Ever grappled with a fear of success? Find solace in our latest conversation with Sarah Gillespie, a globally celebrated singer-songwriter and an unexpected entrepreneur. We navigate the enthralling maze of creativity and soulful business building with Sarah, whose story of transformation is a testament to the power of acting on desires rather than fears. Together, we delve into her commendable mission of igniting sustainable careers for women in the arts, uncovering the intriguing songwriting process and the profound impact of her work on women’s dreams worldwide.

In the realm of business, creativity often becomes the backbone of success. As we navigate our dialogue, Sarah unravels the unique sensation of losing oneself in the creative flow and its connection with business triumph. Gleaning from her rich experience as an artist, Sarah reveals the parallels between the creation of an album and the building of a business. Her insights into confronting and overcoming the fear of success through action are nothing short of inspiring.

As a female powerhouse in the music industry, Sarah uses her platform to create more opportunities for women like her. We challenge the limiting notion of women being “nice and palatable,” highlighting the potential it has to stifle authenticity and creativity. The conversation journeys through embracing our complete selves to be more creative and authentic, the significance of female role models in the music industry, and the crucial role success plays in propelling us forward. Packed with insights and inspiration, this conversation with Sarah Gillespie is a must-listen for every creative soul and entrepreneurial spirit.

Sarah Gillespie

Sarah Gillespie

Internationally Renowned Singer Songwriter, Lyricist And Producer

Sarah Gillespie is an internationally renowned singer songwriter, lyricist and producer. She’s toured with her band and as a solo artist for over 12 years and received outstanding reviews for her 4 albums of original music. In 2020 Gillespie launched the Create Now Academy providing transformative mentorship programs, workshops and retreats to women all over the world. Combining elements of poetry, mindset, philosophy and embodied creativity, the Create Now Academy is on a mission to alchemise talents and ignite sustainable careers for women in the Arts.

Gillespie has also produced three albums and one EP for release in 2023.

Sarah Gillespie’s new album is released in February 2024. For news and tour dates join here >> www.sarahgillespie.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/createnowacademy

Instagram: @sarahgillespiemusic