Life and business psychic medium

I am Amber Annette, a life and business psychic medium and I am an accelerator and an ignitor for people to step into their best lives ever!

Combining my 15 years of grounded and foundational business knowledge and experience with my beautiful gift of being a psychic medium, I give entrepreneurs the tools and answers they are searching for to take their life and business to where they want to go

Doing it all with passion, connecting to your soul purpose and bringing forward endless possibilities

You are on a quest to create and experience what most others only dream of….


A life and business that fuels your soul’s desire and your heart’s hunger.

Purpose. Passion. Possibilities.

You are destined for more….for greatness and then some.



To create a real sense of abundance, prosperity, and connection to your zone of genius. To stop playing small and avoiding the spotlight because you fear not being able to fulfill these visions that keep flashing before your eyes

You know deep down what you want to create.

It’s time to join forces and launch those dreams into reality!

You have tried the marketing books, bought the programs, spun your wheels and you are still in the same spot.


What you want is to make an impact with your work!

What’s missing is your connection to your inner self and all of that wisdom that holds the key to your success. If you are ready to stop playing by other people’s rules and step into your own spotlight of fulfillment and success, you are in the right place!

Layer 32

Together we will:

  • Clear your blocks
  • Reset your mindset
  • Open your heart and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit into an actual plan and path


The HOW, WHAT and WHY to your balanced mind, body and spirit driven business


Inspired Action, High Vibe Visualization and Magical Manifestation await you to get off of the sidelines and living your dream life and business


Spirit-Driven Success Plan


A channeled and tailored guide to get you exactly where you want to go in your life and business!

Well…what are you waiting for?



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