If you opened this blog link, you are probably feeling me when I say that marketing funnels should start with anything but the word fun…


All around, the process and the teachings of marketing funnels have never felt good to me. I tend to be a rebel, so I didn’t think much of it. But then I realized how many other people also felt that way.


I have paid attention over my almost 20 years in sales, marketing, and business so I know the savvy side of what a funnel should do.


But I also know the energetic side and the spiritual side of what our marketing should do. So I created a list and I would love to hear what ones resonate with you on why your marketing strategy, aka funnel, might not be working.


#1 Energetically a funnel is a mismatch for purpose and impact-driven business owners. Funnels push you down. Sorry, but my clients, they are ready to rise and are meant to ascend. I can’t call them down through a funnel when all I want them to do is soar.


I mean hello? We are people!!! We are not sheep that need to be herded through a funnel and led to some product. Ick.


#2 The 5 stages of the funnel were set back in the 1920’s by some old guy who is pale, male and stale. Yup, 1924 to be exact. Are you kidding me? Times have changed, and way for the better! Consumer buying habits have changed. Why we buy, when we buy, that’s all changed!


Business, especially online business, has evolved! I think it is safe to say it is time for a new era and the funnel can be placed in the history museum.


#3 A funnel has content that is primarily pre-created, pre-posted, pre-planned and pre-determined. Well to me that is pre-damn boring.


I love being a creator. And most of my business peers, they are the same way. They want to take inspired marketing action. And they want to work with clients who respond to the creative and inspired offerings, not follow along with all of the other sheep, who by the way, are pretty aware that they are going through a funnel and get out.


Don’t get me wrong, some things pre-set are ok. But for the most part, us creatives and multi-passionates, we need freedom from the funnel.


#4 Marketing should actually be called trust building, or relationship building. Some marketing and marketers have gotten a bad rap over the years and so many people have a funky feeling and pre-determined notion that is somewhat negative about the words marketing/sales. I am contributing a lot of that to, you guessed it, funky funnels that pushed them into something not right for them.


#5 The funnel says the process ends when the customer buys. Um no. That is just another layer of the relationship building! Now we get to serve that client. It doesn’t end, at the bottom. It should start and stay in the soul center of the business, everything in flow from there.


I have been feeling into this for a while.


And I knew something was brewing.

I get great ideas all the time, but when this one hit me, I knew I had to claim it and create it. (Even though it was like 4 AM…)

I have been inspired and creating at a whole new level!

And I am so damn excited to introduce to you 

The Mandala Marketing Method!


I had some technical difficulties yesterday with my FB Live, so I couldn’t share the story the way that I wanted to, so I included a link for you to watch my story about how this new marketing method came to me and how it can totally change the way we do business.



I would love to share more about how you can create impact from the inside out!


Let me know in the comments section if you have been thinking:


+ I am not quite sure what to say to get clients or even engagement.


+ Why am I not selling more packages, programs, and services?


+ I don’t know my message.


+ I’m not good at writing, or marketing, or sales.


+ Ugh…Not another marketing funnel.


I will help you feel confident in your message, solid with your marketing strategy and connected to your business at a whole new level!!!


Success is waiting…