I love listening to the Universe. Each week day morning, I get 2 of my boys out the door for school, drop my 2 year old son at daycare, and then head to my office. As soon as I get there, I light a candle at my table, grab my coffee and my journal and have “Coffee with the UniverseTM“. It is in this sacred time each day that I  to talk and listen to the Universe. I take pieces each week of these moments and share them with you! I hope you enjoy this week’s insight!
Here’s my top 3 DD’s (divine downloads) this week:
  1. Be ready to tackle your fears and doubts at any given moment. You never know when a limiting belief will show up and try to dim your light. Be quick to dismiss and calm your worries. Shine stronger and brighter. Fear cannot compete with your light.
  2. It is not your job to convince others of anything. It is your job to share the wisdom of your souls perspective, to inspire others, offer support to those in need, and to be a lighthouse in a world full of ships sailing in the dark. Become a harbor.
  3. Always trust yourself first! Listen to the voice inside guiding you; reminding you of where you are headed. Feel your decisions in your heart and in your gut. Your emotional body will never lead you towards anything not aligned with your desires.