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You are looking for more. 

You’re tired of freaking out every time you have to look at your bank balance, having to pay a bill or write another check. 
You KNOW that you have money blocks, but just can’t find them,
let alone remove them. 
Your bank balance certainly doesn’t reflect your desired income . 
  Imagine if you could hone in on what holds you back from money?

Where is all of your abundance at?
What if your bank account finally reflected your passion? 
How would it feel to be led exactly to your personal money path?

Take a deep breath and read on... 

You have come to the right place! 

I have helped hundreds of women 
to heal their money stories by combining my 15 years experience in the financial sector with my gift of psychic-mediumship and understanding of the Law of Attraction.  
We all deal with limiting money beliefs.
Even the most successful people have money drama. The difference? They work on their money mindset on a daily basis!
They manifest and manage their money!

You've landed here because you want to make a long lasting change but probably can't afford (or THINK you can't afford) one-to-one work. I get it that's why I have designed this DIY course! 

This course will tune right into you and 
illuminate what is working and what is not, what is in line with your soul and guide you towards your bigger and brighter complete you.  
It will help you to find those spaces that need support and help you understand who you really are, 
and what money blocks are at your deepest core. 
This work is transformative on every level. 
It will take you from that lost confusing feeling of not knowing 
where your next dollar is coming from, 
straight to your path of financial freedom, success and joy! 
Most importantly it will teach you a system and a routine that you can apply at any time!!! 

Are you ready to tell a new
money story?



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Hi, I'm Amber Annette,
Life and Business Psychic-Mediumjoin me in this divinely designed program
Money Magic

During this unique program, you will receive: * Access to all course material inlcuding worksheets and templates
* Access to me personally via a Private Facebook Group


It is time to heal your money wounds 
And bring money back to your bank account!

In the course we explore
my exclusive 4 Step Process for Money:

* Mind-Body-Spirit Alignment
* Manifesting
* Management
* Maintenance

The Inner Work 
  We explore your energy and vibration and you'll learn what you are needing to shift into a higher vibration and dive into what is holding you back. 
•   We work on your mindset and heartset to move those self-limiting beliefs out of the way. 
•   We come up with your manifesting and visualization action steps to get you on the fast track to co-creation 


Are you ready?


This is your time!