I’m not sure if you saw my email last week about my “divine downloads”, but the feedback I got was super positive! So much so that I waned to share them again! I have Coffee with the UniverseTM everyday, and each day I write down what messages the Universe had for me. It only feels right to pass them onto others! So here you go!

My top 3 DD’s (divine downloads) this week: 

  1. Stop focusing on what your reality is when it is not what you want. Start FEELING what it is that you want your reality to be… Yes, this one might sting a little, and yes, you might have to read it a few times to let it soak in, but it rings so true! You create your reality with the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel. Make sure they are good ones!
  2. Don’t be hard on yourself for procrastinating tasks that do not please you and bring you joy. Instead make the declaration “when inspiration hits, I am taking action, and inspiration is coming soon.” By dreading and avoiding, you only make the anxiety grow stronger, the resistance heavier. Release the guilt around not getting your “to-dos” done, and “do” when you are inspired to do. (yes, another one to re-read, The Universe was clever with wordplay this week.
  3. If you aren’t enjoying the moment, get out of it. Switch it up, walk away, brush it off. Discomfort and irritation are signs that the conversation or activity that you are engaged in is NOT in alignment with your true being, your true knowing, and it’s steering you away from what you desire.