We often hear buzz about Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels that we can connect to for guidance. Most people instantly think of the most common guides and angels like Archangel Michael and the other Archangels, native american spirit guides and other ascended masters, gods and goddesses.

But there are so many more that you can connect to! Spirit guides are all around us, available to offer help, to give us guidance and inspiration to overcome any challenges we are currently facing. There is no rule of thumb that says you have to be dead for so many years before you can come back and be a guide!

Here are my Top 5 favorite modern day Spirit “Guru” Guides to connect into:

    1. Steve Jobs (for ideation) Call me crazy, but I am telling you this guy is my go-to guide! His energy and spirit can be called upon anytime you need forward thinking and ideation! He brings me strategies and solutions for my business, and words of wisdom when I need it most. I also ask for him to lead me towards links, articles, blogs and podcasts that can help me find clarity. It never fails, I always come up with a soul-ution when tapping into his energy field!
    2. Walt Disney (for creativity) The very first time I connected to him, I thought I was imagining! But within one minute, I had a creative download for an entire fiction book and movie. I had song lyrics, colorful images and characters dancing through my mind! I am not an author (yet), and do not do anything with screen writing or storytelling, so I let this beautiful idea go. Wouldn’t you know it, not even a year later, I saw my idea brought to life in the movie Epic. (I’m sure Walt wasn’t happy considering that didn’t end up being a Disney film haha). Call on him any time you need some creativity flowing to you for projects you are working on!


  • Robin Williams (for support and encouragement) He will show up every time with that smile he was so well known for. I can feel him nudge me to keep going, to let go of despair and give a reminder that there is nothing I can’t accomplish with my faith and belief in the Universe. He will be there for you too in those times of darkness of doubt. His energy can be felt by almost instantly calming any anxiety/depression you might feel in your chest.
  • Albert Einstein (for innovation) Stuck in figuring out the “how”? Just take a few minutes and ask him to step forward as your guide! His energy will show up in a way that gives a friendly reminder that persistence is what will prevail. You will be renewed with a sense of urgency to accomplish your goals and tasks! DOn’t be surprised if the answer you have been searching for shows up shortly after you start thinking about him or trying to connect to him in a meditation.
  • Princess Diana (for grace and strength) Whether you are a fan or not of this real life princess, her Spirit is full of energy that wants to bring you peace, clarity and conviction to go affter whatever you desire with grace and integrity. Call upon her when you are ready to create your desires and bring your misssion to this workld. You can ask her to ignite you with passion and purpose to help bring healing and serenity to a chaotic world.


More than anything, just remember you can always call on those who have crossed over into the afterlight! They are readily available to connect and bring forward guidance to help you through any situation you are facing. These modern day guides know what it is like to be human. They remember the challenges we face and the ups and downs of human life. Trust in their wisdom and above all, follow your intuitive knowing and inner soul compass.