If you have been Missing In Action from your business, creating content and sharing your message my guess is because it’s that you actually are NOT clear on your Most Important Action(s).
Here’s the thing, your community, they want to hear from you! And when you start to shrink and hide instead of connecting and creating, nobody wins!
So here are a few things that you can do to stay focused on what is most important:
1) Stay locked into how you serving. 
What ways do you love to show up for your community? Do you love #pendrops or #micdrops? Whatever excites you should be scheduled on your calendar to do as often as possible. The more consistent you are in connecting with your tribe, the more you are consistent in their mind! And we want them thinking of you and how you can help them all the time!!!
2) Stay lit up about what you are selling.
Talk about one thing, the one offer you have that you are super excited to have people say yes to! I used to be guilty of this myself. I would get an idea for an offer, put it out in the world, start sharing it and promoting it. But then when I didn’t get the sales or traction right away that I wanted, I would switch and start to focus on something new. When you stay focused on one offer at a time and you believe in it and stay true to following the energy behind it, your ideal clients will buy it.
Make it easy for your people to know what you have going on and how they can work with you.
3) Stay tuned in to your can’t wait to do list.
Whatever is on there that feels like a drag, probably needs to be delegated. Really pay attention to what you put off and procrastinate. Those tasks are energy suckers and take you away from serving and selling.
And if you aren’t doing those 2 things in your business…
Then it is time for you to allow me to serve you!
If you are ready to get into serious inspired action and are truly at a point where you want to serve, sell and soar in your business, I want to be the one to help you get there and do it!
+Creative marketing strategies to get you seen.
+Mindset mentoring to keep you motivated and focused.
+Clarity for the actions you need to take to get the outcomes you want!
+Accountability laced with inspiration.