After delivering over 1500 psychic-medium readings to people all across the world, I came across a common pattern; a thread of beautiful spiritual synchronicities that seems to touch so many of us on a daily basis and yet can be so subtly overlooked. Spirit is simple and wants to make the connection with us as easy as possible!

Here are the top 10 signs to know your loved one in Spirit is near:

  1. The random memory of someone who has passed away comes to mind. Even though we like to think of this as coincidence or just us recollecting moments that made us happy, this memory is coming into your awareness for a reason. It’s been placed there by Spirit. They want you to feel and remember because they are near to you in that moment.
  2. You hear a song on the radio that catches your attention and makes you think of your passed loved one. The song is divinely coming into your awareness for reason – it is to make you reflect on the emotions that the song is evoking and bring you closer to spirit for just those few minutes as you listen to the song and reminisce.
  3. Coins. These are easy for Spirit to put right in your path, and they are truly pennies from Heaven. Coins are beautiful little reminders that your passed loved one is still near and they are doing just fine! Pay attention to the dates on the coin and see if it is relevant to an event connected to Spirit!
  4. You smell something that triggers a memory. Similar to how a song can trigger a memory, Spirit can bring certain smells into our awareness so that we can feel connected to our loved ones. It will most likely appear out of nowhere. For example, you walk into a room and smell smoke or perfume, even though nobody is in the space.
  5. Birds. They come to us as winged messengers- just like angels! They come into our surroundings to catch your eye and remind you to relax into nature, which allows an easier connection to Spirit.
  6. You encounter someone/something with their name. Nothing is coincidence! Spirit is always rearranging things for you to have these encounters, so that you are given constant reminders that our loved ones are still with us!
  7. You get truthbumps and feel chills- a tell-tale sign that your physical body is feeling spiritual energy! When you feel these sensations, take a moment and be mindful of anyone in Spirit that “pops” into your mind. I guarantee you, they are near you your heart!
  8. You think you hear their voice. You turn your head, look down the hall but you know you just heard their voice! No, you’re not going crazy, again, just another way that Spirit gains your attention! If you hear it, it’s there and it was real!
  9. You have a dream about them. Even though it was “just a dream”, that interaction is as real as it can come. Yes your subconscious kicks in some bizarre elements, but there is a message in the dream.
  10. You see someone that looks like them and you have to do a double take. It’s not your mind playing tricks on you and no double take is needed. These moments are created to give you a jolt, a trigger. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions in the moment.

So you see, our loved ones reach out all the time, in as many ways as possible! Don’t just chalk it up to coincidence, know that it’s a spiritual synchronicity divinely designed for you!