Get ready for a transformative journey, as I introduce you to my life coach and spiritual hypnotherapist, Brenda Kay. We’ll share our powerful 10-year journey together, where she’s been by my side, guiding me in discovering my psychic gifts and unlocking my full potential. Listen in as we discuss the magic of manifesting dreams, and how Brenda has helped me, Amber Annette, to align my soul’s purpose with my business.

In this soul-stirring conversation, we’ll dive into the power of hypnosis and how it plays a crucial role in uncovering and reprogramming our subconscious beliefs. Brenda will reveal how hypnotherapy can help access the deep-seated programming that often runs our lives and the importance of having a coach to guide us through these changes. Plus, we’ll explore the unique ways each of us can tap into our intuition and connect with our higher selves.

Finally, prepare to be inspired as we discuss the power of manifestation and the importance of aligning our dreams with our actions. We’ll draw on the inspiring example of Michael Jackson’s ability to manifest his dreams, and how we can all learn from him. I’ll also share the resources I offer to help entrepreneurs like you grow their businesses in alignment with their soul’s purpose. Join us for this empowering and enlightening conversation that will leave you ready to transform your own life and business.

Brenda Kay

Brenda Kay

Soul to Soul Hypnotic Life Mentor

Brenda Kay takes soul seeking Entrepreneurs on a journey into their soul, so they can release negative emotions and beliefs at their core, she uses a variety of unique healing and transformational modalities custom tailored to them, which allow them to connect to the deepest level of their soul to achieve, clarity, purpose and balance.

This connection will allow you to think differently, release limiting beliefs, awaken spiritually and sustain changes in your life and business! Brenda’s transformation techniques help clear out the subconscious closet at the core level, the deep-rooted belief’s that are holding you back from achieving your true potential.

Brenda Kay is a certified hypnotist and soul mentor.  With over 30 years of experience in the spiritual realm, and 11 years of hypnosis and coaching, she has worked with hundreds of people to think differently, release limiting beliefs, awaken spiritually and sustain changes in their life and business!

Instagram: @harmonic.spirit