There are plenty of times that I only have one leg shaved. Why? Because the shower seems to be the best place for the “ah-ha moments” and great ideas to flow in. So, when the inspiration hits, I jump out, run to the bathroom vanity that keeps a notebook and pen and write away.

Most of the time when I return to the shower, I’m still in a creative zone so I hurry up and out, hence forgetting to shave the other leg. Annoying? Yes, but I have learned that when those ideas come, the “divine downloads” start flowing- Go with it! Don’t try to control the creative process or set a time for the visions to flow.

Even now in this moment as I am writing this, I am “supposed to be” working on my to-do list, not writing this blog. But the light switch was flipped, and this is what I was feeling lit up to create. As intuitives, creatives and visionaries, we thrive off of the natural high and creative adrenaline that flows to us when we have an inspired idea. Creativity is our high of choice. It’s a rush equal to striking gold. Those little “idea nuggets” are laced with possibilities and lead to paths full of potential. We see these as downloads given to us to change the world, inspire others and feel they are a piece of our “light legacy”.

We can’t just roll over and think “I’ll remember this in the morning” or say “I will come back to this later”. No, even though inspiration can be a pain in the ass, it’s an addiction that you can’t say no to. Because if you do, it might be gone forever. It reminds me of that line from Top Gun “kiss me now, or lose me forever”. ( Yes, I’m an 80’s movie girl)

There are times that I didn’t write it down, or record myself, and I lost the idea. And that feeling is equivalent to “the one that got away”. It’s heart wrenching and a true time waster, because then I sit and try to get it back, which never happens. So now, you will never find me far from a notebook and pen or at least my phone that I can take quick notes on. I’ve learned over the years to keep pens and post it notes in the car, laundry room and yes, the bathroom.

Those seem to be the times I get hit with the most “lightbulbs”. And I am ready! I take it in, jot it down and send a thank you to the Big U for the brilliant insight.  

So tell me, when do you feel creativity strike? What is your process? I would love to hear from you!

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