What I mean by that is this… We are trained and programmed to work hard, long hours, stare at the paper, or screen until an answer comes, and to force ourselves to get things done. It becomes mind numbing work. It feels like work. You push through, try harder, force yourself to focus on the tasks and the to do lists. All to what? Earn money to pay for things and buy items that brings us and our loved ones happiness? So doesn’t it make more sense to just do the things that make you happy, that bring you joy? Because it is when you are feeling those emotions that answers will come and clarity will find you.

For most people reading this, the initial response is ” too woo-woo for me” or “pfff.. wouldn’t that be nice, easier said then done lady!” But believe me, I thought that way once too. And then I found out how to really make the law of attraction work for me and my life. I have transformed and helped my clients transform from working to living and thriving! All by connecting in with how you actually want to feel and what emotions you want to experience vs. what you want to buy and have. The key to manifesting what you want, is being tuned into how you are feeling! Our emotions are the quickest way to identify if we are heading towards creating what we want, or are headed down a path leading us to unhappiness and disappointment. Yet a lot of the time, our emotions get ignored, pushed away, covered with medications, or drugs and alcohol. (Btw. I’m not here to bash drugs and alcohol, they have a place as long as it isn’t to hide away from your life. Love me some margaritas!)

So, here’s a little emotional experiment for ya’. The next time you are feeling stuck, lacking creativity, or just not enjoying the work you are doing, pause for a moment and think of ultimately how you want to FEEL. How will you feel when you have the bank account you want, or the house you’ve been dreaming of, or the perfect partner, or ultimate career? Write out 3-5 emotions that come up for you. Then, make a list of activities that can make you feel as close to those emotions as possible! I call this list an “emotion shifting tool box”. Then, go do those activities! Even though it might seem irrational to go do that instead of forcing yourself to get your to do list done, it is actually the best way to be in the right place to attract whatever you want in your life and business! Those emotion shifting activities are what bring you into the right spot to attract positive outcomes and experiences! I’m telling you, it works, and it never fails! When I go to my tool box, and I pull out the activities and focus on how I want to feel, I start instantly feeling better, feeling clearer! I get ideas, I have breakthroughs, and find inspiration to get my “work” done. Only this time it’s not work, it’s aligned action! Those actions always lead me towards creating more of what I want in life and business! I hope you take this emotional experiment, and would love to help you create your toolbox!