Each week I love reflecting on all of the thoughts, ideas and downloads I had from the Universe, and I have really been enjoying sharing them with you! Before DD Day, I really struggled with writing consistently. Now, I can’t wait to put this out, and I have so many people tell me how much they are starting to look forward to this email each week! So here you go!

Here’s my top 3 DD’s (divine downloads) this week:

  1. Your energy is your most important asset. Don’t skimp. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t ignore. You have to give your  daily attention to refueling your energetic “bank account” or the Universe will send you an energy overdraft and close your account down. Make feel good deposits.
  2. Everything is connected. Nothing is coincidence. Take time to reflect and journal your journey. Don’t be in such a rush that you aren’t appreciating the simple synchronicities and extravagant experiences lining up for you in every moment. Find the beauty created for you, everyday. Go on a joy scavenger hunt.
  3. Don’t be hard on yourself for enjoying and finding pleasure in certain things. If it feels good…Do it. If it tastes good…Eat it. If it smells good…Inhale it. Moderation is key, and your emotions determine the moderation right for you. Everything has to come in the right dose. Too much, it starts not feeling good, and guilt will take over for over-indulging. Too little, you will continue to crave more and be focusing on not having enough. Listen yo your body and feel into what is the right dose, amount and quantity for you. That is the perfect solution, the exact formula.