Our intuition is a remarkable gift, a guiding light that we often underestimate. Through personal anecdotes, reflections, and insights gained over time, I’ll share the invaluable lessons I’ve learned about nurturing and trusting my intuition. These are lessons that, had I known earlier, would have undoubtedly changed the course of my journey.

I invite you to join me on this introspective exploration, where I’ll delve into:

  1. Why the intuitive path is often the hardest to follow 
  2. Intuition feels and looks different for everyone 
  3. Why your intuition is never wrong

I’m truly excited to share my insights, experiences, and the wisdom I’ve gained on this journey. It’s my hope that this episode resonates with you, inspires you, and perhaps even nudges you to embark on your own intuitive exploration.

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Amber Annette:

Welcome to the Business Psychic Podcast, the show that helps you ignite your soul’s purpose, turn up your creativity and activate sales and marketing magic. I’m your host, amber Annette, and I’m thrilled to be here with you today to explore the depth of what it means to be a woman in business. I believe that business is more than just making money. It’s about making a difference and making your mark. So sit back, get present and let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to building a business with soul, purpose and magic. Welcome back to another episode of the Business Psychic. I’m Amber Annette, I’m your host and I have a special episode for you today. So let’s see how this goes, because here’s a solo episode. All of my episodes up until this point have been with the exception of from Chaotic Clarity, where I tell my story like man that one was solo, but this is my first solo episode. So I appreciate you being here hanging in and I’m excited to. I’m always excited. I mean I feel like that’s. I need something new to say at the beginning of these podcasts. I really do, because, it’s true though I always get, I hope you feel that too I always get excited for the content, for you, for sharing a message and I hope that it drives and it inspires and it moves and it motivates, because I really put my heart and soul into this podcast. So, and today is no different, today I want to share with you three things. I wish I knew about my intuition early on. So my journey started about 10 years. 10 years ago is when I uncovered that I was, I had the gift of psychic mediumship and from there the last 10 years, this journey has just holy cow. I mean, it’s been a roller coaster. It’s been peaks and valleys, it’s been mountains, it’s been oceans. I mean, this is this journey in a entrepreneurship but then also psychic mediumship and blending those two. It has been wild, sister, let me tell you. But let’s dive into this because I want to cover these three things. I was doing a little bit of reflecting over the weekend and I had been feeling like I wanted to start doing these solo episodes. So here we go, let’s dive into, kind of, where this episode came from and why I decided to do this one solo. So I’m going to break down these three things and it’s no particular order of importance. But number one of the three things that I wish I knew about my intuition journey early on is that often the intuitive path, the path that you know is right for you, is often the hardest path for you. And this one stings because you know we often think that, or here, especially in kind of the online coaching space, the self-development space. You know we hear a lot about intuition and it sounds so sexy and glorious to follow your intuition and to know what that feels like. But I’m here to tell you that usually going down the path of following what my intuition is telling me to do, it is the hardest path and I just really want you to remember that even though it is a hard path to follow, it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong for you to follow, because we can hear a lying and alignment and being in flow and if everything will just be lining up for you and some of those things can be true. But also, sometimes following our intuition is hard. Sometimes we know it’s. You know maybe, for an example, it’s time to let go of somebody in our life that we know they’re just, they’re not good, they’re not right for us. Maybe it’s a toxic relationship or it’s just reached, you know, the end of its reason, season or lifetime, and it’s hard, it is hard to say goodbye to people. It can be hard to say goodbye to people, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong path, because it’s hard and I think sometimes I see a lot of people get really hung up on. Well, if it’s easy, you know, if you’re in alignment, then it’s easy, and that’s just not always true. Sometimes the intuitive path is the hardest path and that’s why so many people don’t do it. They go against it. They follow their intuition. They don’t listen to that. You know, that subtle voice, that little kind of like tap from within, and I think just you know to add on to this like too, is that the intuitive voice within you is often kind of the quieter voice. You know it’s my intuition, is never screaming loud at me. It is often soft, it is subtle and it is just a beautiful wave that can come over me that says this is your yes or this is your no, and it really does come to me like a knowing and overall knowing, which which does lead me to my second thing, which is I didn’t realize that in my early, you know, intuitive journey that intuition feels different for everybody. For example, a lot of times you might hear people talk about oh, what does your gut tell you? What does your gut tell you? And I don’t get a gut feeling. I don’t feel anything in my gut and so for so long I didn’t know what people meant by that and I would just say it because I had heard people say it but I had never actually felt that and it took me a while to figure out that will actually have a physical reaction in their stomach, in their actual guts, when something is is right for them or something is wrong for them or something isn’t okay, they just get like an actual physical gut feeling and intuition doesn’t feel like that for me. It feels like almost like I’m going to say it doesn’t feel like a physical feeling at all, it’s just something I know, I just know it. I don’t know how I know it and probably being able to explain that unless you’ve actually experienced it is probably one of the hardest things to explain. You know what that knowing sensation is like, but it almost just comes through what I would say my mind and a very clear, over all sensational, maybe mind zap kind of a way I guess could be the best way where I just know things. If you’re for my Game of Thrones fans. I drink and I know things. That’s like one of my favorite lines from Game of Thrones I do drink some. Yes, absolutely. You can absolutely be spiritual and drink. That’s a whole other conversation. But intuition, man, it feels different for everybody and it’s so important for you that you know what it feels like for you. You know the physical sensation, or you know like there will be signs within your body, within your emotions. Oftentimes my knowing comes in as it sounds like my voice, but it’s very quiet. My intuition, that voice. It won’t compete with any other loud, booming voice that I have going on inside of me. It won’t try to be right or prove itself. It is a very subtle, but it is, don’t mistake it, because it is the foundational voice inside of me and even though it’s subtle, it is strong, it’s the strongest voice. So my invitation to you is really know what your intuition feels like. Is it that gut response to something? Is it that overall knowing? Do you get a sign before you get your yes or your no? And just know your intuition is wrong in those situations. Even again, if we go back to the first thing, which is the intuitive path is the hardest, your intuitive path is never gonna be wrong for you, even though it’s the hardest for you, and your intuition is just never gonna steer you in going in the wrong direction. It’s impossible for that to happen, even if, when you follow your intuition, you get to this place where you’re like WTF, this is not what I wanted. How did I get here? This isn’t for me. I made the wrong choice. If you followed your intuition, you did not make the wrong choice and there’s a life lesson there for you. There is something you can’t see. What is it? The clearing through the forest? Or when you’re in the middle of the tunnel, it’s hard to find that light at the end of the tunnel. But I promise you the intuitive path and following your intuition. It is never wrong when I do readings for people, and this really ties into the third thing that I wish that I knew about my intuition journey early on is that being a psychic, being a medium and being intuitive are all different gifts and even though every human being and this is the beautiful part about our intuition right Following your intuition, feeling your intuition, having your intuition, it is the one and only thing that connects every single human being on this planet. It is the one thing that absolutely every single human being on this planet has, no matter what is their intuition, and it feels different for everybody. But being a psychic, being a medium and being intuitive are all very different gifts and I’m gonna kind of I’m gonna give you kind of my perspective here Because as a psychic, I use a variety. I call them the psychic senses. I use a variety of different psychic senses to see, hear, know, for whoever I’m doing a reading for whether it be friends, family, clients doesn’t make a difference and those are, you’ve probably heard of, like the Claire senses, your Claire voyants, your Claire cognizance, your Claire sentience. There’s a variety of those different Claire senses that are often associated with being a psychic, and that is very different. The things that come to me as a psychic tend to be things that you know might be for somebody’s present moment, their past or their future. It could just be a variety of different psychic insights. It could be on health, on relationships, on finances. The majority of what I use my psychic gifts for is on business. I love blending my gifts as a psychic with my love of business and my love of creative business. So you know, and it can just be a broad, I mean my psychic spectrum is broad. Let me tell you the things that I can sense and see for people, and I would also go to say that where every single human being is intuitive, not every single human being is probably psychic, or if you are, it’s probably on a let’s go with the word spectrum right. There are some people that are incredibly gifted. You know the famous psychics throughout history you’ve heard about. I consider myself very high on that psychic spectrum, absolutely. And then there’s other people where every once in a while, they might know something or feel something or sense something and get those psychic hits. So everybody is definitely on that spectrum. But being a medium is also quite different from being a psychic. Now, mediumship is where I am able to and I know this sounds crazy, but I honestly I’m not sure how I’m able to do it, but I just can and that’s where I’m able to connect with those who have crossed over into the spiritual realm, so past loved ones, you know, kind of spirit, whatever you want to call it, those who have been on earth before but have now crossed over, and I am able to connect with them and every connection is a little bit different, every spirit that I’ve, you know, had that I’ve channeled for that I have used my gift of mediumship with has been a little bit different, but at the same time it is a beautiful gift to be able to bring. I mean sometimes I can bring forward man, information and insight and memories, and very specific. I mean I can pick up mannerisms. And I mean I can sometimes if somebody you know I might be like oh, they must have been a smoker, I can smell cigarette smoke. Or, you know, I pretend I’m like putting on red lipstick. Oh, I’m putting on red lipstick because I see your grandma and she’s having me put on red lipstick. Oh, yes, you know, I never remember my grandma without red lipstick, whatever it might be. The gift of mediumship is so beautiful when the connection is strong and I’ve spent 10 years trying to figure out, you know, why is it stronger sometimes for one and not for the other, and kind of what I’ve come to, the, what I’ve come to like the conclusion on is that I just bring forward what I’m meant to bring forward, if I’m meant to see memories and get you know, get in there deep and bring forward specific. You know I’m seeing a, I don’t know, I’m seeing a red garnet ring. Does that mean anything to you? Yes, that’s the last thing that my grandma gave me and I gave it to my daughter. It’s a family heirloom Now, whatever it might be, things like that it is a beautiful gift and I love using it for my clients in those situations. But the spectrum of being a medium is also quite. There’s quite a range there and I believe in my heart that we all are on that. Let’s just go with the psychic medium, intuitive spectrum, and some of us whether it’s because we believe it more, whether it’s because we’re more open to it, whether it’s because we’ve gone through an awakening, it doesn’t matter what it is All three are a little bit different and all three of those gifts being a psychic, being a medium and being intuitive they’re within you as well. I don’t believe that nobody has access to these gifts. I just think, like in anything, I’ll think about my older son, robbie, who’s 16, he has to put in extra effort and extra work for sports, like some people are just naturally gifted and athletic and it just comes easy to them. They don’t have to put it in all that extra work, or just like school even. I mean there are some people that school just comes really natural to them, they can pass all their classes A’s, not even flinched, where other people have to work really, really hard just to get maybe even a D or a C. That’s how school came kind of for me. And I believe these three gifts being a psychic, being a medium and your intuition it’s the same thing. Some people it comes very natural, very easy for, and other people have to work at it. It’s like building a muscle and it’s the more that you practice and the more that you trust and the more that you lean into it and the more that you use it, the stronger it gets. So I just wanted to share those three things with you that I knew early on in my intuition journey and I would love to hear from you. You can email me and I would love to hear from you where you are at on your journey into opening your intuition and maybe even into tapping into your gifts as a psychic or possibly as a medium, maybe a healer. I would love to connect with you and love to hear from you on that. And then I have something really unique for you today. So I’ve been sensing and feeling this and I’m not quite sure how it’s gonna work out, but I’m excited to see what happens. So I’m gonna give you a sign that I want you to be open to receiving from the universe. And if you’re still listening, and if you have been maybe stuck in making a decision or you’re struggling to just come to a place of trust and belief that you are going in the right direction and that you’re on purpose and you’re where you’re meant to be, I have a sign I want you to be open to receiving, and it is the image of a silver arrow. Now you can interpret that in any way, shape or form that you want, and my invitation is just that you remain radically open to the way that that image can come to you and when you see it, I want you to know without a doubt, without waiver, that you’re literally on point with your purpose. So till next time, go be in your magic and go see your sign. Thanks for listening to this episode. I hope it inspired and ignited your entrepreneurial spirit and turned up your intuition and trust in the universe. Make sure to check out the show notes section for access to my transformation suite All of free resources, tools and content to help you grow your business while staying true to your spirit Until next week. Go make some business magic full sister.