We’re all familiar with the term bucket list. It is basically a list of the places you want to go and the things you want to do, but don’t actually have a plan on how it’s going to happen, because it’s just before you “kick the bucket”… Most of the people you talk to about a bucket list tend to think it’s something that you get around to when you retire; it instantly makes you think of a checklist for your life, the experiences that you are most desiring to have in your lifetime! Some of the most common items on a person’s bucket list are:

Visiting Hawaii

Swimming with Dolphins

See the Eiffel Tower


You get the picture. Some might even get really gung ho and create a vision board with their list, or work it in as a goal during their New Year’s Resolution. But here’s the problem, vision boards collect dust, get over looked, and become a fixture on the wall. And let’s face it, the planners we buy at the beginning of the year usually make it to the back burner by the time Cupid is showing up for Valentine’s Day. But the bucket list, it is always lingering in our hearts and minds; it’s a lifetime passport, and our soul wants those stamps! So, doesn’t it make sense that a spirited entrepreneur should have a “Business Bucket List”? Goals are great, but they serve a purpose different from the “BBL”. Goals are based on strategy; grounded and rooted to the core of your business activities. The “BBL”, comes from a different place. It comes from the dream, the vision, the ah ha moments in the shower. It comes from the depths of your purpose and aligns you for success. The BBL is for the purpose driven entrepreneur interested in living a legacy, not just leaving a legacy. In fact, they’re interested in limitless legacies. Following curiosity is what leads us to our calling, and once you are there, clarity around your dreams and desires is sure to follow. Your BBL is exactly that, a list of your core business dreams and desires! The big version. The legacy version. Here are some of the top legacy desires that entrepreneurs have:

 Top 10 BBL items-

 1. Bali or other luxurious retreat with like minded entrepreneurs

 2. Ted Talk- or to speak on a stage and inspire hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands

 3. Become an author, have a book published

 4. Hit 6 Figures/7 Figures or other significant income milestones

 5. Be the next Oprah  (on my BBL)

 6. See your own product/idea invented and selling like hotcakes

 7. Create a movement

 8. Volunteer, more philanthropy opportunities

 9. Mentor, lead, and teach others to create their dream life/business

10. Never work for someone else, or another business again

I encourage you to make some time and create your own BBL! Stay connected to it. Visit it frequently! Get into aligned action to make those desires your reality. Set dates, don’t wait until someday. Don’t wait until you kick the bucket. 

 I would love to hear from you! Are your legacy desires different from what is on this list? Share them with me! I want to see your BBL items in the comments below! 

Article published in The Huffington Post July 7, 2016.