Imagine this: after a year of pouring your heart onto paper, your book is still not finished. Sounds familiar? Well, that’s my story, and I’m sharing my journey of writing my long-awaited book, talking about the struggles, and the overwhelming desire to see it published. But here’s the twist – I’ll be sharing this book in an unconventional way. I’m bringing this book to life as podcast episodes, and I’m inviting you to join me on this exciting journey.

What’s in it for you, you ask? Get ready to tap into the power of inner knowing, and discover the importance of a supportive community in fulfilling your dreams. You’ll also gain access to a transformative suite of resources, tools, and content, all designed to help you grow your business while staying true to your soul’s purpose. So, if you’re ready to be part of an audio adventure like no other, grab your headphones, settle down, and let’s dive into the first chapter of my book together. This isn’t just a podcast, it’s a commitment to growth, to community, to transforming our lives with the power of words.

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Welcome to the Business Psychic Podcast, the show that helps you ignite your soul’s purpose, turn up your creativity and activate sales and marketing magic. I’m your host, amber Annette, and I’m thrilled to be here with you today to explore the depth of what it means to be a woman in business. I believe that business is more than just making money. It’s about making a difference and making your mark. So sit back, get present and let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to building a business with soul, purpose and magic. Welcome back to another episode of the Business Psychic. I’m Amber Annette, I’m your host and this is a solo episode I’ve never done before. I’m hoping it goes the way that I’m intending to Some of my other ideas that start to take on a life of their own. I’m hoping I can really lock in on the mission behind this and the purpose behind this episode. So, to be honest, I need your help. I am stuck on something that is so near and dear to my heart, something that I continue over and over and over again to really stop myself, and I’m hoping this podcast is the key to unlocking what has really been one of the most challenging obstacles to ever overcome in business. Are you ready. I need your help to finish writing my book. Now, hear me out. How could that be possible? Like you as a listener, how are you going to hold me accountable? Well, it’s just by that, it’s by listening, it is by knowing that you are on the other side of this microphone, in a way that you are there and you’re tuning in and you’re listening and you’re going along this book journey with me, because, let me tell you, this is probably the fourth or fifth book that I have wrote that I get all the way down to the last chapter, the last two chapters, and then I stop writing and I start writing something new. I am just out of the place of struggle with finishing this, and, if you know me, that is not typically my problem. Like, I typically see things all the way through. My problem well, it’s not even a problem, it’s probably a gift in some ways is having so many ideas that I have multiple ideas going and rolling all the time, and 2024, though, is the year that that is definitely even already starting now it’s just the tail end of 2023, that is definitely starting to shift into a much more simplified business model that is already thriving and making me so freaking happy and I hope you’re a part of it. If you haven’t ever checked out the Clarity Collective with me, and if you are a spiritual woman in business, you’re definitely going to want to go check that out. But back to the book. See, look it. I’m already stalling. I’m already not talking about the book, I’m already hitting speed bumps here. So here’s my thoughts. Here’s my thoughts on this. I have had this innate desire and need to be a published author, honestly, for as long as I can remember, and I just can’t quite get there. I just haven’t been. I’ve hired book coaches, I’ve worked with publishing houses. Like it is a thing I mean. And if you again, if you know me, you know I am like extremely driven, I am so man, I am just I’m also so perplexed on why this has been something that I just continue to get stuck on. So bear with me here, because I’m kind of bearing my soul with you here. To be honest, I’m sharing from a place of being so vulnerable and so honest and so authentic with you. Like this is probably like the biggest challenge I have right now in my business. So here’s what I’m thinking. I am obsessed with this podcast. I love showing up. I love showing up when I have guests and I love doing solo episodes. Like this podcast has really changed everything for me. I love it. I am so grateful and thankful for you being here and downloading and listening and being an avid listener, because, oh my gosh, it’s just. It makes me so happy. So I was like, well, this, how can I do the two of them together? How can I write and talk about what I’m so passionate about and turn it into a podcast? So I bet you can go. You can guess where I’m going with this. I want to read you my book. I want to read you this book that I have almost already finished. I probably only have like I don’t, I don’t even, I don’t even want to set a number right. Honestly, I don’t know how many chapters are left, but I’m hoping that, by knowing you are on the other side and you’re ready, instead of like to turn the page to the next chapter, you’re ready to listen to the next episode. So I’m going to do something that I am hoping is really going to hold me accountable to finishing this in 2023. I’m going to read this book to you and I’m going to do kind of chapters as episodes. I’m going to probably put out multiple episodes all at one time and my only ask is that you share with me some genuine feedback about if you like this process. My only request is that, if you happen to see a post out in social media me sharing this podcast, comment and let me know what you think, and I mean honest, truthful feedback, not just oh, it was great. If that’s really how you feel, that’s fantastic. Or if you’re like man, I want to learn more about this part of you. Know this episode? Or I would really love for you to write about XYZ. Oh, my goodness, that is such a gift that you could give me in this, and I want to get this book out and I want to get into more hands. So I’m going to just dive in here with you. I’m going to jump in Now. Here’s the kicker. Okay, like again, I have hand wrote this damn thing Like hand wrote notebook pen paper, and I started writing it exactly a year ago this time, and I’m just feeling the call to it again, which is definitely a pattern. That’s a cycle. Right, it’s time to get it. It’s just it’s time to complete this, and it had to take a back burner a little bit, but I’m ready to put it on the front burner and I’m ready to complete this project and I just know you’re going to help me do that. So let’s dive in. I want you to listen, I want you to think of this as your audible podcast experience, and I’m going to read to you and you might even hear, you know, you might even hear me turning the pages of a book, because it’s my actual notebook with my written words on it, and I just I’m going to be raw here with you. I haven’t read this in over a year. I, let’s go, let’s just go. I’m going to stop explaining and I’m just going to dive in. Are we ready? Okay, so the book, the title of my book is you Already Know, and I chose that title because the main intention behind this book is to empower, activate and motivate you to go within and be able to connect to your own inner knowing, first and foremost. And this book is designed to give you a variety of insights as to how powerful that inner knowing is and how sacred it is and how it is such an integral piece to success for you. And the first line of the book reads Our knowing, it’s our greatest gift, because it’s the one thing that connects us. It is the one thing that every human being has in common. Now I feel like I want to pause there for a second. Already I’m pausing to really help you soak in the power of that message, and I also feel like I want to share with you here. This book truly came as a divine download. It is channeled content. It is straight from the universe. This is not my as I’ve come to coin it. This is not my intuition. This is not a blend of my opinion and my intuition all in one. This is straight from the universe. This was straight from a powerful conscious collective that had a message to share. So I just got to be. I just got to be the conduit. So knowing is the most empowering feeling. There’s no wavering, there’s no doubting, there’s no comparison and there’s no competition. It’s a space of owning your soul’s truth and knowing that there is nothing greater outside of you than what you’re connected to on the inside of you. Knowing is not about right or wrong. It is about realizing right and wrong don’t exist. What is real is your intuition, your inner guidance being activated and trusting that voice more than ever before, and listening and honoring it before anything or anyone else. Inner knowing is always for your highest good and for the highest good of everyone around you that is touched by what you’re knowing evokes, even if that can mean conflict. We’re quick to shy away from what I’ve come to coin as the three C’s conflict, contrast and confrontation why it’s impossible for any of these three C’s to cause you any harm. When you’re armed with your knowing and when you speak and act from that place, you can truly only be speaking and acting from a place of love, and that is the highest form of healing for everyone. Chapter one you already know your purpose. I’m going to get right to the point. Gratitude leads to purpose. Becoming fully present in the moment you are in and feeling radical, heartfelt gratitude is the quickest way to connect to your purpose, because it shows you what you care about. All of your knowing is activated. The moment you are fully present, all of your emotions and senses become heightened and aligned. They show you your purpose, which, truthfully, is presence. Each present moment it’s full of purpose because you’re present for yourself, the universe and others, and that is a rare gift to give to yourself and to the world. Often, when we ask ourselves what is my purpose? What we’re really saying is how do others see me and my value? What am I meant to be contributing to the world and how am I valued by the world? What we are actually seeking when we are looking for purpose is validation. In the thousands of readings that I have done over the last 10 years, the one common element in every single session that everyone wants is validation. Often, when people say that they want clarity, it’s just another way to say that they want validation. All of it tying back to wanting to feel presence and purpose, but at the core, you just truly want to know that your knowing is right, which it always is. Ask yourself now what is my purpose in this moment? Can you feel the pressure release? There is a weight of expectancy and heavy responsibility that is placed on what is my purpose? We tend to wrap our whole life plan into broad statements just like that, but when you break purpose down to this moment, which is all we ever really have, it becomes light, clear and emotionally tangible. Your purpose is not complex or a puzzle that you came to this planet to put together. Your purpose is your knowing, your remembering of your connection to your soul and remembering the power of your presence. Often on our journey, typically when things are going well, the universe will create what I’ve come to know as a purpose pivot, what will feel like almost out of the blue. Complacency will set in for the current purpose path that you’re on and curiosity will start to fill up your heart with possibilities about a new path. Those curiosities often turn into callings that you can only quiet for so long in your soul. There’s no need to deny yourself the path that is calling. That denial only stirs a suffering within that is unnecessary. Be brave and follow the calling and the curiosities. That is where your wants and desires are waiting. That is where the dreams you didn’t even know you had are playing. I know the outcomes are unknown and often anything to the mind. Unknown equals unsafe. But you’re not here to live a life of safety. You’re here to experience a life of adventure, hunger and passion, and that comes from taking inspirational risks. Nobody can do that for you. Only you can choose to go see. Often, what is calling us into the unknown is our knowing, our inner being saying I got you. Following a calling is the ultimate leap of faith. It’s the moment where the trust you are feeling turns into action. Well, that’s chapter one and I love it. I love what I wrote and I’m not going to pick it apart here and I’m not going to go back and tweak and edit, but what I am going to do is take this recording. I’m going to take this podcast and I’m going to transcribe it and that’s going to give me the start of this book in a digital form. And I’m just realizing in this moment, right here with you, that it’s the start and that is great enough, that is perfect enough. Just starting, just sharing, just being here and being on purpose, just being here and being authentic, that’s enough. That’s enough for today. So I hope you like it, I hope you can see where this is going and I hope you come along with me on this podcast book audio journey. So come at me, whether it’s an email or it’s in social media, I want to hear from you, I want to hear what you think about this. I really mean that. It would mean the world to me and keep listening and I really hope that by sharing this with you, it gives you some insight into your inner knowing and to go be in your purpose. So, until next time, go be in your magic and go be on sole purpose, and I’ll see you for chapter two. Thanks for listening to this episode. I hope it inspired and ignited your entrepreneurial spirit, in turn of your intuition and trust in the universe. Make sure to check out the show notes section for access to my transformation suite All of free resources, tools and content to help you grow your business while staying true to your soul’s purpose. Until next week, go make some business magic

Soul sister.