Are you undercharging for your work? Tired of financial ceilings that seem impossible to break? Today, we pull back the curtain on the deeply entwined relationship between women, money, and business with Brianna Firestone, founder of the School of Betty. As we unspool our conversation, we explore the often overlooked energetic and spiritual facets of money and how they integrate with the more grounded, practical principles.

Ever wondered how your menstrual cycle might be influencing your financial decisions? Brianna takes us on a fascinating journey examining the connection and discussing how a deeper understanding of your cycle can empower your monetary choices. We also touch on the pervasive issue of women undercharging or being underpaid, revealing it as a symptom of other imbalances in life. Our conversation shifts gears to focus on the art of setting goals, encouraging a move away from money-centric objectives and into a space of self-care and self-love.

Wrapping up, Brianna shares her inspiring journey of building her business, led by signs from the universe and the influence of her grandmother, Betty. We delve into the profound impact that dance, as a form of celebration and healing, has had on her life, and how it’s become an integral part of her coaching practice. Brianna leaves us with wise words on trusting our intuition and honoring our soul’s purpose. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this enlightening conversation.


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Brianna Firestone

Brianna Firestone

Founder of The School of Betty

Brianna Firestone is the founder of The School of Betty, a platform that empowers women+ through transformational money healing™ to create better relationships with their money, time, and energy so they can lessen stress, build financial freedom and design a badass life they love. As a Certified Life Coach and Financial Education Instructor, Brianna is an expert in teaching personal finance based in neuroscience that is fun, approachable, and easy to implement. She is a financial contributor for MindBodyGreen and her expert advice has been featured in Real Simple, Newsweek, The Financial Diet,, Reader’s Digest and Business Insider.

Instagram: @theschoolofbetty