Imagine embarking on a journey that not only evolves your entrepreneurial venture but also nourishes your soul. That’s the magic that unfolded when I, Amber Annette, sat down with my dear friend, Jill Stanton. From her early days of starting a web team in 2006 to learning the ropes of presenting on camera for her web TV show, “20 Something,” Jill’s multifaceted journey has been one of constant growth and evolution.

We dove deeper into the heart of soulful entrepreneurship by exploring Jill’s healing journey, which ultimately led to the creation of the Millionaire Girls Club. Healing is an active process, and it can often be the catalyst to profound transformations. In our conversation, we also highlighted the significance of female relationships, underlining how they can serve as a supportive anchor on our journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We also touched upon the generational trauma that often goes unaddressed, emphasizing the importance of healing and passing on healthier relational dynamics to future generations.

No conversation is complete without a touch of fun and excitement about what lies ahead. We chatted about the intriguing idea of digital happy hours, a new avenue to connect entrepreneurs and business owners. The potential of a co-authored book featuring artwork from Jill’s son sparked our imagination, blending life, love, and business into a single narrative. From Jill’s spiritual awakening to her financial goals, we left no stone unturned, promising an exciting future. Join us as we traverse this path of healing, empowerment, and entrepreneurial evolution.

Jill Stanton

Jill Stanton

CEO of Screw the 9 to 5

Jill Stanton is the Creator of Millionaire Girls Club — her corner of the internet where she curates and hosts lavish retreats for women entrepreneurs making over $1M who want to surround themselves with women who match their future and indulge in the fun side of success. When she’s not CEO’ing she can be found in Phuket, Thailand where she lives with her husband Josh and their little guy, Kai.

Instagram: @themillionairegirlsclub