I want to share with you a simple process I use whenever I am not hitting my goals. This is where I start and what I look at to tell me where I am off track. So if you do not have the clients you want, the income you desire, or if a package/program is not selling the way you want it to, it really comes down to these 2 questions:
#1) Am I getting clicks and calls?
Lean in sister, I am going to break it to you, if you don’t know your numbers, how do you know if your marketing efforts are working?
If you aren’t getting a lot of clicks on your sales page, your emails aren’t getting opened, people aren’t booking discovery calls, that tells us something super important, there is a big block in your marketing!
Now, you get to go back to the drawing board and look at what your current marketing strategy is and what current marketing content needs to be rejuvenated!
#2) Am I closing?
If you were able to answer yes to question #1, that means you are getting the prospects and potential buyers in front of you! Congrats! You are super close! But are you closing the sale? Are you asking for the business and making invitations for people to buy from you and work with you? If you are getting all the way to this point, but still not creating the income and converting, we know it is in your sales process!
Being able to identify which area is out of alignment puts you in a power position to start changing the course you are on immediately!
And here’s the other little thing I want to mention. Don’t let this frustrate you, let this enlighten you!
Get excited that you don’t get to go back to just the drawing board, you get to go back to the vision board!
Fall in love with what you are saying and who you are saying it to! Whether it is marketing or sales, when you come from the soul center out, you will attract all that you desire for your business!!
And that is why I created The Marketing Mandala Method  My newest signature offer for purpose-driven business owners ready to grow their list, increase revenue, feel confident in their marketing strategy and rock solid in their sales!
This is an extremely intensive and rapid business building foundational method.
The commitment is for 8 weeks, but the impact will carry you far into 2019 and beyond.
This is not a program, a course, or a mastermind.
It is training, instruction, coaching and consulting to help you establish and strengthen your business, your marketing, and your mindset as a business owner!
Over 8 weeks you will receive:
4 LIVE Training and Creating Sessions- (value $4997+)
2 Private One on One coaching and creative consultancy calls- ($2997)
Lifetime access to method, workbooks and additional resources added over time ($997+)
90 Day Dream Workshop ($497)
>>>Private Voxer Access to me ($997+)
This is basically like having me in your business with you M-F…
All of this for just $2497. (Creative payment plans available just hit reply)
List building strategies
Mindset Mentoring
Intuitive Content Creation
Designing your signature offer
Selling and closing with heart and soul
Defining your soul center statements
And way.way.way. more!
We are building your business from the inside out to so you can make the impact and the income that you want from the inside out!
I am confident in the business growth and success that you will have in this program!
And if by the end of our 8 weeks together if you haven’t made your investment back, you will receive a spot in the next round of foundational building with the Marketing Mandala Method starting in January!
10 spots. 10 business owners. 8 weeks of business building and intuitive strategy with me and the Universe…
Only 6 spots remain…
You literally cannot lose and have everything to gain and grow!
Email me at ask@amberannette.com for more details, to ask specific questions on if this is right for you and to hop on Voxer with me to see what it is like!
We start Wednesday!