People have been asking me when these divine downloads come in and how do I put them together each week to share. Here’s a little snapshot of how it works. Throughout my week, I seek clarity on issues for my own life and business, as well as asking for guidance for my clients. I take the messages from the Universe that give me and my clients the most impact! I jot little pieces down on my favorite colored post it notes throughout the week, and weave them all together when the timing feels right!

1) Big Dreams need Big Belief. And to reach those dreams, you have to be ready to take big steps! Steps that you might not always be able to see right away. But that is not your concern or focus area. The path, and the process will always be revealed in divine time! Don’t waiver on what you want because you don’t know exactly how to get it. Just visualize the outcome you desire and feel your way through the dark. A flashlight will always be given.

2) Get your light on – There is nothing more important on your to do list then starting your day by turning your “light on”. There are obstacles and challenges for all that can hit the “dimmer switch” to our light, and even an occasional bump in the road that causes us to turn the light off completely and feel lost. It’s never too late to start focusing on turning your light back on! With the light comes the clarity, find your way to the light switch everyday.

3) Quit asking what you are doing wrong, and focus on the things that you FEEL are right! b We waste too much time contemplating, questioning, and over thinking why things aren’t working, and what we are doing wrong. Shift your attention and feel gratitude for all of the amazing things that you have done right in your life and business. The next set of blueprints lie beneath feeling grateful.