Unleashing the power of gratitude can radically transform your life, and we’re here to guide you on how! I’m Amber Annette, your guide on this journey of self-appreciation and radical gratitude. Let’s move beyond the traditional lists to deeply feel the profound emotion of gratitude as it elevates our personal and business life. In this heartwarming episode, we explore gratitude as an emotion not a task, reveal its role in manifestation and validate its significance in appreciating ourselves.

As we journey through this episode, you’ll hear personal experiences, interactions with the laws of attraction, and insights as a psychic medium. You’ll learn how to embrace the ordinary yet extraordinary moments of life and nurture a sense of appreciation. We are all yearning for validation and appreciation, and this episode will show you how self-appreciation can fuel your motivation and drive. Join us as we celebrate gratitude, feel the bliss and create a life filled with love and joy.

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Amber Annette:

Welcome to the Business Psychic Podcast, the show that helps you ignite your soul’s purpose, turn up your creativity and activate sales and marketing magic. I’m your host, amber Annette, and I’m thrilled to be here with you today to explore the depth of what it means to be a woman in business. I believe that business is more than just making money. It’s about making a difference and making your mark. So sit back, get present and let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to building a business with soul, purpose and magic. Welcome back to another episode of the Business Psychic. I’m Amber Annette, I’m your host and I wanted to do a really nice, short and sweet episode to kick off the month of November with you, which, to me, is always a month where I try to focus on being thankful, being grateful and just radical gratitude. So I want to start off with just thinking you for being a listener and for tuning in with me today, because I know there’s a lot of things you can be doing with your time and with your energy, and so I just want you to know how much I truly value coming in here and spending a little bit of time with me. So I want to kick off. I want to chat a little bit about a couple of things when it comes to gratitude and something that I’ve really experienced since really connecting into the law of attraction and opening my gifts as a psychic medium and being able to feel and read energy, and so I have three different things I want to share with you and then get you off onto your day. The first for me that I want to share is that gratitude is an emotion, not a to-do list. I see a lot of you know write 10 things a day that you’re grateful for all these like journal prompts around it, and I understand the concept behind that. I really do, and it’s to get you in the habit of feeling gratitude and to feel appreciation for everything that’s going right for you, what you have going good in your life, and where I do appreciate the concept, what really matters more is that you can really start to embody that gratitude is an emotion, not a to-do list, and that radical gratitude is really man. There are times where something just hits just right and I’ll look at my kid or I’ll have something amazing happen in business, or a new client sign on, or just a magical day with my girlfriends, and I just can’t even like sometimes hold in the tears of gratitude and appreciation and love and joy that I have for this life and for what I have created and what I have co-created with the universe. And I know it’s in that moment of pure bliss and present emotion that the universe is bringing me more to feel grateful for. I just don’t feel good making a list. So I just want to give you a moment of encouragement here to really celebrate and feel that radical gratitude in the everyday normal life that you are living, because that creates moment. It really is, and I mean I wish you a life that is full of having moments like that. I mean there have been times I’ve literally hit my knees and I don’t necessarily consider myself to like pray, but have these like moments of radical gratitude to these conversations with the universe, of pure appreciation of everything that is going good and going right and going aligned in my life. And I hope that you have those moments as well because, ugh, they just shake me to my soul every time and I know that they shake the universe and I know it puts me in my zone of attraction. The second thing that I just want to talk about from a place of gratitude is that I really believe it’s the most important ingredient when it comes to manifesting. I know it’s the times that I feel that that just just joy I mean that’s really all it is it’s just a moment of pure joy and happiness. My heart feels like it could explode with love. I typically it’s like the times that I cry are when it’s I’m so filled with gratitude and love and awe and appreciation for how amazing this life is and how powerful the universe is and I just can let that, let that gratitude just savor it and let it snowball in the best possible way. And I know in those moments is when the universe is like conspiring for me in the most brilliant, beautiful ways. I know I can’t like whenever I have something really beautiful happen in my life or in my business. I know it’s because of those moments of radical gratitude. It just is. And I know that when I’m manifesting magic, it’s because of how much I’m appreciating what I already have in my life, how much I am finding bliss and what I already do have. And it is the quickest way to create the reality you desire is to appreciate the reality that you have. So my wish is that you find you find some time today to just fall in love with the life that you’re living and be so appreciative of what you’ve done and what you’ve created thus far, because, man, when you start to feel that, that is the most magnetic and powerful ingredient when it comes to the law of attraction. And then my third thing when it comes to gratitude is I don’t know that I ever encounter another human being who doesn’t want to feel appreciated, who doesn’t want to feel appreciated, and we all want that. We all want to, and feeling appreciated is also just a form of feeling validated, right, and as much as we want to feel it from others, I promise you that when we are seeking and anything from another human being, it’s because we are really not giving it to ourselves. And that is especially around appreciation. So if you are not feeling appreciated whether it’s by people that you’re doing things for coworkers, clients, family members, friends, whatever it might be I invite you to really think about how are you appreciating yourself and how much gratitude are you giving to yourself for how glorious you are and how much you have created and how much you do? And that radical self appreciation is just such a key to creating and attracting what we are seeking from others, self creating it for ourselves. So those are my three things that I and it’s not your typical, you know it’s not your typical gratitude list right Of you know what most people will tell you is oh, go be generous. And you know, donate to others and, yes, sure, great, go do that If it feels good, if it’s aligned, if it’s a cause you believe in, absolutely add that to your to-do list this month. Make your gratitude list if that’s something that works for you and you make that list of 10 things every day, fantastic. But I also want to invite you to try these three things that I’ve shared with you today and see what kind of magic that stirs up in the month of November for you. And on the top of gratitude, I would just like to give a couple shout outs here. So, number one to all my listeners again, thank you so much. I’ve had thousands of downloads since my podcast went live just a few months ago and I am so appreciative for every single one of them. This podcast has become it’s just become a part of who I am now and how I run my business, and you know I’ve been doing a lot of to all my guests also like thank you so much for being a part of this experience so far. I mean, I feel like I’m just getting started with it, but I just am so grateful to all my listeners and to all my guests. It really means so much to me and I’m loving putting these out for you, so I would love to hear from you what you want to hear more of. What kind of guessy one on here Like I, just I’m so appreciative and so grateful for you, all of you. Thank you so much To all of my clients who are also listeners. I just want to say I’m coming up on almost 10 years of being in business and obviously I just could not be where I am without you having faith and trust in me to serve you in your life and in your business and to trust me to use my gifts as a, as a business psychic, to tap in and channel and be a clear receiver for you, and I’m so incredibly grateful for every single client that I have had the privilege of serving in almost 10 years of being in business. A third shout out here to Erin, my most incredible assistant and podcast producer. I could not run my business without this woman and I am so incredibly grateful for her and all of her tech support and, oh my gosh, the things that this woman does for me is she’s just the most probably important asset I have. She really is. I could not do business without her. So I’m so incredibly grateful for you, erin, and for all that you do and have done for me for almost 10 years. And then my fourth and final shout out here so so there’s not a lot of people that inspire me Sorry, I was going to get emotional. There’s not a lot of people that always inspire me, and this person has shown me transformation in a way that I have never seen before, and I’m also super grateful that this person is like my super fan and has not missed an episode. And it’s my son-in-law, zach, and I’m just so incredibly grateful for you coming into our lives, my family’s lives, and making the changes you’ve made over the last year and a half, and loving my daughter the way that you do and becoming a son that I didn’t know was missing from my life, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate you listening every single week and cheering me on, because, let me tell you, I’m over here doing the same for you. So thanks for being a super fan, zach, and even though I know I reference a lot of soul sisters, like man, you are my soul son, so thank you so much. It means the world to me. It really does. I didn’t know I was going to get so emotional, but that is heartfelt gratitude and I’m glad that you got to hear it and I’m glad you got to feel that, because I mean every word of it. All right until next time. I am wishing you a month filled of moments to have radical gratitude for. I so appreciate you being here and I will catch you on the next episode of the Business Psychic. Thanks for listening to this episode. I hope it inspired and ignited your entrepreneurial spirit, in turn of your intuition and trust in the universe. Make sure to check out the show notes section for access to my transformation suite. Oh, free resources, tools and content to help you grow your business while staying true to your soul’s purpose. Until next week, go make some business magic. Soul sister.