good things must come to an end. It insinuates good doesn’t last, but bad does. And here’s the sole truth All things must come to an end so that new growth and expansion can come forward to you on your path. Saying yes to change creates new worlds. Saying yes to transformation gives you the most freedom. There is no path. There is only one step and one decision at a time, and the sole truth is that what you’re really seeking isn’t a path at all, but a vision, a knowing that where you are headed is going to give you harmony. But the only way to truly be in a state of harmony, the only way to be able to appreciate peace, is after facing and overcoming the challenges and conflict that this life is meant to give us. So the question isn’t am I on the right path? The question that I invite you is to be asking yourself what path do I want to create today? Sometimes the universe puts do not proceed signs on our path and even though these signs are pretty clear, we are pretty clever human beings and will find ways to sneak by, even though the sign from the universe is pretty damn clear. How many times have you not obeyed the warning signs? How many times did you ignore the red flags from your place of knowing and convince yourself you were just wrong? How many times did you turn right, knowing it was not right for you and you should have turned? Left these lessons. They hurt, they sting and they knock us on our ass. But just remember you have the power to see them for what they are Growing your knowing opportunities. I once had a client say to me I’m too trusting of others and I always get burned. I listened presently and then I said to her my love, you aren’t too trusting of others, you aren’t trusting enough of yourself and your inner knowing. And we both, in that moment, felt the power and magic come through in that statement, and now I’m passing that on to you. To truly know is to deeply trust, and there’s no stronger bond than that in any relationship that you will ever have with other people, with the universe and, most importantly, with yourself. Trust that the path that you’re on and that you’re being guided every step of the way by your inner knowing. There’s going to be detours and there’s going to be speed bumps. Those are intentionally placed there by the universe and even if you can’t see it, what seems like a delay is actually a slingshot towards your desire. The universe knows what it’s doing. Trust the path, open the doors and know your way forward. In this chapter, I leave you with the questions what do you trust in this moment? What can you ground yourself into? Hmm, okay, short, sweet, nice, bite-sized chapters. What are you thinking here? I hope you’re loving it. You’re holding me to the fire and we’re going to get there, I feel it. I’m going to finish this book for you and I just want you to know how much I appreciate you being on my path All right until the next chapter. I’m Amber Annette. Thanks for listening to this episode. I hope it inspired and ignited your entrepreneurial spirit and turned up your intuition and trust in the universe. Make sure to check out the show notes section for access to my transformation suite. Oh, free resources, tools and content to help you grow your business while staying true to your soul’s purpose. Until next week, go make some business magic Soul sister.