I am always amazed at the simplicity of the messages that the Universe has for both me and my clients, but how impactful and insightful they are. It never seems to fail, it is a message that both me and my client will need at the same time! The Universe is always right, even when the truth is hard to swallow. Here are the pills/ divine downloads that I had to swallow this week!

1) We’re all on this journey together. We all experience the bumps in the road, the stop signs, the construction zones, and even what we think are dead ends. But, what we have to be able to see is that they are inserted on our paths for a reason. We have to trust unanswered prayers. We have to know that our road is paved perfectly, even if we only see the potholes!

2) Let your passion be bigger than your fear! Plain and simple. Just like curiosity “killed the cat”, fear killed “the entrepreneur”. Do it anyway, even if it scares the shit out of you! Even if your emotions are completely paralyzed, do what scares you. It is pushing you outside of your comfort zone, and that is where magic happens.
3) Don’t let other people determine how you feel. Set an intention for one day that you are going to feel the best way you possibly can! Search for your inner “light level”. Do whatever it takes to raise your light level throughout your day. After consciously lifting your vibration for one day like this, you will want the same experience each day after. You determine how happy you are, and how bright your light shines.