So many times people ask me my story about how I knew I was psychic and when did I know that I had these gifts? People are fascinated with understanding the spiritual realm, and are craving the connection to others that are interested in the same topics! Spirituality, metaphysical, Woo-Woo, call it what you want! I find it all fascinating and created a business out of teaching others how to tap into their gifts! So many people asked for a group program or course of some type helping to connect people to their intuitive abilities!
So… I have created my first ever group program¬†Get Psychic!
This course is designed for women who are looking to open and expand their intuitive gifts, talents, and abilities!
Are you looking to connect with other women in a sisterhood that support growing your gifts and gives you permission in a safe place to explore all things woo and all things spiritual?
I would love to have you join me you can take a peek at all of the details in this page here: Get Psychic!

But you better be quick! The doors close Saturday April 24th!

More questions? Feel free to send me an email and I am happy to talk to you about this new course, or post your questions below!