Uplevel Business Coaching

It is time for you to become
unmistakable & unstoppable!  

A 1:1 psychic business program divinely designed for entrepreneurs ready to start a passion infused business or expand their current business.



Inspired Ideas + Amplified Actions = A Successful Business


I see you.


  • You are tired of hunting and hustling for your next client.
  • You want more than just money, you want connection to your soul and to lead and inspire others on how to find that same connection.
  • You have a desire to share your gifts in a big beautiful way, but you feel stuck, going in circles, and can see no end in sight.
  • You love your business, there is nothing you want more than to make it work, but you find it challenging to get consistent clients, sustainable results, and money in the bank!
  • You can easily see solutions for others, and bring clarity to everyone else, why can’t you see for yourself?
  • You are tired of feeling confused, you are done with the overwhelm

You are ready to break through soul sister!


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I’ve been there, done that, and was in the exact place you are right now, that’s why I see you.

One of my biggest roadblocks was that I wanted to follow my calling, I wanted to share my spiritual gifts in a big way, but I could not figure out how to leave my job, ditch my paycheck and get my business up and running all at the same time!

More than anything, I craved freedom, flexibility, all while running my own full­-time business that allowed me to use my business background, and my gifts of psychic­-mediumship!

Now, I am exactly where I was dreaming and envisioning being!

  • I am a full time entrepreneur, I created my life and business exactly the way I dreamed
  • I work from home where I see my online clients from all around the world, and also have a gorgeous office where I see all of my in person clients. I do what I love and love what I do everyday!
  • I have never been happier, and it truly started the moment that I followed my intuition, took a leap of faith and followed my calling!



Are you ready for the blueprints to an extraordinary and abundant business doing work that lights you up and turns you on?


I want to help you!

You deserve all that you desire

No more watching everyone else rise to the top.

Let’s create a business you love, and a life that most only dream about having.

No more circles.

No more restless nights, tossing and turning, worrying and wondering.

It’s time to step into your best life and business ever!

  • Create a life and business that is a full of passion, purpose, and possibilities!
  • Start Attracting clients that you love working with who give you raving reviews
  • Make a prosperous income
  • Live a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility
  • Feel alive and in love with your business again
  • See your dream business turn into a reality





Creating a business as a spiritual entrepreneur does not have to be tough.

You can manifest anything that you want for yourself and for your business, but your vibration must be aligned to the vibration of what you want to manifest.

And this is where so many get caught up.

If you don’t follow this step first, it will continue to be a struggle.

Lucky for you, as a psychic medium, I can tune in to all of your vibration imbalances, get them back into alignment and get you into position to manifest everything on your list!

  • A soul driven life; a purpose­ driven business
  • Freedom and flexibility to live life on your terms
  • Confidence to share your message with the world
  • Relationships built on a foundation of trust, faith, and love
  • Enlightenment in all areas of health, wealth, and abundance

But…it is going to take heart and hunger to co­-create it!


IMG_2493 5x7

I am ready to be your guide, your mentor, your connection!



The process will be exhilarating, inspiring and motivating on all levels.

It truly speaks to your spirit and gives you the courage to transform your life and business! I channel into your intuitive gifts and multiple pieces of your soul purpose so that you are crystal clear in the direction you are heading.

Together we create your dream plan

You will never feel stuck or unsure as long as I am on your team!


Here’s how it works in our 4 months together:

  • ­One 2-hour Intensive Life and Business Alignment Reading (Kick Off Call)
  • ­11 – 30 minute Sessions Full of Soul Purpose Driven Insight for you and your Business
  • ­ Unlimited Email & Private Message Access M-F
  • ­ Intuitive Development, Unlocking and Unleashing your Gifts
  • ­ Client Attraction Strategies
  • ­ Confidence, Mindset, and Heartset practices
  • ­ How to Raise your Vibration and Get What you Want
  • ­ Creative Content Plan and Ideation
  • ­ Magical Marketing Layout

This is your time to shine. Bring back passion to your business.


In our intensive 1 on 1 session we explore:


  • What is holding you back and break down your walls to resistance
  • A branding diagnostic; exploring if your messaging is a true reflection of who you are at a soul level and what your business really stands for
  • Re­aligning you with what your true purpose is
  • Your ideal client, sales and marketing ideas to represent the real you and attract those perfect customers
  • Opt­-ins and tag lines, creative­ soul storming to light your business on fire

This takes you where no average business coach can go! This is beyond business.


The Inner Work


  • We explore your energy and vibration and I channel what you are needing to shift into a higher vibration and dive into what is holding you back.
  • We work on your mindset and heartset to reconnect you to your purpose and your mission. We will move those self limiting beliefs out of the way.
  • We come up with your manifesting and visualization action steps to get you on the fast track to co-­creation


Business Branding Breakthrough


  • We take apart the pieces of your business and see what is working and what is not.
  • We explore your sales and marketing strategy, packaging and messaging.
  • We find your voice and your zone of genius in what you do


Action Time


We take all we uncovered in our calls and create an actionable plan for you to implement to fuel your business, find your tribe and start building your success on YOUR track.

  • Opt in brainstorming and creation (includes full design work)
  • Finding your message and the confidence to share it boldly with the world
  • Ideal client and how to attract them
  • Selling your offers soulfully
  • Creating marketing maps that guide you into inspired action
  • Psychic Business Branding and SO much more!


You will walk away with your life and business transformed in amazing ways. Guaranteed.

The time for you and your business to breakthrough is now!







Access to Money Magic, A Course on Attracting and Accumulating Affluence ($97 value)

5 Hours of Virtual Assistance with Emerald Support Services ($227 value)

Membership to my course & community, Get Psychic ($247 value)




 Packages starting at $7500

(Flexible Payment Plan Available)


Are you ready?




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