Most likely the answer is yes. 

Why wouldn’t you? 
Here are a few tips on how to start RIGHT NOW:
1️⃣ Build relationships, not email lists and funnels. 
In my experience, what has worked the best for me is truly connecting heart to heart with as many women in business as possible – Not pushing them through a funnel, but genuinely creating content that comes straight from the soul to give some sort of value. (P.S. Any time you are stuck in your marketing, messaging, or money mindset, let me know. I have a ton of FREE resources for you. Just email me!)
2️⃣ Give all that you can for free. 
This has been a golden rule that I have learned from watching Marie Forleo and it has easily been the #1 thing that helped me create and sustain $10K months. 
I give away 90% of all my trainings, workshops, and masterclasses. Why?
Because it goes back to tip #1 – I am constantly building relationships. Before my clients buy from me, they have to trust me. I start building their trust by letting them experience my style of coaching, consulting, and mentoring for free FIRST!
(P.S. again – I have a group coaching call coming up. If you’d like to see how I serve my clients, and would like to receive support for yourself, hit reply and I’ll send you a private invite!)
I promise you that if you worry less about the sales conversion and more about the sales connection, you will hit $10K months and have a 6-figure business!
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