What happens when a single message sparks a leap of faith that transforms a solo venture into a thriving partnership? Join Courtney Tarrant, the COO and co-owner of the AdGirls, as we unfold her inspiring journey of growth, collaboration, and success. We dive into the magic that came from taking a chance on a lighthearted proposition from her business partner, Jen, which led to a business expansion that evolved into a life they both now relish and flourish in.

Courtney and I journey beyond business, delving into the mindset that has been her ladder to success. We uncover the struggles she faced and the importance of having a supportive community of women to help shape her beliefs. Courtney shares her unique approach to feedback, using it as a stepping stone for self-improvement rather than allowing it to serve as a source of criticism.

Towards the latter part of our conversation, we shed light on Courtney’s experience in crafting an agency that is sustainable, collaborative, and geared towards a million-dollar revenue target. We dissect the relevance of setting personal and business objectives, prioritizing a healthy culture, and leveraging individual strengths for the benefit of the team. The importance of feminine support in the business world is emphasized as we explore Courtney’s belief in staying true to the vision of the outcome, while allowing the journey to remain fluid. This episode will be a learning curve for any aspiring business tycoon aiming to make their mark in the business world.

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Courtney Tarrant

Courtney Tarrant

COO & Owner of The Ad Girls

Courtney Tarrant is the COO & Owner of The Ad Girls, a female-focused Facebook & Instagram Advertising agency. She has built a thriving business by catering to female focused online entrepreneurs with a unique messaging-first methodology that has created over over $40M in revenue for her clients. Courtney’s focus on profits has created a boutique agency model with consistent 35% – 40% profit margins, a team she loves, and a list of clients she used to only dream about. In addition to working with clients, Courtney is passionate about sharing her agency transformation journey from a business that ran her life to a business that not only supports her life, but one that created life she thoroughly enjoys.

Instagram: @courtney.tarrant