Whenever we start a new routine or attempt to create a new habit, resistance is sure to show its ugly head a few days in, if not sooner! So many of the entrepreneurs that I have connected with over the past few years have the mindset that it takes a lot of hustle, long hours, and a crazy long to do list to have a successful business. I disagree. Yes, you absolutely have to be driven to succeed, you have to be connected to your desires, and find the faith in yourself to push past limiting beliefs and obstacles that arise, but building a business doesn’t have to feel like work when you can keep it simple and soulful! Sometimes the answers are so obvious, that they get overlooked.

For example, we might just be tired and not running at our best level, and instead of thinking “Hey, I didn’t get enough sleep last night” an entrepreneur can easily go down a self-destructive path and start thinking things like:

“Something is feeling off, I must be out of alignment”
“Everyone else is successful, they must be doing something better than me”
“Why isn’t this working, this is so hard”
The list of crazy, self-sabotaging thoughts can go on and on. When really all that needed to happen was to take a rest and step away for a little power nap! I am here to tell you that the easy button does exist. We just like to make it difficult to find, or think it is available to everyone except us. These 5 tips will help you find your easy button. They are some of the simplest solutions to find clarity, confidence and the path to get things going back in the right direction for you and your business!

1) Get enough rest. Giving your mind and body a break with sleep is one of the most powerful activities that you can do! Adequate sleep equals energy and vitality. Mind fog is one of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur can face, it’s equal to when writer’s get the dreaded “writer’s block”. You are hitting the rejuvenation and reset button when you go to sleep! Are you a restless sleeper? Try using an essential oils diffuser with lavender, playing soothing nature sounds, or a white noise machine. Light sleeper? Pick up a pair of ear plugs to ensure a good night’s rest! Your business will thank you for it!

2) Stay hydrated. When you are getting enough water, your energy is higher, your senses heightened, and your focus is clearer. It naturally flushes out and detoxes your body, and the better you are feeling in your body, the better you feel in the mind and spirit! Guaranteed!

3) Find mental clarity. Meditation is an integral piece to success driven entrepreneurs, although they might not realize that is what they are doing. Meditation can come in many different ways; moving meditation aka.. working out, journaling, goal setting, relaxing to music, long showers while contemplating, etc. The list is endless on ways for you to get connected to a solution for whatever you are needing clarity around. Make a habit out of finding this connection point everyday! This is the quickest and fastest way to get you and your business headed in the right direction.

4) Feel inspired. Read, listen or watch motivational materials. Surround yourself with inspiring quotes, put them on your walls, your phone, your computer screen saver, wherever you will be reminded of your WHY! Stay connected to something that can spark you up and light the way towards a path that’s encouraging you to go towards the direction of your desires! “Bite-sized” pieces of happiness lead to the “king sized” pieces of your dream!

5) Get into action- even if it is small! Everyday make it a point to cross items off your to do list! Don’t wait for the perfect circumstances, push yourself forward. Even if it is an inch, it is carrying you that much closer to your dreams! Focus on what you can do today. Don’t let an idea sit in your head for too long. After a few days the details get lost, your light dims. Action keeps the fire burning!
Are you a purpose driven entrepreneur? Do you have a spiritual, holistic, or intuitive based business? Are you craving a lifestyle and business that allow you to follow your calling? Let’s chat soul sister! Helping others feel totally aligned and alive when it comes to Life-Woo- and Business, that’s my calling!  Let’s turn your higher purpose and passion into your paycheck!