It’s hard to believe I am coming up on my 5 year anniversary of becoming a spiritual entrepreneur.

What’s even more unbelievable is how much I am still totally in love with the way I get to serve my clients and my community!

As I was thinking back, I started to think of all the different paths that got me here and I wanted to share with you my favorite 5!

  1. Collaborations. From day 1 I have been all about collaborative projects, programs and partnerships. Whether it was initiated by me, or the other party, these opportunities led me to either another collaboration, client or idea. Some of these collaborators have become my business besties and my soul sisters. This is a big piece of my strategy for 2019!
  2. Trial and experiment. I am an idea addict. I rarely turn down a divine download from the Universe. I have tried hundreds of different offers, ideas, projects and programs. Some of them flopped, some of them popped and some of them I am still doing. But no matter what the result was, I learned from it. What I want to do again, what I want to let go of. I am always up for trying something new!
  3. Consistent content creation. I am always putting out something! Whether it is in social media, at a networking event, writing an email to you, hosting a free training, (PS see below) I always have something going that allows me to be in front of my ideal community. Each time I do that, new business happens for me. The best part? I give about 90% of my content for free. I create it and share it because I love it. And it always gives me a return.
  4. I have a diversified business model. Let me ask you something. If Facebook shut down tomorrow, would you panic? I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Facebook is not your business! It is a tool, a great platform to communicate on, but your business should not be dependent on it, or any one piece. Here’s a look at my business model-Referrals, Social Media (FB, IG, YouTube, Linked In), Email marketing, Paid advertising, Networking, Guest Speaking. By not putting all of my eggs in one “business” basket, I am able to keep my business booked solid.
  5.  I follow my intuition. No matter what, I follow what is calling. I have learned to trust my inner knowing more than anything and anyone on this planet. I don’t care if it’s Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins or Oprah, if it feels out of alignment, it’s not worth it for me to do it. And as soon as it starts to not feel good anymore, I’m out. The second I start to feel like “I have to”, I’m not looking forward to it, or I am not in my zone of genius, I cut it short, cut my losses and cut the cord. Because if my soul isn’t feeling it, I shouldn’t be doing it.


Out of these 5, is there one that stands out to you that you want more of in your business? Come and join in a discussion in my Facebook group Coffee with The Universe!

I can’t wait to hear from you and read your thoughts and comments!!!