Meet Andrea Sager, a trailblazer who left the world of corporate law to follow a path of intuition, ultimately becoming an intuitive lawyer, businesswoman, and seasoned poker player. Ever wondered how a lawyer could morph into a business psychic? You’re not alone! Andrea’s story of transformation, from a traditional lawyer to an intuitive lawyer with an unconventional approach to legal matters, is both fascinating and inspiring.

In our conversation, Andrea spills the beans on how she moved away from the courtroom battles to focus on creative resolutions for her clients using her intuition and emotional intelligence. She discusses how she navigates through the lies and truth in the complexities of law, even going as far as firing clients if she feels they’re not being honest. Andrea’s tale isn’t just about law and intuition; it’s also about how the same intuition led her to success in an entirely different arena: the poker table.

The finale of our conversation is filled with Andrea’s wisdom and advice for anyone striving for greatness and aiming for the extraordinary. She emphasizes chasing what you truly desire and how to shut out the naysayers. In a business reading, we discover an app, a creative venture, a real estate purchase, and unstoppable growth on Andrea’s horizon. If you’re looking to build a purposeful business, Andrea ‘s journey from the courtroom to the poker table, via the boardroom, is a must-listen.


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Andrea Sager

Andrea Sager

Author and CEO/Founder of Legalpreneur

Andrea Sager is an author and the CEO/Founder of Legalpreneur, a legal tech startup that focuses on helping small businesses cover their assets and get lawyered up and also helping solo attorneys build the law firm of their dreams. While working at a corporate firm, Andrea noticed a gap in the legal industry – no one was catering to the small, innovative start-up brands dominating her social media feeds. As a serial entrepreneur, she knew firsthand the importance of building a business with a solid legal foundation. However, she also knew that many new businesses simply did not have the funds. That realization led to the development of Legalpreneur. Andrea is currently ranked #27 out of 40,000 trademark attorneys in the United States.
In addition to running her company, Andrea is a mom of two in Houston and is passionate about all things health, wellness, poker and business. Andrea recently placed 743 out of 23,088 entries in her first World Series of Poker event.

Instagram: @thelegalpreneur

Tiktok: @thelegalpreneur