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The Soulfire Empire

Soul Powered Life and Business
Coaching & Community
for Soulblazers


“I was looking for a Biz coach to help me up level my soul biz, someone who was intuitive, clear and grounded. That same week, Amber kept showing up on my FB newsfeed. So I jumped on a live she was doing and the answer couldn’t have been clearer. It was a clear Yes to work with her. It was one of the best investments I have made. Working with Amber changed my soul biz, my mindset, and my relationship with money. She helped me create a foundation in my soul biz upon which I continue to expand on. She understood who I am and what gifts I am here to offer. She brought clarity and passion to my visions. She helped me step into my gifts and soul biz fully and unapologetically. I love this goddess and her work. I highly recommend Amber to all intuitive and healer women, who are ready to do the work, get grounded and expand their soul biz. Just because you are intuitive doesn’t mean you can’t be Business Savvy as well.”

~ Abigail Mensahbonsu-Ulmer


“Amber has so many gifts and she knows exactly what I need so that I walk away from our sessions feeling calm and purpose-driven with exactly what steps I need to take to move forward in my life and business. “

~ Maya Henry






Prior to working with you, I was completely lost. I didn’t really have any clear direction with my business. My confidence was low and didn’t know what I was doing.

I had been following you on social media for quite some time before working with you. I felt a connection and was drawn to you. Your passion inspired me. I knew that you would be able to provide my with the tools to bring my vision & desires to life. There was something bigger and I needed you to help me see it.

Since working with you, I have excitement again. I began to shift my mindset from I can’t to of course I can…and I will. I was able to unlock my other gifts. You challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone. To push myself and expand. Not only has there been shifts within my business but personally as well. You provided personal growth support that you can’t find in a book.

It is so powerful and motivating when someone else is invested in your success as much as you are. Which is exactly what you do.

Thank you for all that you have done for me. It means more than you will ever know!❤”

~ Sarah Barten






Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of coaches, but working with Amber was a breath of fresh air.

Unlike most coaches out there, Amber intuitively taps into your potential and pulls out the diamonds in the rough you might not be seeing and helps you polish up those gems to make a real difference in your work, your impact and your income.

I kept my notes from working with Amber and refer back to them often because how often is it that you have the opportunity to work with someone who not only gets you, but pulls out your greatness and helps you get out of the “stuck” place, and lean into the truth of your own greatness?

Amber is that person–an absolute dynamo with more talent, capabilities and insight than I think she even knows about! If you need someone who is willing to go the distance with you, see the real you, your true potential, then don’t even think about going anywhere else–Amber’s your girl.

~ Leanne Ely





This movement, it’s not just mine.

It’s all of ours.

Each of us have a different calling, a different passion, a different movement that we are here to create.

And deep impact, it happens from the soulside-out

It starts with one light at a time.

Whether you light that path for 1, or 1 million, you are a soulblazer.


 My mission…

Well that is to create a tribe of 1 million Soulblazers coming together to find the courage to create their own movement and to hold a sacred space to honor each trail blazed!

Being a Soulblazer means…

making a difference, in your own way, by following what your soul is leading you to.

Finding the courage to stand up for yourself and for others that don’t yet have that strength or have yet to find their voice.

Collaboration over competition

 To blazing 1 million trails,

Amber Annette 


Does Contrast Equal Success?

Contrast. When it shows up in your life, how are you responding to it? Do you allow it to hold you captive? Or do you embrace it so that you can grow with it?As much as I love who I have become, there is still so much that I want to be and have my soul experience. And...

Decisions, Not Destiny…

I don’t get triggers very often. But when I do, I know to lean into them and to feel into them because there is a message from the Universe trying to capture my attention.Lately, the word destiny has been throwing some triggers my direction.Here’s the thing. I don’t...

The Energy of Your Elevator Pitch

Let’s call a spade a spade. Everyone knows exactly what you are up to when you spout off a practiced and rehearsed elevator speech. But more than what people know, is what they feel from this practiced pitch; dull, boring and “here we go again.” Instead of thinking of...

A New Way “To-Do” Your Day

Over the last few weeks, I found myself staring at my to-do list and quite honestly I wasn't feeling inspired by the items that were on it. I was actually overwhelmed by how much was on it, how much time I had, what was next, what was done, it just snowballed to the...

3 Ways to Make Your Message Make a Difference

You might have heard me say this before, but the word mess is in message for a reason. It's not meant to be perfect and polished. It's meant to be vulnerable and raw. Because that makes it real. Your message, it's meant to bring truthbumps, triggers and tears. That’s...

An Alignment Assignment for You

I live in the moment. I’m not talking about not a fly by the seat of my pants, let’s get risky and frisky, moments. I am talking about present moments, fully feeling what is calling to me, what feels good for me and what is most aligned for me moments.  Because I...

What Is Your Magnetic Marketing Factor?

I hear entrepreneurs say it all the time - “I don’t know what my message is.” And after digging into it with them on a deeper, energetic level, what always rises to the surface are these 2 things: What they really mean is that they don’t know how, or they don’t feel...

My Lucky 7 To-Do List

I learned so much in 2018 about myself and how I want to do business.   One thing that I am certain of is that Q+A is one of my absolute favorite ways to serve my community! When I am asked a question, It allows me to tap into my intuitive gifts and fully be...

The Power of Change

Let me ask you a question. Do you find yourself and your message to your tribe changing? You work your BUTT off like CRAZY to create content, packages, programs and challenges to find that at the end of it, you are now drawn to a different form of coaching or...

A Letter to the Universe

If you have been hanging with me for awhile, you’ve probably encountered a FB Live drop in from my little guy Ryker. He’s pretty awesome, but today he taught me something that I had to share with you. At 4, Christmas is the only thing on his mind right now. And so...

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